everlastingsoul: (Laharl - Slumber on)
Athena ([personal profile] everlastingsoul) wrote2011-04-29 05:46 pm
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The end of another week, whoo

I dropped from Damned. /)_(\ I can't believe I did it, and I'm both sad and relieved at the same time. As much as I enjoyed it, I suffered from those periods of wanting to drop far too many times. Taking that hiatus and basically not coming back really showed how weak my willpower was for staying. I'm disappointed, in a way, because the game awards seniority, but I ... don't think I'd be rejoining anytime soon, so it's really not a point to worry about.

Ahab's doing better. The last week or so, he's been developing an extra amount of eye discharge from his injured eye, and I would have to clean his eye every few hours. Today, he managed to clean the dirt by himself. ...Or Cocoa did it for him. I really don't know right now, but his eye is getting cleaned -- and that's the important thing. :|;

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