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Athena ([personal profile] everlastingsoul) wrote2011-05-30 11:17 am
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Eep, been awhile

Let's see... Well, we held a wedding shower for my brother and his fiancee this Memorial Day weekend. It was lovely, and the games were a lot more fun than just talking them over with my older brother and a friend (one of the other bridesmaids). It was nice to be social and talk with people I know, even if we had a ton of food leftovers and my mom had to throw away some foods that would spoil quickly. Palabok, pancit molo, all the melon fruits... Gonna have to get through the pancit canton today. :|

Still need to shop for my silver shoes for the wedding. And get my dress and see how much it needs to be altered (probably a lot).

On the RP front, there's another draft that's gonna go down in Luceti. I need to write up my stuff for Albert's plans, but I've got plots/ideas for Albert, Leon, and Terra. Now it's just a matter of getting all of that out in a timely fashion.

[identity profile] arclights.livejournal.com 2011-05-31 09:24 pm (UTC)(link)
Apparently everyone has been on hiatus/vacay/whatev -- this is my first time checking my flist in ... god, almost a year. Glad to hear you are doing well!

On the plus side, I finally understand your username. :D

[identity profile] daathic.livejournal.com 2011-06-01 05:45 am (UTC)(link)
Ahhh, Miri! ♥ It's great to hear from you. XD (Love the icon, too.) Posting to LJs seems to be tapering off in general -- at least on my flist. :|;

I take that to mean that you've played TotA. :D Did you like it?

[identity profile] arclights.livejournal.com 2011-06-01 04:38 pm (UTC)(link)
I kinda missed you, lady. ♥ Was housecleaning and ran into Suiko doujin and was like ... 'bawww, Athena ;_;', haha. (Thank you!) I'm definitely noticing this -- has everyone finally gotten disgusted with ze russians, or migrated to facebook or what? Three or four non-comm entries is not a lot at all, holy crap.

I'm ... probably mostly through it? I got bored and decided to blow through the Tales games I could get my hands on, specifically because of characters I remembered from Luceti. Flew through, er, Symphonia? The one with Stella and Senel, and loved it despite the awkward voicing, and then hit up Abyss while I waited for the gamecube memcard to get here so I could play the GC one ... I like Abyss way better than Symphonia; the characters seemed a lot more fleshed out and interesting, though maybe I was just disappointed because I was used to those characters being fleshed out and nuanced in RP, and missing all that in-game, orz (biggest plus, though, was no Shirley). Played a bit of Vesperia, too, since that came in first, and I really liked it, despite it feeling like the ultimate trope bundle, lol ....

I do like them! :D I remember playing ... god, I think it was called Tales of Destiny 2 (the one with Meredy) back on the PS1, and I liked the battle system ... it just feels like Namco never really advanced far past that. Which kinda makes sense; Squeenix usually has a lot of trouble outside of RPGs (their fighters have pretty much all been laughable, though I haven't played Dissidia), and Namco is kind of the reverse. Their fighters are unbeatable, but their RPGs tend to feel kind of dated no matter what, despite the great story and characters they tend to have to work with? It's like they spend 90% of the time on the mechanics of the fighting, and the rest has kind of an afterthought feeling. But still! I do very much like them, and I've been enjoying every game I played so far. I just need to get a bit more free time and I'll finish it up. I'm ... a little past the point where you bring in all the world leaders to the Qliphoth to talk about lowering the world? The whole concept behind that is pretty awesome, too, and I'm a sucker for Jewish mysticism (which is why I loved Square so much back in the day, haha). :3