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I can't find my notebook with my full version of this drabble. ARGH. I really wanted to write everything down, right this second, but I don't remember how this started.

Walter and Chloe had a silent understanding. They didn't talk about their pasts.

Unfortunately, this understanding did not extend to Norma. With her two traveling companions doing their best impressions of brick walls in front of the camp fire, Norma was left filling the silence with whatever she could think of.

Questions. Random questions. Invasive questions. Questions, questions, questions.
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There's just a few people who will know where this is from. To everyone else, it's definitely an unexplainable oneshot at first glance. :|b Suikoden III, Albert and Caesar, GO!


The bells attached to the handle tinkled as Albert threw the front door open. He gave a smile to the hesitant but willing boy behind him, taking his hand and leading him out into the yard.

"We're going to go play at the park today," he told his young brother, trotting out onto the cobblestone path that wound towards the gates. "There's more to play with over there."

Really, it was more along the lines of there actually being things to stimulate a child's mind out there. The manor offered nothing but the books of daily lessons and the stifling orders from adults of all shapes and sizes. Little Caesar was simply happy that his brother was accommodating him suddenly; after years of hugs not being returned and receiving strange looks when he asked to be read a story, the abrupt turnabout caught him by complete surprise.

It was like he had changed overnight.

"We might see someone walking their dog, or see other kids playing. Would you like that?" Albert said, trying to garner interest from the little boy. Caesar just clung to his hand more tightly, blinking up at him. As they reached the street, Albert turned again and gave him an encouraging smile.

He never saw the horse and rider tearing down the street they were standing on.

Caesar did not scream as the other's hand was ripped from his own. He fell on the stones and stared at the sky. All he saw was endless blue.

He doesn't remember what he heard that day.

But he developed a deep fear of horses.
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Miri, he's your muse. Why the heck am I writing about him? Please stop me. D:


He awoke in a cold sweat, dilated eyes searching the area warily. Nothing. Was it a dream? The trees here were unlike anything he had seen in Luceti-- no, that dream world--

Caesar reached to his back, feeling for wings that weren't there. He felt for rips in his jacket-- a jacket he hadn't worn for years-- where the small Filial wings had fit through.

Was he going crazy? It was a dream. Nothing but a dream--

--that had lasted for three years.

Why weren't those memories fading? They were sticking much longer than a waking dream. The redhead gingerly pushed himself to his feet, feeling uneasy as he found the knapsack he had brought with him into the Great Forest.

...That's right. The Great Forest. He was miles away from civilization.

"Oh, the human is finally up."

Caesar froze, green eyes going wide as he jerked his head towards the sound. There was no one there.

"Maybe that wolf will finally leave. I can't leave you alone with the nest with a big wolf around."

Caesar tipped his head up, spotting a pair of bluebirds on a low branch.

"The babies need to eat, though."


The birds were talking. He could hear them. Understand them.

Just like in Luceti.

Nearly tripping over his own feet, Caesar tore out of the woods as fast as his legs could carry him.
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I'll finish that Yune/Tibarn thing when I get over the whole weirdness of it, [livejournal.com profile] nata_de_coco. >_>

In the mean time...

Title: His Dreams
Fandom: Tales of Legendia
Characters: Walter
Summary: He dreams the dreams of his father and grandfather...
Notes: A start to fleshing out my Walter's backstory.

His Dreams )
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One of these days, I will stop posting these to this LJ and just move them to my writing LJ. Bleh.

Not Just Any Holiday -- Hugo, Belle, Mel )

Rainy Day in Seika -- Caesar, Albert )
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If I wasn't lazy, I would probably put this drabble on my writing LJ.


But, since I'm lazy, it's going here.

Instruments of Destruction, Suikoden I and IV references )

... It's sad when a drabble takes several days to complete.


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