Jan. 15th, 2012 06:57 am
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Let's see, what are my characters in Luceti doing right now...? I don't go around tagging a whole bunch, but I've been pleased with the few threads I've had unfolding so far.

Finally getting around to backthreads with Leon that were delayed because of the LJ-DW move. He went sledding with Minato and gave a healing ring to Nagisa. I still need to get somewhere with his snowman thread with Claude ... and do something with that idea of a silly Christmas gift between Claude and Leon. So very slow, slow, slow...

Albert is, of course, the most up-to-date of my three. I guess. Ice skating and actually talking to New Feathers. Hahaha. I need to get around to fixing up the coding for lucetilocked for his next post. ...And I need to follow-up on Buffy's gift. Keep forgetting about that.

Walter's currently just existing in two recent threads with Rainbow Dash and Beast. Not sure how he spent the holidays, to be honest, but he likely dealt with them with general indifference. It's that whole "no friends ever" thing. So it's amazing he talks to people at all.
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Okay. RP drive has been careening wildly towards the ground ever since the DW move. I stopped responding to Albert's post on LJ and barely tagged around to different posts on DW with Walter and Leon... Nngh, I hate this state of feeling completely unmotivated. I never declared myself off hiatus, but since I posted with Albert shortly after Christmas, I feel like I should be more active.

I think I'll blame the flu I've had for the last week for further killing my RP drive. I've tagged some intros and said hi to a few people, but I've barely looked at Plurk or Luceti... :| Felt very tired today, but I'm past the perpetually-congested phase, so I'm feeling good. Just in time for three work meetings tomorrow! Noooo! >_>

Been playing games a lot this weekend, trying to work my way towards the new games I bought around Christmas time. Finished Zenonia in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday, and I've made it into the Depths in FF4: The After Years. I've just been grinding to get Cecil up to a decent level (and leveling up Palom, Porom, Edward, and Leonora in the process), and trading in my Adamantite for a full Adamant armor set. Whoo!

I decided against getting all the tails and doing the obsessively perfectionist thing of trying to trade in all the tails for special accessories. Bleh. I want to get to Trails in the Sky and The World Ends With You.
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Let's see... Well, we held a wedding shower for my brother and his fiancee this Memorial Day weekend. It was lovely, and the games were a lot more fun than just talking them over with my older brother and a friend (one of the other bridesmaids). It was nice to be social and talk with people I know, even if we had a ton of food leftovers and my mom had to throw away some foods that would spoil quickly. Palabok, pancit molo, all the melon fruits... Gonna have to get through the pancit canton today. :|

Still need to shop for my silver shoes for the wedding. And get my dress and see how much it needs to be altered (probably a lot).

On the RP front, there's another draft that's gonna go down in Luceti. I need to write up my stuff for Albert's plans, but I've got plots/ideas for Albert, Leon, and Terra. Now it's just a matter of getting all of that out in a timely fashion.
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I need to sort through my icons here and replace them with ones that better fit different moods. I've just got a lot of ... blah icons now.

On Luceti: The AU event is awesome. I'm looking forward to the plotty stuff going on with Leon, now that the details have been fleshed out a little better. Also looking forward to things with Albert. Terra's kinda floating around right now, doing his own thing, but I'm hoping to get him out and interacting once the festival log comes out. ...Maybe I should toss him at Gold's poker game. It's an intriguing post.

The dreams/revelations will be fun. I've been focusing on Albert (of course), so I have a few ideas there. I'm enjoying this completely dramatic/hilarious what-if scenario in which Buffy and Albert completely misinterpret their dreams and try to break up Jack and Raine. It would be some kinda of dramatic hell once the experiment ended and they had to talk about everything afterward.

Of course, Leon will likely have his own dramatic hell, too. ...And I think Terra will too, since Aqua will be disappearing. Geez, my boys.

In other news, my guinea pig Ahab is sick. His right eye looked really red last Friday, so I took him to the vet on Saturday. The vet said he had a URI and an ulcer in his eye, so he's got antibiotics and eyedrops. ...I'm mostly annoyed that the vet spent all of five minutes looking at Ahab and wouldn't even properly examine his eye because she said it was unlikely he would make it (because Ahab was wheezing hard). My brother said that the vet was just covering her ass in case Ahab did die, but it doesn't piss me off any less since she was pretty darn dismissive.

For the record, he's sniffly but never showed any disinterest in eating or drinking, and he's back to making noises after being miserably over needing eyedrops so often. And his eye is no longer red, so that's good.

...And I'm still using Plurk. Argh. I still need to collect good Plurk memes and post them to my musebox.
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Ever read one of those stories that intrigues you and keeps you interested, and yet disturbs you and leaves you hoping the situation will get better? Sometimes you're left relieved and somewhat satisfied, and sometimes you're left with this empty feeling that eats at you when the story concludes. At least, that's what I go through.

So I decided to ramble in this entry in an attempt to get rid of that feeling. And yet, I don't know what to do at 4 AM.

...Ugh, it's harder to shake than I thought.

Luceti's on my mind, for obvious reasons to those in the RP -- crazy plot and all that. Vaguely wondering what exactly I'm going to do about the aftermath, though I have some ideas of how I'll phrase what. I could probably have phrased things better in my plot-related posts, but I'm surprised I didn't get any complaints.

I can't really brain about the actual event right now. And the whole "empty" feeling is affecting my mood towards it. But I have liked the chance to get a little more creative again through describing new situations and places.

Need to do more with Leon in the near future. Figuring out his belongings, what he's been doing with his free time, what his frame of mind has been like lately. Slowness, lack of inspiration, and focus on Albert have led to me neglecting the kid. Hopefully I'll be able to think once I'm done with this project at work.
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I have nowhere else to ramble about this, so here goes.

I've been ridiculously active with Minato for this nightshift at Damned. I can definitively say that I haven't been this active since his Special Counseling, and it's pretty thrilling to see him actually getting to explore different areas of the institute. I usually just ... sorta forget about Damned once nightshift comes around, and then derp-thread him collecting things.

At least he got his metal for Leon's alchemy, I guess. So it wasn't like I was wasting his nights.

It helps that the event is allowing him to enter all of these rooms, and I'm really motivated to try and get him warped back to his world. Granted, he'll end up in Tartarus, but. Headphones. All his Personas. HIS MP3 PLAYER. And fighting Shadows. Alone.

...Practically alone. He'll have Brook there.

That in itself is another awesome part of the nightshift: his traveling partner is Brook from One Piece. If they end up warped to the One Piece world, Minato will get to see Brook in his skeleton form! The mental image of how the two will react is just ... priceless. Writing with Brook-mun has been very smooth, too; Brook talks enough that I don't feel awkward having Minato respond with short sentences, which in turn speeds up threading.

I really hope they get to warp to one (or both) of their home worlds.

In the mean time, their third warp of the night landed them somewhere awesome. I hadn't expected it at all, since I assumed that they could only be warped within the institute grounds. It's like the mods read the thread, laughed maniacally, and dropped them in Doyleton.

Doyleton. At night. Zooombiiiiies.

In other news, I've been wanting to write something about Luceti since I was inspired sometime last week. I could have sworn I had a file with some written paragraphs, but I can't find it. Maybe I just wrote the story directly to LJ?

I hate it when I do that; I lose track of whether I have backups of stories that way.

In any case, I haven't written anything Luceti-related since that 'Paradise' nightmare scenario. I think I just need to make peace with the idea that anything I write won't jive with Luceti's plot. It can be hard sometimes.

And I'm happy that I could have a little fun with Walter for once. I don't get him out often enough, and I'm thankful Doumeki-mun poked me about them interacting.
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Someday, I hope to use this icon in an IC situation. And someday, I will give Leon more icon space.


That is all.
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So Kukki and I were talking last night, and I suggested that she figure out what she wanted to do with Stella's room in the Ferines house. I started putting something together for Walter too, and got Yosh thinking about it.

And then I started fiddling around with it a little more...

Cut for huge )

Oh, and I also made a picture of the floor plan in respect to the rest of the village. ...It looks really weird after designing it in the original floor plan's template. Here's the transformed floor plan.

Leon profile pic is looking better. I think I'm almost done with it; just gotta clean up some shading on the clothes. The original, now this. Thanks for the help with the wing shading, Reine~ And the reminder about lighting positioning. ~_~ My brother even pointed at a spot on the screen where I should be imagining the light coming from, and I totally forgot.

...And that's all I had to post about. :|; Maybe I'll do memes later. Dunno yet. Hurray that it's Friday? Actually, hurray that I finished my project a day early.
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Made by Eggy, ganked from everyone doing it. :|

List your characters. Then pick a trait from each one that the two of you share and explain it. If you don't share a trait with any of them, put N/A.

The Self-Insertion Meme )

Ganked from other people:
Ask me about any character I've played, and I'll let you know what drew me to them in the first place, what I like most about them, least about them, my favorite RP memory (if I can remember it!) and if I'm likely to ever write them again.

And something else I've been thinking about lately...
List any characters that you have considered roleplaying, but never have. Explain why you like the character, then explain what it is that keeps you from playing them, be it a lack of canon knowledge, lack of confidence, or too many people playing that character!

Never Have, Probably Never Will meme )

What an awesome Luceti event. I'm glad to have gotten so many different experiences in the week, even if they were mostly with Albert.

Edit: Finished Ace Attorney Investigations. Just a random thought that isn't a spoiler for the game, but more a thought towards Edgeworth over the course of all the games: Maybe the creators chose the English name "Miles" in reference to the fact that Edgeworth does a lot of traveling? >_>
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Big ol' cat scratches on the palm of my hand. My cat wasn't in a good mood yesterday or something and she got spooked while I was picking her up, so she sprang out of my hands and got her back claws pretty deep into my hand. It's already healing nicely, but... Yeesh. Haven't had cat scratches in a long time.

Luceti event's off to a start. A good start? I'm not sure; people aren't flooding flists right after midnight, which had been the trend not all that long ago. Got plans for Walter and Leon, and wondering what I'll do with Albert. I was surprised to hear someone had thought there was going to be Albert/Yuber going on. Stabbing would probably have been involved by the end of the experiment -- and not any sexy stabbing.

Speaking of Albert, Yuber, and stabbing... A Silverberg drabble. Hopefully I won't feel like tearing up this drabble when I go through it later on.

Title: Stick and Stones
Fandom: Suikoden III
Characters: Yuber and Albert
Word Count: 690
Rating: 14+ for blood and war?
Author's Notes: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. The year is approximately IS 500.

Sticks and Stones )
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Explanation: I was really bored last night. Or maybe inspired.

...Let's go with bored.


Jan. 13th, 2010 09:28 pm
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Just bought the three Mario & Luigi games on a whim. It started as frustration over not being able to find a working Superstar Saga rom for hours last night, and then not being able to get past the level up screen... And now I've got Superstar Saga, Partners in Time, and Bowser's Inside Story coming in next week.

It's kinda dangerous, buying video games on a whim. :|;;

I finished a new drabble for my Silverberg storyline, but I'm not happy with how clunky the action writing is. I can do one-on-one fights, but multiple attackers versus one is awkward. I kinda just want it finished so I have the setting in place; I intend to use the Grasslands for at least three other drabbles, though I only have vague plot ideas right now. Gotta get Caesar and Hugo's reunion in there somehow.

Luceti rambling )

And I'll end with a meme I ganked. :|b

Reply to this post, and I'll tell you one reason why I like you. Then put this in your own journal, and spread the love.
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My brother thinks I should join a gym. I have no idea what that really means. I don't doubt that I could use a gym membership, but what does it mean to join a gym? Do you fill out a bunch of papers, get a membership card, and pay monthly for said membership? I'm one of those people who feel awkward exercising outdoors (unless it's an outright outdoor sport, like soccer or football [yes I used to like playing football hush] or something), so ... yeah. I'd probably be different if I didn't share an apartment with my brothers, or if we had a house instead. We don't have enough room for me to properly exercise.

... ...And now that I'm in the process of visiting a gym website, a customer representative popped up in live chat to talk with it. Pressured much? *scared*

In other news, going to a baby shower for my cousins this weekend. They're expecting twins in ... January, I believe it is now.

On the roleplaying front, I've been designing room layouts for Albert, Raine, and Genis' house. Sapph and Marbles did their characters' rooms, and then Sapph also helped with the living room, dining room, and kitchen. I was trying to design the outside of the house, but I started going, "durrr, maybe I should actually finish the insides first." The only thing left to do is the kitchen.

And there's a Yuber in Luceti now. The very idea of him being around scares me, because it complicates Albert's position a lot. Hopefully the muse doesn't drive himself into a nervous wreck and suicide on me. 8|;
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No work projects today. Got some PDF stuff to do, plus some items to queue for publishing, but I'll put it off until the afternoon. After the dark project two weeks ago, I think I'm due some slow time. 8| It's not like I get any company-paid vacations or rewards as a contractor.

So I had a nice, leisurely morning. And a kickass breakfast.

Hell yeah, makeshift nabeyaki udon. Fried tofu, tempura shrimp, napa cabbage, green onions. For breakfast.

Additionally, some pics of our apartment pets )
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So I tried to write a few more relationship replies for that one Luceti meme. Then I tried to write an Oktoberfest story for Damned so I could get Minato his uniform. Wasn't feeling any of that, though.

So I wrote about Albert's mindset for Luceti. Long overdue considering just how enigmatic he is, but I'm also not going to detail everything about him ... because I don't like revealing everything about a character's motives. I think it can ruin interactions.

( The mindset of Albert Silverberg -- some scattered Suikoden spoilers )


Aug. 31st, 2009 12:31 am
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I'm disappointed in myself. Here I am, trying to have a relaxing weekend after ... a damn load of work that has been making my weekdays stressful, and I get surly at the idea of having to spend time away from the computer. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I'm obligated to do a lot of work on the computer, and then my brothers don't understand that my idea of relaxation also involves using the computer. So they pull me away to do other things.

As well-meaning as they are, it makes me wish I had a car. I need the freedom to not be pulled around by them every time they want to do something I don't consider fun.

The battle log went up for the Luceti intruders event, and I wanted to jump all over it ... or at least stalk it while it was going on. But I could never decide what I wanted to do with my characters, and I ended up missing the whole thing when my weekend got busy. I just ended up throwing in an ooc note after the fact, since the log's closed to new threads. Meh. At least I got a ton of stuff going on for the battle preparations?

I'm not entirely sure what I want out of Luceti right now. There's potential for Walter, but it's sorta reliant on a thread that's backlogged into eternity now--and now reactions would be off and very strange. So I don't know how to salvage that idea. Albert just went and departed for the twilight zone on me during the whole adrenaline-rush-and-crash of the event, so I'm debating what to do with him.

Edit because I need to gush: Caesar and Albert's interactions are so amusing. I'm really enjoying the awkward-but-somewhat-not-dysfunctional dynamic they've got going on. Their latest interaction, with Caesar's reaction straight out of the manga ending, was enough to make me smile. Made me wish I had an icon of Albert's back-turned goodbye wave.

Nightshift started at Damned, and I still haven't posted for Minato. I ... have a beginning post half-written up, and I'm quietly proud of my creativity with getting him a 'starting weapon' (broken plastic hanger, anyone?), but I don't have any solid plans for him yet. He needs to copy stuff off of the bulletin board, try and steal a CD player from the music room, look for the others... I need to stop being a chicken and PM Yukari or Junpei.

I need to see if I can get out of the campus appearance on Thursday; I really don't want to have an on-site meeting this week, with my needing to be in a different city on Friday. Hopefully my manager will be understanding and let me phone in.

Juggling several video games at the moment. Pixeljunk Monsters on PS3, Professor Layton and the Curious Village on DS, Tales of VS on PSP, and gonna try Titan Quest on the PC for my brother's sake. Hoping to finish Professor Layton soon so I can stop staying up late trying to figure out puzzles.
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Ganked from numerous people. ...This was surprisingly hard to do with Albert. :|;

RP Character Expression Meme )
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Since I've never talked about it, some belated stuff...

Valentine's Day event @ Luceti: Walter/Leon. Sephiroth/Albert. Reno/Ruto. Yes. Hilarious, hot, and snarky. I'm glad that people started shipping them right after that event -- there's nothing that I find more flattering in RP than playing characters well enough to get people to stalk them. ^^ Even though I think my Reno is sub-par. *winces*

ToDR: I need to get back involved here, at least a little. :|; I guess it doesn't help that my Tales muses are currently few and quiet. Oddly enough, my most recent activity was a fail thread with a Casey RPer. *winces again* Ugh, I shouldn't be RPing Yeager at all.

Travian: So I've gotten roped into playing the leader of a top 10 alliance while the leader is busy IRL. I don't like it; I hate doing all of this IGMing and looking up players who try to apply into the alliance. Hopefully I won't have to deal with applications now that I'm in talks with a small group who Wow together and want to be in a Travian alliance together. I'm really understating the amount of stress this game is giving me. :|;;

LORD: I've been playing it again! I don't really ... know why, but I felt like getting into it. I think this is the most I've stayed with a single character. Pfft. Maybe I'll get to change classes and soon.

Caesar: I'm such a weirdo when it comes to RPing Albert and Caesar. I love the interactions, and I'm sad to lose another Caesar to interact with. :( Oh well. It's okay. Albert's got some great interactions over in Luceti. I can't wait until he gets to talk to Genis in-depth about Raine's ... issues.

Real life: ...Really, not exciting at all and for once, I'm glad about it. I spent three weeks with my parents, and now I'm back at the apartment with my brothers. I think we're going to get snow this weekend? And I believe we're also going to go snowboarding.
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Malnosso data of experiments.

Albert Silverberg )

Walter and Leon's apps wouldn't be half as interesting as that one.
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Miri, he's your muse. Why the heck am I writing about him? Please stop me. D:


He awoke in a cold sweat, dilated eyes searching the area warily. Nothing. Was it a dream? The trees here were unlike anything he had seen in Luceti-- no, that dream world--

Caesar reached to his back, feeling for wings that weren't there. He felt for rips in his jacket-- a jacket he hadn't worn for years-- where the small Filial wings had fit through.

Was he going crazy? It was a dream. Nothing but a dream--

--that had lasted for three years.

Why weren't those memories fading? They were sticking much longer than a waking dream. The redhead gingerly pushed himself to his feet, feeling uneasy as he found the knapsack he had brought with him into the Great Forest.

...That's right. The Great Forest. He was miles away from civilization.

"Oh, the human is finally up."

Caesar froze, green eyes going wide as he jerked his head towards the sound. There was no one there.

"Maybe that wolf will finally leave. I can't leave you alone with the nest with a big wolf around."

Caesar tipped his head up, spotting a pair of bluebirds on a low branch.

"The babies need to eat, though."


The birds were talking. He could hear them. Understand them.

Just like in Luceti.

Nearly tripping over his own feet, Caesar tore out of the woods as fast as his legs could carry him.


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