everlastingsoul: (Persona - Minato - Death draws near)
Athena ([personal profile] everlastingsoul) wrote2016-06-29 10:26 am

More Zero Time Dilemma thoughts

After a stupid experience with a puzzle (my own fault for not looking at things all that well), more plot!

I love that Eric's anger at Q is explored and explained. It doesn't excuse it, but I'm glad he makes the effort to kinda apologize.

Current guess is that Q is some sort of a non-human. Like ... maybe an android? In the two instances I've seen him die (grenade launcher and scalpel), I don't think he's bled at all.

I'm wondering what Gab's role in all of this is. I'm waiting for the story behind him, especially now that Mira's and Eric's backgrounds are explained.

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