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This game is already a trip! I'm enjoying watching the game through cutscenes; it really gives the feeling that you're only there to affect the vote, while not taking on the perspective of a specific character. (Other than asking the chat questions, I suppose.)

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Total Icon Count: 38

1-28 Fate/ series
29-30 Trinity Blood
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Life stuff

Mar. 26th, 2012 05:10 pm
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Ahab passed away today. I feel guilty that I wasn't there at his last moments, and that Cocoa was still hunched next to him even though Ahab was already long gone. I'm not surprised, but at the same time I am; Ahab was a runt, but barely over two years old, but he'd been troubled with respiratory problems (and other things) the majority of his short life.

I feel like I could have done more for the little guy, or should have for that matter. But he'd been eating and drinking even through last night, and he even took his vitamin as he usually did. I think, ultimately, it might just have been his time to go.

In addition, my vitamin D level is ridiculously low. I'm not surprised, since what is sun during the winter months, it means I'll be on prescription vitamin D to get that stuff back up to a decent level.

Also going to file a mortgage application today, once I'm finished with all of this. It's all throwing me for a loop, especially thinking about how much I'm going to have to pay per month whenever I actually get around to buying a condo/townhouse...

...Last but not least, apparently I will be getting a raise starting this next month. Another one. It ... doesn't seem all that long ago that I got a raise, but when I asked my agent, apparently the last one I had was in August. So ... wow.


Jan. 15th, 2012 06:57 am
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Let's see, what are my characters in Luceti doing right now...? I don't go around tagging a whole bunch, but I've been pleased with the few threads I've had unfolding so far.

Finally getting around to backthreads with Leon that were delayed because of the LJ-DW move. He went sledding with Minato and gave a healing ring to Nagisa. I still need to get somewhere with his snowman thread with Claude ... and do something with that idea of a silly Christmas gift between Claude and Leon. So very slow, slow, slow...

Albert is, of course, the most up-to-date of my three. I guess. Ice skating and actually talking to New Feathers. Hahaha. I need to get around to fixing up the coding for lucetilocked for his next post. ...And I need to follow-up on Buffy's gift. Keep forgetting about that.

Walter's currently just existing in two recent threads with Rainbow Dash and Beast. Not sure how he spent the holidays, to be honest, but he likely dealt with them with general indifference. It's that whole "no friends ever" thing. So it's amazing he talks to people at all.
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Little sister's birthday this weekend, so I'm back at my parents' house for now. She's turning 15, so she'll mostly be spending her birthday entertaining her friends while her siblings just kinda hang around. It's interesting, since my brothers and I never really did that; since our birthdays were all in the summer, it'd be an occasion for all the cousins to come out and we'd have a really big family party. I was personally never inclined to have friends over for my birthdays; I liked just having them as family affairs, or ... barely celebrating them at all.

This Friday was my second class of basic kendo. More footwork drills, and we learned our warmup exercises that we'll be doing after bowing in and breathing exercises. Just like last week, my calves and Achilles tendon ache a bit from all the footwork. Unlike last week, my arms don't ache terribly; I guess I'm not death-gripping my bokken anymore. Huzzah.

My mom didn't understand what I was talking about when I told her two weeks ago that I was going to be taking kendo lessons, so I was happy to talk to her about it when I got home. She's proud that I'm doing something new and ... well, fairly athletic. (Okay, really athletic. I'm realizing my balance really sucks since I'm out of shape.) My dad was a part of the conversation too, but I don't recall him giving any opinion of it. :|a He did ask about the shape of the shinai and (jokingly) how soon I would be hitting other people. They were both a bit surprised by how disproportionate the male-female ratio of the class was; there's maybe four girls, two of them under 10 years old, in comparison to the approximately twenty-five boys.

I'm curious how heavy the armor is, since my conversation with some other students mentioned how some students would drop out of the advanced classes because of the armor. I'll have to look it up sometime.
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Okay. RP drive has been careening wildly towards the ground ever since the DW move. I stopped responding to Albert's post on LJ and barely tagged around to different posts on DW with Walter and Leon... Nngh, I hate this state of feeling completely unmotivated. I never declared myself off hiatus, but since I posted with Albert shortly after Christmas, I feel like I should be more active.

I think I'll blame the flu I've had for the last week for further killing my RP drive. I've tagged some intros and said hi to a few people, but I've barely looked at Plurk or Luceti... :| Felt very tired today, but I'm past the perpetually-congested phase, so I'm feeling good. Just in time for three work meetings tomorrow! Noooo! >_>

Been playing games a lot this weekend, trying to work my way towards the new games I bought around Christmas time. Finished Zenonia in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday, and I've made it into the Depths in FF4: The After Years. I've just been grinding to get Cecil up to a decent level (and leveling up Palom, Porom, Edward, and Leonora in the process), and trading in my Adamantite for a full Adamant armor set. Whoo!

I decided against getting all the tails and doing the obsessively perfectionist thing of trying to trade in all the tails for special accessories. Bleh. I want to get to Trails in the Sky and The World Ends With You.
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It took a grand total of six minutes to import my personal account.


Gosh, and here I thought I actually used this thing.

In any case, I've got nothing to add. I had thought about making a Christmas haul list at some point, but I'll have to leave that for when I'm not exhausted and it's not ... five in the morning.

So yes. Hullo hullo, my "reading pane" buddies.
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...Man, choosing an icon for this post was kinda painful. Maybe I should actually spend some time updating icons here. :|;

Nothing much to talk about! Got a raise at work to go along with my new responsibilities, have employment until at least December, and still living with my siblings in a rented house.

Still playing at Luceti. Somehow managing four characters right now, and playing with the idea of apping at another game. I keep tossing back the pros and cons, especially since I know four characters can already be difficult to balance. There's going to be a freaky Halloween/Majora's Mask event for this next week, and I've got some ideas I might use.

Considering doing NaNo this year. I'm totally skeptical about actually getting anything done between work, RL, and RP, but it did help me move a fanfic forward a little bit last year. Maybe I'll do that again this year? ...At that rate, I'll finish that fanfic in about six years. XD Bah, we'll see. I'm out of practice.


Sep. 16th, 2011 01:01 pm
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The terrible thing about combining LJ RP and Plurk? All free time goes down the drain.

And when you are without RP drive for awhile? It seems like you have absolutely nothing to do. So, so terrible.

I've been wanting to color icons, write things, make little lists and such ... for a long time now. My current system with RPing has me feeling like there's always this cloud of Stuff to do that hovering over my head. I don't like that feeling; RP should be fun, not work.

I need to do something about that. Not sure what at this time.

I should do more reading, too. I can practically feel my vocabulary slipping away, and I need to sit down and just read something that'll hold my interest and still challenge my mind. I've got several books in my room, but little motivation to crack them open. Gotta work on that.

Gotta work on a lot of things. But I still want to watch things, play video games, chat... Auuuugh. :|
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Need to do:
- Pay off credit card bills
- Pay vacuum cleaner payment
- Pay off Macy's card
- Finish work/e-mails/timesheet before Monday

Should do:
- Update/post lucetlocked tables/info
- Respond to tags/CR meme

Want to do:
- Review Tierkreis notes
- Hammer out more Suikoden/Tierkreis crossover notes
- Hammer out lots of other things 8|
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Let's see... Well, we held a wedding shower for my brother and his fiancee this Memorial Day weekend. It was lovely, and the games were a lot more fun than just talking them over with my older brother and a friend (one of the other bridesmaids). It was nice to be social and talk with people I know, even if we had a ton of food leftovers and my mom had to throw away some foods that would spoil quickly. Palabok, pancit molo, all the melon fruits... Gonna have to get through the pancit canton today. :|

Still need to shop for my silver shoes for the wedding. And get my dress and see how much it needs to be altered (probably a lot).

On the RP front, there's another draft that's gonna go down in Luceti. I need to write up my stuff for Albert's plans, but I've got plots/ideas for Albert, Leon, and Terra. Now it's just a matter of getting all of that out in a timely fashion.
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I dropped from Damned. /)_(\ I can't believe I did it, and I'm both sad and relieved at the same time. As much as I enjoyed it, I suffered from those periods of wanting to drop far too many times. Taking that hiatus and basically not coming back really showed how weak my willpower was for staying. I'm disappointed, in a way, because the game awards seniority, but I ... don't think I'd be rejoining anytime soon, so it's really not a point to worry about.

Ahab's doing better. The last week or so, he's been developing an extra amount of eye discharge from his injured eye, and I would have to clean his eye every few hours. Today, he managed to clean the dirt by himself. ...Or Cocoa did it for him. I really don't know right now, but his eye is getting cleaned -- and that's the important thing. :|;
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I need to sort through my icons here and replace them with ones that better fit different moods. I've just got a lot of ... blah icons now.

On Luceti: The AU event is awesome. I'm looking forward to the plotty stuff going on with Leon, now that the details have been fleshed out a little better. Also looking forward to things with Albert. Terra's kinda floating around right now, doing his own thing, but I'm hoping to get him out and interacting once the festival log comes out. ...Maybe I should toss him at Gold's poker game. It's an intriguing post.

The dreams/revelations will be fun. I've been focusing on Albert (of course), so I have a few ideas there. I'm enjoying this completely dramatic/hilarious what-if scenario in which Buffy and Albert completely misinterpret their dreams and try to break up Jack and Raine. It would be some kinda of dramatic hell once the experiment ended and they had to talk about everything afterward.

Of course, Leon will likely have his own dramatic hell, too. ...And I think Terra will too, since Aqua will be disappearing. Geez, my boys.

In other news, my guinea pig Ahab is sick. His right eye looked really red last Friday, so I took him to the vet on Saturday. The vet said he had a URI and an ulcer in his eye, so he's got antibiotics and eyedrops. ...I'm mostly annoyed that the vet spent all of five minutes looking at Ahab and wouldn't even properly examine his eye because she said it was unlikely he would make it (because Ahab was wheezing hard). My brother said that the vet was just covering her ass in case Ahab did die, but it doesn't piss me off any less since she was pretty darn dismissive.

For the record, he's sniffly but never showed any disinterest in eating or drinking, and he's back to making noises after being miserably over needing eyedrops so often. And his eye is no longer red, so that's good.

...And I'm still using Plurk. Argh. I still need to collect good Plurk memes and post them to my musebox.
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my thread

A Few Moments in the Life of Koroku -- A Suikoden III story featuring none other than everyone's favorite basket dog.

Work is already crazy and it isn't even halfway through the week yet. 8| Ugh. I'd go into detail, but I already said everything to my mom and promptly did not feel that frustrated anymore. :| We'll see how tomorrow goes, though.
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Left home just after 7 AM. Been on the road most of the day, only stopping for breakfast, lunch, and rest areas. Fiddling with an internet-capable smartphone and trying to do tags with it is ... hellish. How do people do that?

I found it more comfortable listening to my mp3 player and staring out the window as we drive. Lots of random snippets of stories come to mind as I listen to music, and I imagine opening/closing sequences for my various stories.

...I don't quite remember what song it was that made me think of it, but I ended up making a mental comparison of Suikoden III's True Rune bearers and Ronin Warriors/Samurai Troopers.

Hugo -> Wildfire/Rekka
Chris -> Torrent/Suiko
Geddoe -> Halo/Kourin
Sasarai -> Hardrock/Kongo
Luc -> Strata/Tenku

...And then there came the weird thoughts of how the other four armors would come into play. :|;

Tir -> Winter/Corruption/Darkness
Riou -> Spring/Cruelty/Ogre
Frey -> Summer/Illusion
Lazlo -> Fall/Venom/Poison

Well. The elemental armors worked, at least.


Feb. 11th, 2011 01:38 pm
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I've made more progress working on Minato icons in two days than I have working on Albert icons in two weeks. I still run into the same canon color problems, though. Albert's hair has bugged me for years. And now comparing Minato's eye color between Persona 3 materials and the later versions just rolls over the same nerves. Is it gray? Is it blue? Fanart seems to favor blue, but then shade wildly differs between artists. I've always seen his eyes as gray, but there seems to be this love of contrast between blue and red and-- arrrrgh, what a stupid thing to be annoyed about. u_u

It's to the point where I'm doing the icons with both colors because I can't make up my mind.

/just ... kicks Photoshop and goes back to work


Jan. 24th, 2011 04:51 pm
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I've been wanting to write more Suikoden stuff lately. I have a crazy Suikoden-with-Tierkreis-elements plot developing in my head, but I'm so frustratingly busy that I haven't been able to do enough research to make the entire thing coherent. It's really weird how these plots develop, because I end up thinking about characters I usually have no interest in writing about. Like ... Sarah. I have no insight into her, but she'd be so integral to this plot that I'd have to write about her. So, so weird.

And I need to get back to work. Gotta finish at least one of these projects today.


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