everlastingsoul: (Persona - Minato - Death draws near)
Athena ([personal profile] everlastingsoul) wrote2016-06-30 02:41 pm

Day 3 of playing Zero Time Dilemma

Three times. 72 to 1. Pffft. I played the scenario three times and Akane said specifically three times. Is that intentional on the game's part, because otherwise the 1/216 odds is awful to replay repeatedly?

I'll have to watch the cinema again because I'm writing and watching at the same time. But it's really cool that this situation exists.

On the Monty Hall scenario... I was wondering what ending would make me cry, and this was one that did it. Ugh. Junpei and Akane just do that to me.

And I'm glad that I knew what the Monty Hall problem was beforehand, otherwise I might have been confused by Akane's reference.

"So we exist in the universe that God abandoned, huh..."

"We might be in the history God abandoned."

C-team's discussion after surviving the dice throw makes me wonder if this is a universe in which aliens actually exist and are looking back and observing... Ahahaha. The story's crazy enough to contemplate it.

It's interesting watching Junpei look at that ring of his whenever Akane does something that ... might just remind him to be human. Their interactions in this game are fascinating.

On the D-team side, I had noticed Phi's eyebrows and wondered if they were an intentional thing. Glad to see it was intentional. Now I'm wondering if she's related to... Hmm.

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