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Athena ([personal profile] everlastingsoul) wrote2012-01-14 06:33 am
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Home for the weekend

Little sister's birthday this weekend, so I'm back at my parents' house for now. She's turning 15, so she'll mostly be spending her birthday entertaining her friends while her siblings just kinda hang around. It's interesting, since my brothers and I never really did that; since our birthdays were all in the summer, it'd be an occasion for all the cousins to come out and we'd have a really big family party. I was personally never inclined to have friends over for my birthdays; I liked just having them as family affairs, or ... barely celebrating them at all.

This Friday was my second class of basic kendo. More footwork drills, and we learned our warmup exercises that we'll be doing after bowing in and breathing exercises. Just like last week, my calves and Achilles tendon ache a bit from all the footwork. Unlike last week, my arms don't ache terribly; I guess I'm not death-gripping my bokken anymore. Huzzah.

My mom didn't understand what I was talking about when I told her two weeks ago that I was going to be taking kendo lessons, so I was happy to talk to her about it when I got home. She's proud that I'm doing something new and ... well, fairly athletic. (Okay, really athletic. I'm realizing my balance really sucks since I'm out of shape.) My dad was a part of the conversation too, but I don't recall him giving any opinion of it. :|a He did ask about the shape of the shinai and (jokingly) how soon I would be hitting other people. They were both a bit surprised by how disproportionate the male-female ratio of the class was; there's maybe four girls, two of them under 10 years old, in comparison to the approximately twenty-five boys.

I'm curious how heavy the armor is, since my conversation with some other students mentioned how some students would drop out of the advanced classes because of the armor. I'll have to look it up sometime.

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