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Little sister's birthday this weekend, so I'm back at my parents' house for now. She's turning 15, so she'll mostly be spending her birthday entertaining her friends while her siblings just kinda hang around. It's interesting, since my brothers and I never really did that; since our birthdays were all in the summer, it'd be an occasion for all the cousins to come out and we'd have a really big family party. I was personally never inclined to have friends over for my birthdays; I liked just having them as family affairs, or ... barely celebrating them at all.

This Friday was my second class of basic kendo. More footwork drills, and we learned our warmup exercises that we'll be doing after bowing in and breathing exercises. Just like last week, my calves and Achilles tendon ache a bit from all the footwork. Unlike last week, my arms don't ache terribly; I guess I'm not death-gripping my bokken anymore. Huzzah.

My mom didn't understand what I was talking about when I told her two weeks ago that I was going to be taking kendo lessons, so I was happy to talk to her about it when I got home. She's proud that I'm doing something new and ... well, fairly athletic. (Okay, really athletic. I'm realizing my balance really sucks since I'm out of shape.) My dad was a part of the conversation too, but I don't recall him giving any opinion of it. :|a He did ask about the shape of the shinai and (jokingly) how soon I would be hitting other people. They were both a bit surprised by how disproportionate the male-female ratio of the class was; there's maybe four girls, two of them under 10 years old, in comparison to the approximately twenty-five boys.

I'm curious how heavy the armor is, since my conversation with some other students mentioned how some students would drop out of the advanced classes because of the armor. I'll have to look it up sometime.
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Let's see... Well, we held a wedding shower for my brother and his fiancee this Memorial Day weekend. It was lovely, and the games were a lot more fun than just talking them over with my older brother and a friend (one of the other bridesmaids). It was nice to be social and talk with people I know, even if we had a ton of food leftovers and my mom had to throw away some foods that would spoil quickly. Palabok, pancit molo, all the melon fruits... Gonna have to get through the pancit canton today. :|

Still need to shop for my silver shoes for the wedding. And get my dress and see how much it needs to be altered (probably a lot).

On the RP front, there's another draft that's gonna go down in Luceti. I need to write up my stuff for Albert's plans, but I've got plots/ideas for Albert, Leon, and Terra. Now it's just a matter of getting all of that out in a timely fashion.
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First off, thank you to everyone who responded to the last entry. I appreciate it, and everything is okay for me now. And Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. :|b

I really needed that RP love meme boost. It's been a slow, arrhythmic month RP-wise because of all the holiday shopping and other stresses, so I was really starting to close up in terms of RPing and interacting. I'm hopeful things'll be good once we get started with the next year.

Let's see... Lots of gifts this year.

Cut for gift haul )

And now I'll be spending the weekend watching Hell's Kitchen. For the most part.
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My siblings and I went to the Pacific Science Center today because my little sister told us there was a Harry Potter exhibition going on. Unfortunately, the exhibit had a huge queue when we arrived, so there was a four-hour wait until we could line up to go into the exhibit.

So we spent the time spending too much money on parking and lunch ... and hanging out in the insect exhibit. We looked at all the beetle models and insect zoos. The hissing cockroaches still creep me out. We also spent a good amount of time in the tropical butterfly room with these owl morpho butterflies ... and atlas moths. 8| So huge, even if they weren't flying around when we were inside. I think I'd freak a little if they were flying around. They were easily twice as large as the butterflies in there.

The Harry Potter exhibit itself was very neat. They had many of the costumes from the various movies, along with main characters' wands and small accessories -- like Hermione's time turner and Ron's broken wand, along with the Marauder's Map and Lupin, Snape, and McGonagall's wands. My brothers were amused by the fine print on Umbridge's decrees, which literally had "Blah blah blah blah b-lah blah" at the very bottom. It was also really neat seeing Dumbledore's wand up close after seeing the emphasis on the Elder Wand's shape in the Deathly Hallows movie (which I saw ... uh, last weekend with my cousins).

Seeing Hermione's costumes up close made me realize just how short Emma Watson is. It was kinda funny. The beds in the Gryffindor dormitory looked much bigger in the films than they were in the exhibit, too. Kreecher and Dobby's models were smaller than I expected, and Fawkes' much bigger than I thought he looked in the films. Hagrid's entire hut was huge, too -- very cool seeing how large his armchair was.

Despite how much I enjoyed the HP exhibit, I restrained myself in the gift store -- I only got a Slytherin beanie. >> My brother asked why I got it, and I told him that Slytherin got no love. :| All the kids who were picked to try on the Sorting Hat (at the very beginning of the exhibit) picked Gryffindor as their favorite house.
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So we had a housewarming/birthday party this past Saturday with mostly family. It makes me happy that my family is full of geeks and computer-savvy types; my cousins set up a LAN party with Halo Reach (complete with full-wall projection) while the parents streamed a college football game. My cousins raved about how they love our house because there's a TV or computer (or both) in every room.

One of my cousins let me borrow Alan Wake, which I blazed through on Sunday and Monday. I bought The Signal DLC on Monday and went through that, then watched a playthrough of The Writer since I didn't want to shell out more money if the DLC was as short as The Signal. Considering I can't stand playing scary video games myself, I'm kinda surprised I went through Alan Wake so quickly. But the game gives you warnings and slows down the action to allow you react, which ... really, really helped me for forest sections.

I'm in the process of finally getting around to replaying the Quest For Glory series. I bought QFG5: Dragonfire sometime ago and told myself I'd play through all the other games and import my characters along the way. I've finished as a thief on the EGA version, and now I'm playing as a magic user on the VGA version. I might go back to the EGA version for the fighter, since I recall not being fond of the VGA speed. This will also give me the chance to play the fan remake of Trial By Fire.

In other news, I think I'm in an RP slump. I think the crazy tagging of the Luceti Malnosso mission has left me less than enthused about picking up dropped tags with Albert or starting new ones with Leon. I can't even get the willpower up to write for the new NS at Damned, even when I have a clear plan of what Minato should do. ...I also need to stop looking at reserves and apps; I get this conflicted feeling that I'm not fond of. I hope it'll pass soon.
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Soooo... I've been back since Wednesday, but I've been putting off replying. First it was because I was feeling lazy, and then I kinda forgot, and then it just started feeling overwhelming trying to write down everything that's been going on. So I'll skip the finer details and just focus on some broad summaries.

Hawaii was fantastic. Apparently we missed a heat wave in the area by going on vacation, so I think we lucked out in that sense, too. We went snorkeling at three different locations, looking down at the coral and all of the tropical fish. We also walked through a lava tube (read: lava-created cave) and did long-exposure light writing in a pitch-dark section of the tube. Very, very cool. We also ate ... expensively. Hahaha. And visited three candy factories. The big island is apparently big on chocolate and macadamia nuts. :| I'm almost out of my chocolate-dipped macadamia shortbread cookies. I'm already debating ordering more and having them shipped.

On Saturday, I attended a Lady Gaga concert with my brother and his fiancee. It's the first concert any of us have attended, and it was amazing. Bright lights, smoke, rising platforms, a burning piano, springboards, a fame monster, a disco stick, and lots of crotch-grabbing. The song "Boys, Boys, Boys" featured a lot of crotch-grabbing. :| I also found myself preferring how she sang Paparazzi live versus the album. We had good seats for paying the cheapest price for the three sections; I think it's because the seating was reserved for Citi card users.

Aaaand the Luceti events. Holy crap. So much stuff going on to get back into. And there's applications just around the corner, too. So excited about a lot of the reserves by returning players and characters.

Then over at Damned, my hiatus ends-- er, like, tomorrow. Ahahaha. I have no plans for the nightshift, so this will be interesting. Huzzah for Yukari and Mitsuru apps, though! ...Minato's going to have all the girls except Fuuka there. Oh boy.

And on top of all this... We're moving into a house soon. I need to start packing stuff. My new bedroom set will be delivered sometime in the first week or so of September. I'm so excited about that; I've never bought my own furniture set before. So much to do ... and I haven't really started at all.
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...I posted on this HMD surprisingly early, but never linked to it. Hilarious, me. 8|

The How's My Driving? Meme

Ummm. I've been watching a lot of random Let's Plays recently. Ended up watching more of TraskNari's stuff, which is somehow fitting since I enjoyed his LPs of the Chzo Mythos so much. He doesn't have an annoying voice to listen to, unlike some other LPs.

I've been neglecting RPing again. Ick. I ... need to learn how to balance my characters better, or just figure out what the heck I want to do. Leon's been quiet the entirety of the mushi plot, Walter's not really active, and Albert's ... something. At least I'm fairly certain I didn't render his character unplayable. :|; That would totally suck.

Attending my sister's ballet performance tonight, then going to my cousin's college graduation party tomorrow. Should be fun and relaxing before I need to do jury duty and everything this upcoming week.

I think my brothers have reached a compromise on the housing situation, which will be a relief if it's true. We had way too many family discussions and private talks about where we would be going after the apartment contract expires this fall, and I think my older brother (who has the biggest complaints with all of us living together) has compromised with my younger brother. We'll see how things go.

Next weekend is river rafting. Hope the weather is good.
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First off... *kicks internet* I swear, it cuts out at the weirdest times.

Let's see... Not getting as many projects at work as I would like (for the money), but it's nice to have the free time. My manager tries to keep me busy by having me do scheduling and little note-taking jobs, but it doesn't add up to an eight-hour day or anything. Ah well. As long as I have enough hours per month.

Yesterday, I went to the gym by myself for the first time in months. It was nice. I need to get back in the habit of kicking myself into going every other day or so. Wasting that gym membership needs to stop.

Also went back to the university campus for the first time in ... geez, a year or so? It's weird going back as a visitor. I think it'd be even weirder to go back to high school as a visitor, but you need to do all that stupid security (checking in with the front desk, etc.) to go onto high school campus. No thanks.

I got to see my cousin's design show while on campus, and it was nice to analyze his work and offer him compliments on a critique level. Our majors shared some visual design elements, so I enjoyed hearing him explain his typography and design formatting choices. It also gave me some affirmation that I still recall my major well enough to talk about it, which is ... well, comforting after being away from school for three years. (Geez, three years already.)

Hopefully going out to karaoke tomorrow night. Being stuck in my car on the freeway for an hour gave me a good excuse to belt out songs. ...Even if things like Simple Plan and Bowling for Soup aren't doing anything for my tone. Pfft.

On the RP front, tags have slowed down to a crawl while I've been doing other things offline. I really need to backthread some things, but my interest comes in small bursts lately. At least I have an idea of all the things I need to do with my characters.

Currently playing Disgaea Infinite, which I oddly enough found out about only yesterday (the day after it was released) while shopping for other things on Amazon. It's a nice change of pace from Record of Agarest War, which I've been taking a "forced" break from while my brother plays catch-up to me. (Record of Agarest War is super long and much more of a day-killer, just because of how long a single battle can take.) The time loop function of Disgaea Infinite was just getting to me when I finally made headway with the storyline, so I can safely say that I'm still enjoying it. And it's longer than I thought, which is a pleasant surprise.

...But that means I won't be able to finish it tonight. Which means I'll have to somehow force myself to turn it off. Dang.

edit: As suspected, I couldn't turn it off. Mild spoilers )

It's a lot of fan service, and I enjoy it greatly. The database and character profiles are neat, and it actually makes me a little interested in Disgaea 3.


Dec. 25th, 2009 03:02 am
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Merry Christmas, everyone. Understandably, I haven't been around to say these things in-person, and I probably won't be around much (or possibly at all) Christmas Day, either. It was our family's turn host the annual Christmas party, so we've had our big family in the house all night.

Everyone enjoyed the white elephant game that we hosted this year; no one else has done it before, and I think everyone will want to continue it for future Christmas parties. Everyone was laughing really hard once people started stealing stuff. We then did the annual Secret Santa reveals, and then family gifts. When you've got a family of 30+ attending, it gets pretty hectic, so it took us about five hours to get through everything (including dinner).

It'll only get more hectic next year, with my cousins expecting twins in January. Whew. Crazy to think about.

Cut for gifts )

Thank you to everyone who has sent out Christmas and holiday greetings, thank you [livejournal.com profile] nata_de_coco for whatever it is you needed my address for :P, and thank you [livejournal.com profile] fuckyeahfish for the very thoughtful Christmas message. I'm happy and blessed to know all of you.
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I've been spending a lot of money so far this month. Fees for getting my driver's license, various expensive dinners and lunches in celebration (my brother also proposed to his girlfriend, so it's really been a busy weekend), buying Final Fantasy Dissidia...

Oh. And I bought my first car.


I'm stoked, even if I can't drive it by myself until I've got car insurance.

And Dissidia is both amusing and complicated. This will take some getting used to. :|;
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Fffff... Probably old news to some people, but Advent Children Complete? Hell yeah, Rude with a bazooka! It's nice to see Tseng a little more too, but Rude with a bazooka. Reno and Rude being completely badass in the helicopter. Maybe it's a good thing I never got the original Advent Children movie. :| I want this.

In other news... Hmmm. I've got almost all of my papers to do my taxes; just waiting for the paperwork for my bank CD. I never want to take the time to actually do them, even though they've been relatively simple because I've just been working one job. I guess last year was the first time I collected from two W2s, moving from school research to my internship. And now, for 2008, I moved from my internship to my contractor work. And I'm still wondering if I'm going to end up owing taxes just because those two tax brackets may be totally different. I don't know how the firm projects how much a contractor makes in a year when projects may pay different rates. I guess they may still have a bracket for a "junior grade technical editor" and work off of that. Blah blah blah...

Spending this week at my parents' house; got a doctor's appointment in the middle of the week, so I need to stay in town for it. Little sister doesn't have school tomorrow/today, so we'll just hang out while I'm not working. I'll probably end up avoiding watching her play Persona 3; she's near the end already, and I kinda want to watch the ending for myself. :|;;

I started up on a S5 on Travian earlier this week with some veterans from other servers. I've got six alliance and confederacy members in my 7x7, and they've cleared all of the surrounding villages, so I can farm without losing troops. I'm psyched that the alliance I'm in is ranked first on the server; I've never been an alliance that's dominated a server before, so it's awesome to see how real players coordinate attacks. I've also got the leader's ear because we met on another server on an alliance that is struggling along; he liked my levelheadedness and playing style, so he invited me to join him while he gathered other players he's played with. He'd told me before that he had successfully led strong alliances on other servers, but holy crap, rank 1 blows my mind. And I'm the alliance diplomat, so I get to negotiate nonaggression pacts (NAPs) and confederation deals.

Some of the sadder application attempts I received yesterday (read from bottom up):

Athena wrote:

Sorry man, come back when you learn to make complete sentences.
quebecois wrote:

hey men plzzz y resting a place with me in this aliance

Athena wrote:

Sorry, but no. Come back when you've learned some tact and have a better alliance.
bigfoot42_ wrote:

can we make conferations plz


So I'm basically the alliance strategist, telling all of these peons "Hell no, we don't need you or your alliance -- you're dead weight in our total quadrant takeover" (but always more eloquently written). I feel like a damn Silverberg.
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Open a new comment or post right now and hit ctrl+v.

You can explain what shows up or not, your choice. Mine is:

I guess I'll be trying Persona 3 over there.


In explanation? Going to my parents' house for the week; got a doctor's appointment in the middle of next week. I won't have access to a 360 over there, so I'll probably end up on the PS2 at some point. It'll either being Persona 3, replaying Suikoden III, or [kinda unlikely] re:Chain of Memories.
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Friday -- Parents were in town after New Year's at a cousin's house. Went to Italian restaurant for Mom's birthday. $200 for seven people.

Saturday -- Went out to dinner and cosmic bowling with cousins starting at 7 PM. Finished bowling two days around 12:30 AM. Went out for Chinese. Everyone went their separate ways at 2 AM. $125 for 14 people.

Sunday -- Recovering from Too Much Food on Friday and Saturday. ...Ended up going to Burger King with brothers after being brainwashed by Arrested Development.

Monday -- Back to work again. Didn't go to sleep until late (read: 6 AM) because was debating turning Albert into Yuber for an event and playing Chrono Trigger DS. Little brother expressed that he thinks he's gonna get fired from his job. :(
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Merry Christmas, everyone!

I was running around most of yesterday getting things ready for our annual family Christmas party. I like how the parties have slowly become less of a glamorous affair each year; no Chinese-dressed theme or anything silly like that this year.

I'll make a list of things I received this Christmas and add it to this entry later on. I've just got a few things, but I'm happy with them. ♥

For our secret Santa gift exchange, I got my cousin Nintendo T-shirts and a Prinny. You know you got them something good when they're already joking about scenarios where they can show off the T-shirt (it's a black shirt with a purple poison mushroom and the words Game Over on it).

I'm worried about the weather, though. We've thankfully had clear weather for the last three days, but it's currently snowing outside. And my parents and sister have to head home today, since my mom has to work on Friday. I hope they'll figure something out...

And now I'm going back to bed. Need more sleep.

The list of presents )
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Looks like we finally got hit by snow last night. (Pfft. I was up until 4 AM on Vesperia and I still didn't see any.) My family's all home today because of the weather; brother called in sick and brother's girlfriend couldn't get to work when her bus got stuck in the snow.

Yeah, I sympathize with that situation. ~_~; *still remembers situation from last year*

Dunno what I'll do today. I don't think I'll really get any response to work questions from yesterday, so... Maybe I'll just finish editing all those PowerPoints today and call it good. I feel more like cooking chicken soup than working today. :|;;

In RPing news... Let's see. Need to post with Albert (to do Luceti mafia stuff) and Leon (to call Guy out on being a liar), but I really have no drive to make posts and reply to comments at the moment. *feeling very lazy* I'm already doing kinda-sorta failing with Reno. Need to comment to Luc with Albert so Albert can be sufficiently stalker-y.
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So I went to my cousin's 21st birthday yesterday.

That was the most alcohol I've had in two years. :| Best liquor I've had, too. I guess I've just never had "the good stuff" before.

That is all for now. I'll probably edit this later.

Still sick

Nov. 7th, 2008 01:14 pm
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Blah blah blah. Still got that cold going on. Maybe it's worse than a cold now. Fun times. But whoo, little brother's coming back tonight!

I should probably go cook lunch and drag my work out to the kitchen table. I'm way too slow working in my room.

Oh, and I saw this floating on my flist, so I thought I'd do it...

http://zeal-goddess.livejournal.com appears to be gender neutral (a slight preference for female).


Nov. 5th, 2008 12:36 pm
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Looks like I needed that nap. I think my headache's gone, but I haven't walked around enough yet to judge. At least I'm not congested at the moment. I'd hate to be sick when my brother gets back on Friday.

In other news, despite having lost, John McCain is still my personal hero. I've admired the man for many years, and I'm disappointed that he lost (not surprised, though). But I'm glad it's over, because all that campaigning and posturing must have been suffocating for a man like him.

Congratulations, America. I really hope Obama brings about the change he's become known for representing. God knows the entire world has tremendous expectations of him.
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Since I don't update on a regular basis.

At home with my parents, cleaning up the house and preparing for a gathering with my cousins, uncles, and aunts. It's really to help provide one of my aunts with some new surroundings for a little while, and show one of my cousins a different part of the state. My uncle passed away two weeks ago, so my parents opened up our house so everyone could get away from the city for awhile. >_> His funeral last Sunday was the first time I'd seen a dead body, even having attended funerals before.

My brother's due back from Oklahoma in a week. It'll be nice to see him again.
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...Instead, I'll post this meme ganked from [livejournal.com profile] gamera.

The Hypothetical AU Meme: Take any one of the fandoms you know I write in (or think I should), and give me a type of AU (space opera AU, pirate AU, superhero AU, Ancient Rome, cop AU, etc). I will then explain what story from your chosen fandom I would write for your chosen type of AU.

Repeats of fandoms are fine. Maybe this'll help me finish writing another drabble.

In other news... I bought more Suikoden III doujinshi. Yes, I'm stupid and still grabbing any and all doujinshi (with good art) I can find starring Albert and Caesar. One of these days, I may even scan that stuff. I think I've only given (traded, really) a story or two to Miri.

My little brother's leaving for a month starting Monday; has training for his job in Oklahoma. It's kinda surreal to think about, considering he's always been around. The only significant time apart we've had was when I went to college and he was still in high school (and then community college -- he got into UW with us for the last two years). It's strange to think we're all basically professionals now, and his job's requiring 60-70% travel out of the year.

Meanwhile, I telecommute on a contractual basis. The two extremes of the working life!


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