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Athena ([personal profile] everlastingsoul) wrote2012-01-15 06:57 am
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Let's see, what are my characters in Luceti doing right now...? I don't go around tagging a whole bunch, but I've been pleased with the few threads I've had unfolding so far.

Finally getting around to backthreads with Leon that were delayed because of the LJ-DW move. He went sledding with Minato and gave a healing ring to Nagisa. I still need to get somewhere with his snowman thread with Claude ... and do something with that idea of a silly Christmas gift between Claude and Leon. So very slow, slow, slow...

Albert is, of course, the most up-to-date of my three. I guess. Ice skating and actually talking to New Feathers. Hahaha. I need to get around to fixing up the coding for lucetilocked for his next post. ...And I need to follow-up on Buffy's gift. Keep forgetting about that.

Walter's currently just existing in two recent threads with Rainbow Dash and Beast. Not sure how he spent the holidays, to be honest, but he likely dealt with them with general indifference. It's that whole "no friends ever" thing. So it's amazing he talks to people at all.

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