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Athena ([personal profile] everlastingsoul) wrote2016-06-28 03:51 pm

Playing Zero Time Dilemma...!

This game is already a trip! I'm enjoying watching the game through cutscenes; it really gives the feeling that you're only there to affect the vote, while not taking on the perspective of a specific character. (Other than asking the chat questions, I suppose.)

Just finished the Carlos and Q sides of this first 'event,' and I've naturally followed the instructions in the note. Now that I'm looking at the situation with Sigma, Phi, and Diana, I can't help but wonder about the fragments mechanic.

Because none of them remember what happened every 90 minutes, it's entirely possible that this is the second instance of them attempting to do this tie situation. And if, hypothetically, the votes accumulate per 'round'...

Does that mean that, by following Carlos' idea, they'll all die?

I guess we'll see...!

Um. WOW.

I thought it was really creepy when they introduced the body parts around the room, but wow. That's a morbid way to go about with things there. And then leaving his head there like that... Ugh.

So supposedly D-team is dead, and so is Junpei.

Diana, Sigma, Phi, and Jumpei.
RED, BLUE, MILK, JUMP. If that's the correct order?