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So ... yeah. No more VP2 for me. TotA has taken over. I'm terribly torn because I don't even have to look for yaoi situations--they pop out and present themselves. ~_~ I'm actually going into the game without spoiling anything for myself, so I'm incredibly happy with the plot so far. My favorite aspect so far has been the character models--since all of the characters (except for the Oracle Knights) don't look stereotypically good or evil, I always have to question motives and wonder if any of the main characters will betray me. I'm still waiting to see what happens with Tear and Jade.

Luke has become one of my favorite main protagonists ever. His personality puts him above Reid and Cress, but I'm still debating over Stahn and Kyle. Kyle was pretty cute. I don't plan to ever touch Legendia or Symphonia, so I can't compare him to Senel or Lloyd.

I hate being sick. I rarely get sick, so I suppose that's a blessing, but I slept most of the afternoon away yesterday. It looks like that's going to happen today, too. Guh. I'm going to skip a meeting that was scheduled for today, but I doubt I can do that for tomorrow.

... And I'm still here waiting for Wai... I'm supposed to look for research documents with him so I can do a request inventory of the eight new participants.

Mm... Journeymen's Survival... Rune listings...

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It's currently 4 in the morning. Got in a little after 3 AM; we've been driving up the coast from northern CA to WA since ... oh, 10 AM on Tuesday? My dad's amazing, that's all I can say. >_> We took the scenic route US-101 until we reached Portland ... and there was a lot of road work, to say the least.

I'm stuck leeching off slow wireless until I either find a way to fix my Ethernet hub (unlikely) or connect to the family wireless, which seems to be being a jerk to me right now and not letting me connect to it. Bleh.

Currently trying to get into Suikosource to access to the Star of Destiny lists. Just got an idea for JS ... and I need the lists for other aspects that I never got around to writing down before. I'll probably forget something important at this rate.

Day 3

Aug. 20th, 2006 12:27 am
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We went down to San Francisco and Fremont today. It took us three hours to fight through traffic into the city (bottlenecks to the tollbooths on the Bay Bridge and whatnot), and then we spent an hour and a half in Golden Gate Park. Weather in San Francisco is amazingly different from the area just outside; being near the water, San Francisco can have huge amounts of fog even when the sun is beating down everywhere else.

We saw the Transamerica Pyramid, Treasure Island, Golden Gate Bridge, and Alcatraz Island coming into the city, and also the Twin Peaks and Sutro Tower, though the Sutro Tower was largely covered by the fog... Mm ... what else? We went to the De Young Museum and Japanese Tea Garden over in the Park, and I took pictures of the little pagoda, bridges, and other things around. I was largely amused to just have been able to see Alcatraz Island from a distance, even if I couldn't take pictures from the car.

We went to Fremont afterwards to meet with one of my Mom's old classmates from middle school. We ate at an Asian buffet over there that was actually quite nice. They even had a chocolate fountain, which a lot of kids were abusing by sticking their ice cream into the stream.

Plan for tomorrow is to go boating with the couple that my older brother is a tenant to. Apparently he told them that we were in town for a few days and they invited us to spend a day on their boat. We went and bought a pair of life jackets to bring onto their boat prior to heading to San Francisco. If we were on some sort of schedule for this trip, I doubt we would have had this kind of opportunity. I'm glad we're just winging this entire thing.

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JS stuff

Jul. 20th, 2006 02:17 am
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Just an old scene from Suikoden: Journeymen's Survival that I scribbled in my notebook back during ... oh, winter quarter? Finally taking the time to type it up for reference, so I'm also putting it here.

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I intend to stay up awhile, so I should probably list my priorities.

-- Stat 322 homework
-- Edit articles to send to Rose
-- Finish articles to send to Judy
-- Prep Excel sheet for arbitrating with Mei

And I love this icon. I had to crop Nash's boots and you can't see the haunted look on his face or the detail to Grosser Fluss, but it's still beautiful. I didn't want to crop away any of the Moon Rune sigil. Sandahl drew it for me back when I was still telling everyone everything about Journeymen's Survival. *waves to Sandahl wherever she is now*

... Hm. Maybe I'll start some of it over the three-day break. Hopefully, hopefully.

Edit (3:51 AM): Bwaha, another JS twist to rewrite. Awesome. Can't stop thinking about it now. Wish it wasn't in the middle of the plot, though.
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I wrote this a good year and a half ago. I'm posting this because I'm scrapping it and it's too long to just hide away.

Anyone who's heard me talk about JS knows the synopsis. It's a twisted futuristic Suikoden story.

Journeymen's Survival: Chapter 1 )


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