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Okay. RP drive has been careening wildly towards the ground ever since the DW move. I stopped responding to Albert's post on LJ and barely tagged around to different posts on DW with Walter and Leon... Nngh, I hate this state of feeling completely unmotivated. I never declared myself off hiatus, but since I posted with Albert shortly after Christmas, I feel like I should be more active.

I think I'll blame the flu I've had for the last week for further killing my RP drive. I've tagged some intros and said hi to a few people, but I've barely looked at Plurk or Luceti... :| Felt very tired today, but I'm past the perpetually-congested phase, so I'm feeling good. Just in time for three work meetings tomorrow! Noooo! >_>

Been playing games a lot this weekend, trying to work my way towards the new games I bought around Christmas time. Finished Zenonia in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday, and I've made it into the Depths in FF4: The After Years. I've just been grinding to get Cecil up to a decent level (and leveling up Palom, Porom, Edward, and Leonora in the process), and trading in my Adamantite for a full Adamant armor set. Whoo!

I decided against getting all the tails and doing the obsessively perfectionist thing of trying to trade in all the tails for special accessories. Bleh. I want to get to Trails in the Sky and The World Ends With You.

Golden Sun

Jan. 14th, 2011 03:57 am
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Finished Dark Dawn.

... 8| I cried. Just a little.

And yet I'm not surprised by some of the twists. What I am surprised about is how much I enjoyed the new characters, and how much is introduced without being given proper explanation. A good way to set things up for future games.

Jumping from Golden Sun to The Lost Age to Dark Dawn is crazy. I feel like I'm playing in a different world in each game, just because of the geography.

I find it hilarious that the hero manages to become more explicit than the last two. I was tempted to go through the entire game with angry-face answers after Karis responded to an angry-face reply with "Wow, graphic."

Now I'll go to sleep and be glad I don't know the series well enough to app characters. Except for maybe Pewter. Pewter was awesome.
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I've been burning through video games again in between work and RP since the holidays ended. I started and finished Golden Sun 1 and 2 last week (finished in 2.5 days each), started Golden Sun: Dark Dawn yesterday, and just received Kingdom Hearts Re:coded today since I pre-ordered it. Whew.

Still need to beat Professor Layton and the Unwound Future, Mario & Luigi Partners in Time, and Crisis Core sometime. Might get a copy of my brother's Ys: The Oath in Felghana remake he recommended it ... if I'm really bored. I'm so close to the end of Dragon Quest V, but I haven't beaten it yet... And Dragon Quest VI comes out next month.

Ahhhh, so many games. u_u I'm kinda glad I don't have any work tomorrow.
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NaNoWriMo's over. I managed a little over 6700 words. Pfft. But that's still more than I've written for one story in over a year, so I'm still proud of what little I did. I'll work on improving my writing habits so I can do better next year.

Under the cut is the first section of the story (Suikoden fanfic) I wrote for NaNo -- tentatively called "Shards" or "Chaotic Shards" for now. No editing, no revising; I just let the writing take me where it wanted to. It's interesting how the story became divided by perspectives along the way; it had happened before I realized it. I still need to decide if I'll post this thing once it's completed or in finished Revolutions.

‘Plotting’ has such negative connotations. )

Finished Final Fantasy XIII a few days ago. I can't muster up the desire to go back and play out the missions I didn't finish, now that I've finished the game. Oh well.

Video game lists for my records )

Also blazed through re-watching The Colony and all of my Mythbusters DVDs. I need something else to play in the background while I'm working. Hrm...
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So we had a housewarming/birthday party this past Saturday with mostly family. It makes me happy that my family is full of geeks and computer-savvy types; my cousins set up a LAN party with Halo Reach (complete with full-wall projection) while the parents streamed a college football game. My cousins raved about how they love our house because there's a TV or computer (or both) in every room.

One of my cousins let me borrow Alan Wake, which I blazed through on Sunday and Monday. I bought The Signal DLC on Monday and went through that, then watched a playthrough of The Writer since I didn't want to shell out more money if the DLC was as short as The Signal. Considering I can't stand playing scary video games myself, I'm kinda surprised I went through Alan Wake so quickly. But the game gives you warnings and slows down the action to allow you react, which ... really, really helped me for forest sections.

I'm in the process of finally getting around to replaying the Quest For Glory series. I bought QFG5: Dragonfire sometime ago and told myself I'd play through all the other games and import my characters along the way. I've finished as a thief on the EGA version, and now I'm playing as a magic user on the VGA version. I might go back to the EGA version for the fighter, since I recall not being fond of the VGA speed. This will also give me the chance to play the fan remake of Trial By Fire.

In other news, I think I'm in an RP slump. I think the crazy tagging of the Luceti Malnosso mission has left me less than enthused about picking up dropped tags with Albert or starting new ones with Leon. I can't even get the willpower up to write for the new NS at Damned, even when I have a clear plan of what Minato should do. ...I also need to stop looking at reserves and apps; I get this conflicted feeling that I'm not fond of. I hope it'll pass soon.

On apping

Oct. 7th, 2010 01:06 pm
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So I drop one angry guy and app another angry guy.


Yeah, that would go over well. I think I better wait out this finished-a-new-game rush before doing anything stupid. But augh, I'm getting random KH muses all over the place.

In related news, Birth by Sleep has my favorite battle system of the series so far. And I think it's the first one since the beginning of KH2 to make me cry. Very good game.
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A few days ago I finally stopped playing Dragon Quest IX continuously; I'd played it several hours a day for ... god knows how long. I finished DQ9 near the end of the Hawaii trip, so ... that's a lot of time spent on the post-story stuff. I racked up 150+ hours into it before I finally found something else to play.

...FF4: The After Years. Ahahaha, I think I've clocked in 25+ hours going through the first few chapters. Rydia and Luca hit the level 40 cap, Yang and Ursula are two levels away, died in my first playthrough of Palom's challenge dungeon, aaaand I've gone through Ceodore's CD at least 12 times. I'm about four levels away from the level 50 cap for Ceodore. I wish Rydia's CD was as easy as Ceodore's has become, but all those Trap Doors and Demon Walls kill my will to go through the dungeons.

The story itself is ... bad. But enjoyably bad, bizarrely enough, with the rampant repeated scenarios and such. I'd already made the mental comparison that the sprites looked like FF6 recolors (Kain = Edgar whut) when my brother walked by, looking at Rydia, and commented that her bodysuit made her look like Terra. So I'm not the only one seeing these things. My brothers were both similarly amused that Edward grew a pair of balls in the last 17 years.

I have no idea why I'm going through these games right now. I should probably be playing P3P, but I've already made tentative plans to play Golden Sun after finishing FF4: TAY. What the heck, me. I still haven't made plans to buy KH: Birth by Sleep, despite initially being interested in it.

Also scouring for more Suikoden doujinshi. Been awhile since I've done that.

Slowly packing boxes of stuff to be moved to the new house. Can't put them in my new room yet, since the carpet was just cleaned this weekend, and we're trying not to leave any valuables in the boxes we store in the basement. I need to do some loads of laundry so I can fold these extra blankets I have. ...Not that I have any room for storing them.
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First off... *kicks internet* I swear, it cuts out at the weirdest times.

Let's see... Not getting as many projects at work as I would like (for the money), but it's nice to have the free time. My manager tries to keep me busy by having me do scheduling and little note-taking jobs, but it doesn't add up to an eight-hour day or anything. Ah well. As long as I have enough hours per month.

Yesterday, I went to the gym by myself for the first time in months. It was nice. I need to get back in the habit of kicking myself into going every other day or so. Wasting that gym membership needs to stop.

Also went back to the university campus for the first time in ... geez, a year or so? It's weird going back as a visitor. I think it'd be even weirder to go back to high school as a visitor, but you need to do all that stupid security (checking in with the front desk, etc.) to go onto high school campus. No thanks.

I got to see my cousin's design show while on campus, and it was nice to analyze his work and offer him compliments on a critique level. Our majors shared some visual design elements, so I enjoyed hearing him explain his typography and design formatting choices. It also gave me some affirmation that I still recall my major well enough to talk about it, which is ... well, comforting after being away from school for three years. (Geez, three years already.)

Hopefully going out to karaoke tomorrow night. Being stuck in my car on the freeway for an hour gave me a good excuse to belt out songs. ...Even if things like Simple Plan and Bowling for Soup aren't doing anything for my tone. Pfft.

On the RP front, tags have slowed down to a crawl while I've been doing other things offline. I really need to backthread some things, but my interest comes in small bursts lately. At least I have an idea of all the things I need to do with my characters.

Currently playing Disgaea Infinite, which I oddly enough found out about only yesterday (the day after it was released) while shopping for other things on Amazon. It's a nice change of pace from Record of Agarest War, which I've been taking a "forced" break from while my brother plays catch-up to me. (Record of Agarest War is super long and much more of a day-killer, just because of how long a single battle can take.) The time loop function of Disgaea Infinite was just getting to me when I finally made headway with the storyline, so I can safely say that I'm still enjoying it. And it's longer than I thought, which is a pleasant surprise.

...But that means I won't be able to finish it tonight. Which means I'll have to somehow force myself to turn it off. Dang.

edit: As suspected, I couldn't turn it off. Mild spoilers )

It's a lot of fan service, and I enjoy it greatly. The database and character profiles are neat, and it actually makes me a little interested in Disgaea 3.
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Thank you to everyone who offered their condolences. My older brother and I headed back to our parents' house last Tuesday evening to bury our guinea pig, then were back in our apartment by Wednesday evening since my brother started work on Thursday. I'm really grateful he drove me out at that time; I really needed the closure. Cindy was buried in the tulip patch, so hopefully the bulbs there will still grow despite being disturbed.

We've bought two new guinea pigs since then, both of which are male and not firmly named yet. The younger of the two, bought at the beginning of the week, is tentatively named Captain Ahab, since my older brother thought he looked like a pirate with one black leg and an eyepatch. The elder of the two was bought Thursday evening and was actually a cagemate to Ahab, but I was hesitant to get him at first because I wasn't sure the size of our cage was big enough for two guinea pigs. When my younger brother mentioned he was alone in the pet store now (the other guinea pig had also been bought), I caved and let him buy the other one. They're getting along for now, but I'll be keeping an eye out to see if they bite each other or anything.

My patience is still frayed from Cindy's death, and it's slow to return to normal with stress from work just getting worse. I keep saying it, but I really need a vacation -- and I should really mention it at my next one-on-one ... which has thankfully been rescheduled for tomorrow instead of Monday. The random template update requests today irritated and stressed the heck out of me, and then there's the added stress of knowing a new contractor needs to be onboarded and it'll likely be me doing the training. Ugh. Just ugh.

I need to do things on the RP front too. Luceti character relationship blurbs, informational posts, etc. I usually have fun doing those things, but work has me passing out before I ever get back to my personal laptop. Hopefully I'll be able to relax with the new event coming up.

...At least Minato has his sword now? I still need to finish that thread so I'm not wasting Leon's time. My castmates must think I'm full of fail with my slowness.

Currently playing Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride and Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. DQ5 has been interesting because of the conversational aspect, but my favorite thing so far is probably how it relates to DQ4 with the Zenithian legend. Very neat.

I still need to buy Ace Attorney Investigations and update my PSP to play Half-Minute Hero. Slowly but surely.
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So remember how I mentioned awhile back that I bought the three Mario & Luigi games? I received them today.

Superstar Saga was a demo version that you would have seen in game stores. It even has the NOT FOR RESALE sticker on it.

Partners in Time was obviously a knockoff, with off-color covers and a noticeable cut on the instruction manual.

Bowser's Inside Story looks slightly off, with a wrinkled back cover. Like a game that was rejected from in-store sale.


When my dad mentioned that a lot of the scammers and whatnot had been moving from eBay to Amazon, I didn't really believe him. I sure believe him now.

I've sent messages around and am in the process of looking for another copy of Superstar Saga. In the mean time, I'm gonna go back to RPG Maker VX. I've gotta convert my RPG Maker XP data manually.

...I used to mess around with RPG Maker 2000 and RPG Maker XP awhile back. I decided to play around with the game again when I noticed there was a new version out.

Meet Factival. The inspiration for the character should be obvious.

Lots of images under the cut )

In other news, went to the office yesterday for a team meeting. Got a contractor badge, so I can get into the building whenever I need to without my manager needing to buzz me in. The team meeting was the best part about work yesterday. When I got back home and started working (heh, how many people can say that?), I was flooded with e-mails about different projects and crap. Ugh. I've thankfully been able to finish the two immediate projects, and I can sleep in a little today.

And I'm sick, to boot! What a lovely week this is turning out to be.


Jan. 13th, 2010 09:28 pm
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Just bought the three Mario & Luigi games on a whim. It started as frustration over not being able to find a working Superstar Saga rom for hours last night, and then not being able to get past the level up screen... And now I've got Superstar Saga, Partners in Time, and Bowser's Inside Story coming in next week.

It's kinda dangerous, buying video games on a whim. :|;;

I finished a new drabble for my Silverberg storyline, but I'm not happy with how clunky the action writing is. I can do one-on-one fights, but multiple attackers versus one is awkward. I kinda just want it finished so I have the setting in place; I intend to use the Grasslands for at least three other drabbles, though I only have vague plot ideas right now. Gotta get Caesar and Hugo's reunion in there somehow.

Luceti rambling )

And I'll end with a meme I ganked. :|b

Reply to this post, and I'll tell you one reason why I like you. Then put this in your own journal, and spread the love.
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Crap, it's almost 4 AM. 8| That one project took way too long, even with changing the editing scope. It's a good thing that my sleeping schedule sucks! :)

Welcome to [livejournal.com profile] herrjustice, [livejournal.com profile] terra, [livejournal.com profile] whiteadelphi, [livejournal.com profile] manlidere, [livejournal.com profile] dynast_harmonia, [livejournal.com profile] ladynadiad, and [livejournal.com profile] marbles_chan from the Luceti friending meme! As you can see, my LJ is very open, so ... there's little benefit in being on my flist! But I appreciate you being here all the same.

Quick intro: I'm Athena, and I'm not my characters. I say this because I have this feeling that I'm somehow intimidating, and that may be because of my characters. I mostly talk about life, RP, video game fandom, and fanfiction.

I've been horrible with my RPing lately, and I totally blame the holidays. There have also been a ton of family events (birthdays, baptism, etc.) keeping me busy, so I haven't been feeling up to RP when I do get time to sit in front of the computer. And then there's work, which I already addressed in the first paragraph of this entry. I need to reply to my logs for Damned most of all, since those have been delayed since before Christmas. Then I need to get Minato positioned so he can pick up his Evoker from Abe before running into Souji.

... ...In other news, I've finished Dragon Quest IV! I've attempted to finish the game on the original NES and at least three times as an NES ROM, but I just kept running into issues -- losing the cartridge, hard drive failure, blah blah blah... It's always been the one Dragon Warrior/Quest game I felt compelled to finish; I think the chapters really made the difference for me. And Torneko Taloon's awesome. I need to finish the extra chapter, and then I can put the game to rest.

I'm in the process of waiting for more doujinshi. EMS shipping is always crazy, but I'm hoping to get everything by ... Tuesday. Yes, that would be nice. Four Suikoden III doujinshi and two Legendia anthologies.

Back to work. Let's see how much I can do before I need sleep.
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Things to do for work: EDD and master PDFs. Try to do that crap tonight.

Week-long shift delay at Damned. Hurraaah. This is time to do Oktoberfest, if I actually get up the motivation to do it. I've got an idea, but execution is wracking my brain.

Should make up a list of entry ideas for Luceti. I've got several things Leon needs to be working on, Walter needs to decorate unpack, and Albert... Yeah, I've got nothing past the Lucetiland event. :| ...Actually, scratch that. Got an idea for the season. (And holy crap, yesterday was his two-year anniversary ... thing.)

So, up until sometime two weeks ago, I was playing Demon's Souls for PS3. Pretty cool, but ungodly hard if you're impatient. It still baffles me that you're expected to run around these huge maps without save points. I stopped playing it because it was getting creepy and even harder for me, and pretty much gave up on the PS3 for week. Then, last week, my brother bought Uncharted. Freaking addictive game, and so much fun. I'll have to shell out some money to get Uncharted 2 whenever it's ... not sold out everywhere.

Job changed Shin and Lucifer last night. Shin'll be OBB hunting until rebirth, I think. Lucifer's gonna chill in the GH graveyard. Wonder if I can healbomb DL? ...Probably not.
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So I tried to write a few more relationship replies for that one Luceti meme. Then I tried to write an Oktoberfest story for Damned so I could get Minato his uniform. Wasn't feeling any of that, though.

So I wrote about Albert's mindset for Luceti. Long overdue considering just how enigmatic he is, but I'm also not going to detail everything about him ... because I don't like revealing everything about a character's motives. I think it can ruin interactions.

( The mindset of Albert Silverberg -- some scattered Suikoden spoilers )
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Gaaah, I hate these damn automatic updates on Vista. First it downloads the updates when I don't confirm the downloads, and then it restarts the damn computer when I'm asleep. I had been sitting on the fence about upgrading to Windows 7, but that ... that was the last straw. I lost all of those replies for the relationship meme. ~_~ *brb looking for checkbook*

Work has been hectic for the last week or so, and next week is gonna be equally bad because I have four projects to publish. And now I'm having trouble with FrameMaker files on SharePoint. Ugh. I've sent out an e-mail asking if others have the same issue, or however they get around it. This is why I prefer the internal content management system. That system has much better versioning control.

Hrm... Now I've forgotten why I made this entry in the first place. It had something to do with Kingdom Hearts 358/2, but ... uh. I've forgotten now. I know it had to be put under an LJ cut for spoilers, though.

...Oh. That's it.

358/2 Days -- Saix )
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So I got the new KH the day it came out. (Actually, my brother bought it for me because he owes me a lot of money.) I'm on day 150 or so now, just cleared a recon mission with Xaldin. (Hope that's not too much of a spoiler?)

It's pretty good for a mission-based game. I do get tired of returning to the Grey Area, but at least the Organization members change it up every few days. I'm amused that Demyx is notably different from how fandom has perceived him, and Xigbar throws out nicknames a lot. Still waiting to hear more on Luxord. His early comment about missing half the poker league just... I can imagine them sitting down and trying to play poker. Luxord would always play dealer just so he could say, "And the win goes to the house. Again."

Won't say anything about the main trio, except for the fact that Roxas is such a :|-faced derp. Hilarious.

I've been clearing Mission Mode by myself, and I'm noticing just how much harder it is without Organization backup. I don't want to tackle the later Agrabah missions by myself, since if there's one thing Demyx did right, it was spam potions whenever he was dying (and that happened a lot).

Edit: Demyx and his 'awesome' - cut for 'spoilers' for Casual Gear and Mystery Gear )
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I've been spending a lot of money so far this month. Fees for getting my driver's license, various expensive dinners and lunches in celebration (my brother also proposed to his girlfriend, so it's really been a busy weekend), buying Final Fantasy Dissidia...

Oh. And I bought my first car.


I'm stoked, even if I can't drive it by myself until I've got car insurance.

And Dissidia is both amusing and complicated. This will take some getting used to. :|;


Aug. 31st, 2009 12:31 am
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I'm disappointed in myself. Here I am, trying to have a relaxing weekend after ... a damn load of work that has been making my weekdays stressful, and I get surly at the idea of having to spend time away from the computer. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I'm obligated to do a lot of work on the computer, and then my brothers don't understand that my idea of relaxation also involves using the computer. So they pull me away to do other things.

As well-meaning as they are, it makes me wish I had a car. I need the freedom to not be pulled around by them every time they want to do something I don't consider fun.

The battle log went up for the Luceti intruders event, and I wanted to jump all over it ... or at least stalk it while it was going on. But I could never decide what I wanted to do with my characters, and I ended up missing the whole thing when my weekend got busy. I just ended up throwing in an ooc note after the fact, since the log's closed to new threads. Meh. At least I got a ton of stuff going on for the battle preparations?

I'm not entirely sure what I want out of Luceti right now. There's potential for Walter, but it's sorta reliant on a thread that's backlogged into eternity now--and now reactions would be off and very strange. So I don't know how to salvage that idea. Albert just went and departed for the twilight zone on me during the whole adrenaline-rush-and-crash of the event, so I'm debating what to do with him.

Edit because I need to gush: Caesar and Albert's interactions are so amusing. I'm really enjoying the awkward-but-somewhat-not-dysfunctional dynamic they've got going on. Their latest interaction, with Caesar's reaction straight out of the manga ending, was enough to make me smile. Made me wish I had an icon of Albert's back-turned goodbye wave.

Nightshift started at Damned, and I still haven't posted for Minato. I ... have a beginning post half-written up, and I'm quietly proud of my creativity with getting him a 'starting weapon' (broken plastic hanger, anyone?), but I don't have any solid plans for him yet. He needs to copy stuff off of the bulletin board, try and steal a CD player from the music room, look for the others... I need to stop being a chicken and PM Yukari or Junpei.

I need to see if I can get out of the campus appearance on Thursday; I really don't want to have an on-site meeting this week, with my needing to be in a different city on Friday. Hopefully my manager will be understanding and let me phone in.

Juggling several video games at the moment. Pixeljunk Monsters on PS3, Professor Layton and the Curious Village on DS, Tales of VS on PSP, and gonna try Titan Quest on the PC for my brother's sake. Hoping to finish Professor Layton soon so I can stop staying up late trying to figure out puzzles.
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Oh hell yeah. That was the most satisfying defense I've ever done in Travian. Never mind I had to dodge the final attack because my hero was reduced to 1% health, but that was still awesome. ^^

Been playing a lot of Dynasty Warriors lately, when I'm not over at my parents' house. Kinda want to play the PS2 Dynasty Warriors 6, if simply because I want to play Cao Pi in Musou Mode. I need to buy Dynasty Warriors 5 also. In the mean time, I need to finish the Wei campaign in Warriors Orochi 2 and level Zhang Liao on DW6. I hate how almost everyone looks in DW6. :\ Especially Liu Bei.

And I've been playing RO on a pserver. I like how I always create Albert, Shin, and Lucifer as my first three characters, even if I ... haven't touched Albert or Lucifer yet. I'm using my archers first even though I like magic users more.
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Daze of Zodiac Company. I am so clever.

No plot spoilers, but character names under the cut )

I want to see a Tablet of Promise already. I want to see where all of these people fall in the 108 Stars. I've already got a feeling with ... half of my allies thus far...


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