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The first is ... well, I talked about a Suikoden IV idea awhile ago. *shrugs* Just something about it.

Spoilers for Suikoden IV and Tactics )

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I am now playing Suikoden IV to find out more about Kooluk. Why? Because I liked Kooluk, for some reason.

And I once again remember my favorite aspect of Colton: his voice. It's so fitting for him.

And Troy, for all of his intensely dark-and-brooding look, is ... not. "Spineless" indeed.

Edit: *removes meme until she can do it again with comments*
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Apologies to anyone who'll be seeing this twice, since I posted it to a comm already.

On the day the presents are due. *laughs* Enjoy!

Title: Just A Little Bet
Series: Suikoden IV
Characters: Helmut, Hervey, & Sigurd
Warnings: Some bad language
Summary: (Suiko RPG Secret Santa gift for [livejournal.com profile] middletails) In which I try to make some sense as to why these three share a unite (other than the fact they're all hot ^^;).

Just A Little Bet )
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Typing from work again. I'm already disliking this hour-break between classes; I just want my classes over with so I can go HOME.

I've decided what one of my New Year resolutions is going to be: finish one of my epic fanfics. Which one? I don't want to specify. I have so many of the bloody things that it'll be a miracle in itself if I decide which one to finish. Maybe Star of Destiny. Maybe Tabularasa. Hell, maybe Journeymen's Survival (HAHAHAHAHA!!). I dunno. Maybe it'll even be something totally new. I just know I want to (and will, dammit) finish one of them this year.

My Albert muse is already hitting me with more plot ideas. He's a masochistic bastard, I swear.

... And I had the most deranged image in my head as I was walking down here from the law building -- Edgar (Suiko IV) screaming, a la Luffy, "I'm going to be the King of the Pirates!!"

Yeah, I'm SO not picking up Edgar for Suiko RPG. >_>
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It's a very interesting (and hilarious) game. I love the feature where all the characters have their own daily routines. And the fact that you can recruit 170-something characters (all of whom seem to have more personality than most of the Suikoden IV cast) is awesome. I've recruited mainly human characters, since I really don't like going out of my way to recruit the elves and other creatures.

I'm amused by the little easter eggs that've been thrown into the game...

-- Vareth Magic Institute is named after Lezard Valeth (Valkyrie Profile).

-- ... Genius Weissheit is Lezard. Or some strange cousin of him. All he's missing is the disturbing fascination in necromancy and unhealthy obsession with Valkyrie.

-- The Tria Region is named after the Expellian god Tria from Star Ocean, which was named after tri-Ace. *nods*

-- One of Ganz's outfits is Claude Kenni's Star Ocean 2 outfit, right down to the red bandana.

Those are the only ones I can recall off the top of my head. It's a good game with lots of things to do. Only thing I don't like is the lack of places to save.

In other news, Jiji (the baby cockatiel) flew off this morning when Alyssa was carrying her outside. I was really worried because she still doesn't know how to land well or eat for herself, but she came back an hour later. She was understandably tired and hungry. Carni also got out of the aviary, and she hasn't come back. I'm hoping she's okay and that she'll be back tomorrow; the longer she's out, the more likely it is she'll get killed by an owl or hawk.

Edit: Suikoden IV question for anyone -- is there a name for Ramada's pet serpent-bird? Does its species have any sort of name?
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Finally finished Suikoden IV. Thoughts are under the cut.

Spoilers )

Unsurprisingly, certain aspects of the game have left me with ideas. I see absolutely no pairings in this game, though. It's ... very weird.

Quote of the moment
"I am Kim. Of 2 homes of 7 Moms." -- Castle of Shikigami II
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We had another visit from a hawk today. =\ It looked like it was a bigger one this time, and I was the first one to see it. Ironically, I was in the exact same place when I saw it. The birds scattered and freaked out together, but they're all safe and accounted for. Today was the first time the lovebirds got to fly in the aviary, too. Poor little guys, getting scared by that nasty hawk.

Peach and Pear (the lovebirds) are aggressive towards the budgies. Duke, always the curious one, kept flying over to the two and hopped around them. Peach eventually calmed down a little, but Duke's too friendly and always get nipped at because he's trying to groom her. And Pear, the wilder of the lovebirds, kept incensing Jack (the male cockatiel). Jack kept charging out of the nest box (he usually feeds and lays on the chicks in the afternoons) to make sure Pear stayed away.

In other news... Yesterday, my dad took in one of the cockatiel chicks and fed it. It had only a few feathers and looked very ... alien, but it was healthy and hissing because it was scared. It sounded oddly like a power drill when it was hissing.

And I'm finally playing Suikoden IV again. I'm once again disappointed by the magic effects in the game, and the cutscenes are just so ... choppy. I swear, I listen to maybe two sentences in one cutscene, have a short loading time, and then hear another part of the conversation. And the hero seriously needed to talk in this game. You have so many unnecessary choices to make in the game that could've just been smoothed into longer cutscenes. Like the speech in Razril. I'm just thinking, "... Was that necessary?"


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