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Finished the game. The most disappointing thing is that I have no desire to go back and get all the final weapons and swimsuits anymore. ... Maybe I'll get Jr.'s, since I'm close to finishing that level of HaKox. Eventually. I need to rest my brain.

As a whole, I have an empty feeling in my gut now with that ending. Not to say that the ending's bad or anything... But I'm sure I'm not the only one to share the sentiment.

Just a little more about the ending )

And that's all I have to say there.
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I keep telling myself ... as soon as I finish Xenosaga III, I'll go back to having a life. Or, well, whatever but of a life I have while waiting for school to start up again. I just finished chapter 8, and all I can say is "Gaaaaaaaaaah!!! T___T" to the entire conclusion there. Just when you think you understand the characters, they throw curve balls left and right.

Further spoilers for chapter 8 of Xenosaga III )

I've got the characters' levels into the early 50s and clocked in 37 hours so far. I've unlocked all but five of the Segment doors and gotten three final weapons so far... chaos is the farthest along with the second skill line; he's just started the final four ethers.

Besides the gaming, went over and put down the money for an instruction permit to drive. I didn't take the written test because I didn't know I had to just to get the permit, but I'm hoping to get that out of the way before school starts. Shouldn't be too hard if I sit down and read over the weekend. If I learn to drive before Christmas, I'll be happy. My parents probably won't be, but I will. *shrugs*

Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] pansiest_bishop, my little brother likes your Rise songs. I guess I shouldn't be so surprised, since he liked Blackmore's Night.
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Beginning of Disc 2 )
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Loving every frickin' minute of it. Testaments! Shiny Episode I voice actors! A coherent status menu! DATABASE DATABASE DATABASE!!

Spoiler question in middle of Chapter ... 5, I think. Voyager fight, specifically. )
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Bought Disgaea 2 today while coming home from the apartment. Time to call out a prinny parade, whoo! Got the only unreserved copy over at the GameStop, so that's just pure luck right there.

Am also waiting on Xenosaga III; will be playing that soon, if I can help it. I've spoiled bits of it already for myself, buuuut ... well, there's still a lot of intricacies I haven't spoiled for myself yet. Yay for Shion and KOS-MOS' VAs, though.

Geez, and I just started replaying FF10 and Harvest Moon (SNES) before I realized those two had come out. I totally forgot it was almost September... Sheesh.


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