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First off, I got the internship offer. Only took nine weeks. Yeow. I just need stuff in writing. I'm giddy at the idea that I'll be getting security cards, an ID badge, and all that swanky big corporation stuff. >_> Thank you to everyone that's wished me luck or congratulated me in some way. ^^

We're not moving out of the apartment. Well, as a family, we decided on that. I need to talk to management on Tuesday to see if we can extend our lease a few months while my internship is in effect. If I get a full-time position, I'll probably end up moving in September.

We went to dim sum and then bouldering (read: rock climbing without needing equipment) today. It took the entire day, but I guess I had fun. I'm pretty sure my upper torso (arms especially) is going to hurt like hell tomorrow. I couldn't even do things that required clenching my hands, like opening bottles or boxes. If I was more fit, I think I'd like climbing, though.

I'm gonna be going home between the end of class and graduation. I need to learn how to drive. Sigh.

Kingdom Hearts has eaten my brain. I've been slowly building the foundations of another fanfic (another epic, natch) with a big old AU stamp on it. I've written enough of it to come to the conclusion that I suck at writing Axel. Lovely.

Speaking of KH fanfics, there's also inspiration for Zexion vs. Albert Silverberg. Oh dear, oh dear.

And here's me writing straight to this entry with a time limit of ten minutes )


May. 24th, 2007 02:26 pm
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I got my 30-min presentation on PHP done today. T__T I kept 20/35-min. napping throughout last night because I was finishing my slides up until the minute I left to walk to class. So I winged the entire presentation. There was discussion. And me nitpicking my slides. And a lot of questions.

And the instructor said I did a great job.

T____T <--- Tears of JOY

I ended up being the only one going that day because the two last presenters had issues; one got into an accident on Tuesday (and is on crutches now, ow) and the other still has technical stuff to work out for the MySQL/PHP setup.

So class got out early, and I sat in the lab with Rose, Jen, and Mark. It was really nice to relax. Then 403 was just course evaluations and discussing our papers due next week, so ... yeah, I had fun telling the department newbies about interviews, classes, and other fun things. From there, we went to Agua Verde near the waterfront, and I just got home from there.

I've still got a lot of work to do; editing for posTComm, the Flickr documentation, the VW campaign for 412, and papers for 403 and 438... But you know what? I'm going to kick back and catch up on sleep and video games for now. x__x Yessss...

And I'm supposed to hear back about the job today. If I don't, I'll be annoyed.


May. 9th, 2007 01:32 pm
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I feel so stressed right now. I've got articles to write and presentations to prepare and projects to help out with and stupid help procedures to edit and a friggin' research group to manage... ARGH.

But the good news...
-- I've bought my graduation ring and announcements.
-- I've been invited to a grad party. Will go for dinner, not for the drinking binge after.
-- I can still do the senior portfolio over the summer.
-- I've been asked for a second on-site interview with T-Mobile.

That last one alone is enough to make me jump and dance with glee. But I won't. Hopefully.
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Thanks again for the support on the job search and everything, guys. It was nerve-wracking and pretty terrible (on my part), but it's over with. Whew.

The interview basically took the entire day, with getting ready to leave, driving, arriving and preparing my clothes, taking the actual interview, winding down, then going to dinner and going home. I feel bad for my brother; he had to stress out along with me.

In other news... ... ... Looks like I'm not gonna be able to finish Clive's sidequest. That's all right--I'd prefer enjoying the rest of the game and taking in the mini-games and such now.

Nothing else that jumps out at me. Hmm.


Mar. 21st, 2007 03:01 am
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Second interview today. Antsy. Feel [very] unprepared.

If I get this, great. If I don't, chalk it up as a good experience.

Is it bad that I'm mostly excited by the prospect of money? And dropping a class to make room for an internship? Heh.
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I've got my first phone interview ever tomorrow. For editing and desktop publishing with T-Mobile headquarters. I'm so antsy and ecstatic (my resume isn't complete crap!) that I don't know what to do with myself. I keep flailing randomly because it's so exciting...



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