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Mr. Nightroad, you are not allowed to come out and play. I don't have the time or energy to do the proper research it would take to play you, or the icons to put in a journal for you. Akihiko, same goes for you. Except I actually have icons. Blah.

Still digging through my doujinshi to see if there are any pictures I want to use for Albert's account. 雷の音 [Sound of the Chariot] has some 17-year-old!Albert pictures, including this one where he shrieks at Yuber for slaughtering a guy out in the middle of the street. :|;; Way to be subtle and all that.

I'll probably end up going through the manga and rescanning as many images as I have the patience to do. I'm realizing the scanning process on my current laptop is different from my previous one, so half the pictures have a different ... quality from the others.

FRWL: Time traveler!Albert based on The Time Traveler's Wife? That would be bizarre. Abel would probably fit FRWL well, but I'm not playing him. I need to strike a balance with Albert so he's not boring for me to play, but not "SUPER SPECIAL." This is why Chrno Crusade-ish!Albert will never go anywhere. Ever.

Things to do:
-- Fill out the relationships lists for Albert (Raine, Genis, Sheena, Ted, Luc, Sasarai, Nina, Yuri Lowell, Vyse, Yuan, Lloyd, Estelle, Usagi, Cloud, Sigmund, Taichi?, Roxas, Atoli, Jacob, etc...) and Walter (Leon, Ruto, Haruki, Stella, Shirley, Senel, Norma, Musette, Guy, Aegis, Eiko, Calypso)
-- Dig up their past ooc meme responses and post them in either my RP musebox thing or on their journals
-- Update Albert's abduction details with his fourth abduction (I am so hilariously happy that the self-plotting of the Malnosso's interest in the Pale Gate Rune worked so well with the developing plot. Of course they could show interest in a rune that opens gates to other worlds.)
-- Post with Walter? (probably delay until his birthday)
-- Threads with Ruto, Luc, and Haruki
-- More RP essays for the musebox ("state of the headspace," missed opportunity w/ Luceti!Albert and Cyril?, the evolution of Rune the fairy/elf owl)

I like how I'm making all these RP tasks for myself when I'm going to have a fairly busy two weeks. I'm taking on content management duties for my manager and being her main POC while she's out, keeping track of the hour tracking system we've just been introduced to, and doing my own work on top of that. Fuuun.

And I FINALLY found the song that I had been using for The Edge of Sanity years ago... Bard Dance by Enya. Hurrah!
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From July 2008. Wow, took me ages to put this up, huh?


Before meeting Chloe, Walter had thought the knights of Gadoria were all but a lost cause. With the monarchy and the central government in Baltoga scattered, and almost all of the military bases decimated by the relentless assault of the Nerifes Cannon, Gadorian forces faced the decision of certain death versus absorption into Crusand's ranks.

Several Gadorian knights, known for their sense of honor, chose death over being forced to join arms against their former allies.

He found it easiest not to talk to Chloe about her past. The girl had already lost her country, as well as countless friends and family members; it was hardly a polite topic to breach with a new acquaintance.

Norma, on the other hand, found no problem in asking about anything and everything. It made evenings very awkward for everyone.

So it really came as no surprise that, when the opportunity to avoid another uncomfortable evening arrived, Walter and Chloe leapt at the chance.

"A ruin, huh? I knew I was traveling with you guys for a reason!"

Walter gave his friend an unimpressed look, joining Chloe at the ledge to point out the odd pillars that were almost completely hidden by leafy trees.

"What a weird place for any sort of building," Norma commented, hopping right past her two traveling companions to land on a lower ridge. "Kinda looks out of place." She stood there with her arms akimbo, tilting her head this way and that as she contemplated their next action.

Chloe was the next to descend, securing her scabbard at her side as she stepped over the edge. "We're well over a day's way from the closest road, and there's no signs of trailblazing, old or new, down this slope. I doubt the ruin is Gadorian."

"Could be from the Kingdom of Terises era." Norma continued down the slope, skidding short distances between ledges as she went along.

Walter was right behind the two girls, grimacing as clouds of dust were kicked into his face along the way. He spoke with a slight rasp as his damaged lungs dealt with the dust. "You think everything is from that era. There aren't any rivers or lakes nearby."

"Rivers, maybe not. Lakes? Possibly. How about ponds?" There was a singsong lilt to the brunette's question as she headed towards the treeline.

Walter muttered something under his breath, rolling his eyes. "Radiants didn't live in ponds."

"I have scientific proof that Shining Ones were like giant amphibians!" It was like an inside joke between the two, with only Norma fueling the fire. "Someday, we'll find a giant lillypad in one of these ruins!"

"No, we won't." The best way to derail Norma's thought process was by stopping it in its tracks. And since Walter couldn't very well push her off the slope... "Rexalian?"

"The Holy Rexalian Empire doesn't use pillars in its architecture," Chloe interjected, shaking her head and briefly dusting at her belt as she reached level ground. "But ... maybe they aren't pillars? This area did belong to the empire until about a century ago."

"The sooner we get there, the sooner we can find out!" The youngest of the trio pumped her fist in the air, her bubble wand raised like some sort of lethal weapon. "Let's go, let's go!"

As Norma charged into the forest blindly, Chloe glanced over at her more exasperated companion. It was obvious that this was a fairly common occurrence. "You're a very dedicated apprentice, Delss."

Walter knew it was supposed to be a compliment, but it did little to soothe the beginnings of a headache.
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Five new doujinshi today: the Tales of Legendia MAG Garden anthology, two Persona 3 doujinshi, a Tales of Destiny one, and a Suikoden II one that I think is Tir/Luc.

I've got another batch of Suikoden III doujinshi coming in from Celga; should be in around Tuesday. Two parody Destroyers books, Akage Saishou #1 (read: more Albert), and ... something else. I can't remember for the life of me. Whoops. It'll be a surprise, I guess. :|;

In the mean time, some scans from the Tales of Legendia anthology:
Senel the baker
The infamous boat race
Jay and Quppo share a familiar moment 1
Jay and Quppo share a familiar moment 2
Senel earns the title Unreliable Brother 1
Senel earns the title Unreliable Brother 2

In other news, more lsdkjfsldfs Travian crap. Hopefully I can get through all of it.
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I can't find my notebook with my full version of this drabble. ARGH. I really wanted to write everything down, right this second, but I don't remember how this started.

Walter and Chloe had a silent understanding. They didn't talk about their pasts.

Unfortunately, this understanding did not extend to Norma. With her two traveling companions doing their best impressions of brick walls in front of the camp fire, Norma was left filling the silence with whatever she could think of.

Questions. Random questions. Invasive questions. Questions, questions, questions.
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[livejournal.com profile] shokora_kukki: Haha, this scene.
[livejournal.com profile] shokora_kukki: Merines: I have heard the sea.
Maurits: Yes, Merines.
Merines: I have remembered my duty.
Maurtis: Yes, Merines.
[livejournal.com profile] shokora_kukki: It just made me think of Curtis and Isabella.
[livejournal.com profile] daathic: ...
[livejournal.com profile] daathic: Merines: *breaks into song*
[livejournal.com profile] daathic: Maurits: *dances*
[livejournal.com profile] shokora_kukki: TH-THE MENTAL IMAGE
[livejournal.com profile] daathic: XDDDD;;;
[livejournal.com profile] shokora_kukki: Merines: Hey, you Orerines causing trouble, don't you know the rules of the sea~?
[livejournal.com profile] daathic:
Maurits: Nerifes' will is supreme!
Walter: You're all going to die!
[livejournal.com profile] shokora_kukki: Merines: Exactly, boys! Just what they said! We have to obey Nerifes' will, you dig?
[livejournal.com profile] daathic: /dying a little inside XDDD;
[livejournal.com profile] daathic: Maurits: What if you don't listen?
[livejournal.com profile] shokora_kukki: Merines: Oh, no!
[livejournal.com profile] shokora_kukki: /d-dying too
[livejournal.com profile] daathic: Walter: What if you disobey? (That better not happen...)
[livejournal.com profile] shokora_kukki: Merines: Brrrrrr!
[livejournal.com profile] daathic: Maurits & Walter: What'll happen? What'll happen? What'll happen? What'll happen?!
[livejournal.com profile] shokora_kukki: Merines: Those who are ignorant will get to feel, the iron will of Nerifes and hear its crushing waves~
[livejournal.com profile] daathic: Random Ferines woman: Yes! Our savior has come at last!
[livejournal.com profile] shokora_kukki: Merines: If there're Orerines, we'll drown them! If there're Oresoren, we'll squash them! Oh, yeah! That's... our... gig!
[livejournal.com profile] daathic: All Ferines around: Goooo Nerifes!
[livejournal.com profile] shokora_kukki: Pffft XD
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“Everyone, we will resume the tour in half an hour. Please be sure to refill your canteens in the nearby stream; we will be walking up to the top of the shrine for the second half of our tour.”

Walter sourly picked at his sandwich, only biting into it after Norma prodded him with her bubble straw. “Don’t look so glum, Wally; we’ll find some loaded ruins sooner or later!”

“I’m not glum.

“Well, you’re looking more sourpussy than usual.” Norma gave her apprentice another poke, tilting her head. She had been roaming around the area the tourists were eating their lunches in, looking for possible secret passages. “Something wrong?”

With a sigh, Walter waved his sandwich in Norma’s face. “There were spider webs all over my food. How the hell did that happen?”

The brunette shrugged, briefly crossing her eyes to look at the offending food item. “Maybe a spider climbed into your pack? Or maybe-- maybe you picked up an egg sac somewhere! Did you check for baby spiders?”

There was a long silence between the two. A twitching eyebrow. An expression slowly shifting from grumpiness to surprise to…

“That’s gross. Where do you come up with these things?” the young man asked in his raspy voice, exasperated.

“Hey, you’re the one eating that thing still, Wally. But no worries! We can follow some of these tourists back to the closest village, and then you can eat something not covered with spider eggs!”

This time, Walter didn’t bother saying anything. With an unreadable expression, he wrapped his sandwich up and shoved it back into his pack. Norma gave him a querulous stare as he stood up and dusted off his pants.

“We’re leaving.”

“Wait, what?”

“We’re leaving.”

“Aww, Wally! Don’t be--”

“We’re leaving. Now.

Norma continued to protest even as Walter, coughing the entire way, marched back towards the forest.
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A reposting of what I put on todrooc months ago -- May 9, 2008, to be exact. It made sense to put it on my LJ before I lost track of it. This was actually the first of the AU ficlets to be written.

Tales of Legendia AU - Orange Gels )
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So much for going to sleep at a decent time. I hate that nagging feeling of "Must finish writing this thing," especially when there's no good reason to heed it. Whatever. I'm going to hate myself in the morning anyway. Ugh.

Title: Rediscovery
Fandom: Tales of Legendia
Characters: Madame Musette, Walter
Summary: "She believed that Nerifes brought him to her. She did not know why, and she was hardly in the position to question."
Notes: Definitely not a finished idea. Title could change. ...Lots of things could change with this. I could just trash the idea; I'm not even sure I should be writing this.

Rediscovery, part 1 )
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Title: 1,651
Fandom: Tales of Legendia
Characters: Maurits Welnes
Summary: One thousand, six hundred, and fifty-one. The first and the last are the most important.
Notes: Sad fic. This one's for you, [livejournal.com profile] tardious.

1,651 )
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“What the hell is that thing?!”

It was worth the pain in his throat, just to voice his horror over the monster they had unwittingly woken up. It was big, had a reptilian maw as wide as Walter’s head, wore something that may have once resembled leather armor, and wielded a rusted-over sword and shield.

It was some sort of skeletal lizardman.


A stone spire erupted from the ground, ramming right into the skeletal creature and sending it into the air. Walter backed away, hearing Norma shuffling even faster behind him as the lizardman-- landed?

A skeleton with a sense of balance. Great.

“Wally, stop daydreaming!”

The warning was unnecessary, but Walter was not able to say as much with a sword suddenly baring down on him. His fingertips glowed fiercely, and he caught the monster’s hand and tried to disarm it. His efforts were hampered by Norma’s numerous Fire Walls giving out, plunging the room into darkness.

Norma!” Walter couldn’t afford to waste his breath, but losing sight of the lizardman could very well mean losing his head next.

“Fire Wall!”

The Ferines cursed inwardly as fire flared up before his eyes, shielding his face and hurrying away from the erected spell that Norma had thrown between him and the monster. He rasped for breath, coughing onto the back of his hand noisily. “Did that-- Did that work?”

For a full moment, there was nothing except their breathing and the crackle of magical fire.

And then the lizardman marched through the spell.

On fire.

“Er… Guess it didn’t,” Norma managed. It was obvious by her tone that she was just a little flabbergasted about what to do next. When in doubt… “Go go go, Wally!”

“It’s on fire,” Walter protested in a half-strained whisper, backing away from the undead creature and turning enough to glare at Norma. “This is your fault; you do something!”

“Hey, who is the master around here? You’ve gotta do what I-- eeeaah!” Norma stopped as she felt something displace the air behind her, spinning around to see another bone lizardman. She had barely missed the club that had been aimed to strike her across the back. “Where the heck did you come from?!”

“Less talking, more--” A cough strangled out the last part of Walter’s sentence, and he hissed as he instead focused on a spell. “Aqua Edge!”

A disc of water spun into existence, smacking into the lizardman directly in front of the blond and dousing a good portion of the fire. Ignoring Norma’s plight in favor of his, Walter lunged at the lizardman and sent them both flying into the pillars of magic fire.

“Stupid, stupid…” Norma muttered repeatedly, risking a glance over to where her companion had disappeared. She danced out of the way as the undead lizardman swung its sword at her, one hand glowing as she pulled together another Grave eres.

And another. And another.

And then a Fire Wall, since the last one was beginning to die out.

“Hah! Take that! Try to keep me from whatever you’re hiding and you’ll get smashed!”

The lizardman skeleton clearly wasn’t meant to take so much abuse; the third Grave eres had shattered its torso and decimated its legs, sparing the treasure hunter further grief as she cheered herself over the victory. Looking away from the magical fire, Norma listened for any sounds from Walter before moving around at all. Familiar, unsteady rasping could be heard just beyond the light of the Fire Wall.

Throwing out another Fire Wall to help her see around, Norma marched over to where the boy was catching his breath on the floor. She leaned over, giving him a smile and patting his turbaned head. “Good job, Wally; you're the best apprentice I've ever had! C’mon! Let’s take a look around now.”

Walter could only glare weakly after Norma as she headed off to the hole she had blown into the far wall earlier. Wiping at his mouth distractedly, he muttered under his breath as he followed after his enthusiastic ‘master.’

“I hate treasure hunting.”
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Title: Gone
Fandom: Tales of Legendia
Characters: The Quiet and Raging Nerifes
Summary: Four thousand years have passed since the Quiet Nerifes aided the Orerines in defeating the Raging Nerifes.
Notes: Um. Not a happy story. Be warned?

Gone )
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Guess who just stayed up working on Walter's profile?

Clearly, I am absolutely insane for being up at this hour. I even have work tomorrow today. Whoops!

Oh well. My sleeping habits have been messed up since I got sick two weeks ago, anyway. I'll fall back into some semblance of normalcy now that I'm working again. Speaking of work, my old coworkers were really happy to see me when I came in today. I even got hugs from my senior manager and another teammate. Haha, even the director of the department stopped to talk to me. It was really cool. It didn't even feel like I'd been gone for a month.

Sucks that they're not looking to hire another technical editor. I think I'd really love to work there, after being there for a year before. Maybe next year? Hopefully.

Finished another Legendia AU drabble. Whoo hoo!

Tales of Legendia AU - The First Night )

And welcome to my LJ, ToDR peeps. ♥ I rarely make f-locked posts, so ... this is all a formality. But great to have you here!
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I like what they've done with the DS remake. The bosses are fairly difficult, but I still haven't had to level grind, really. I've only been fighting around Agart to get ready for the Tower of Zot, since I remember Zot and Babel being huge headaches in the SNES version. I wouldn't mind at all if they remade FF6 with this graphics engine.

Playing the game's making me remember why I liked Edward and Tellah as much as I did when I was ... what, 15 years younger? (Good grief, FF4 in 1992. Wow.) I'm tempted to write something with Walter and Tellah about "that special place in hell you go to when you throw your life away."

...Man, it's tempting. The idea of Walter trying to take on a mindflayer cracks me up.
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Title: What You Fight For
Fandom: Tales of Legendia
Characters: Walter (mentioning of Senel and Shirley)
Summary: "The Merines he believes in doesn’t exist."
Notes: The boldfaced-italicized text is inspired by Walter's conversations with Musette at ToDR. The setting is canon, though. His final moments. So much delusional angst.

What You Fight For // His hand won’t reach her. Can’t reach her. She isn’t really there. )
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Title: Before the Battle
Fandom: Tales of Legendia
Characters: Walter and Fenimore
Summary: Just a little tense talking amongst battle preparations.
Notes: Not related to the AU stories. It's just an attempt to write something within the canon storyline.

Before the Battle )
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“I hate treasure hunting.”

“Aww, Wally, you haven’t even given it a chance yet.”

“We’re hovering in what seems to be an underground cavern after you tripped some sort of trap.” Never mind the fact that they wouldn’t even be hovering if Walter didn’t happen to have the ability to fly.

“…What’s your point?”

Walter just stifled a cough and turned it into a sigh, his descent into the darkness slow as he continued holding on to Norma’s arms. “I can’t see anything.”

“Maybe we should’ve brought those torches after all.”

“Stop squirming. You’re making it hard to hold you.”

“Hey, you try being in my position and holding still. Let go of my hand for a sec, Wally.”

“Are you cra-- Norma, stop it--”

Walter winced as the glowing of Norma’s fingernails stung his eyes, and he loosened his grip enough for the girl to haphazardly swing from one of his arms. His arm ached immediately, and he feared careening straight into a cavern wall he couldn’t see even as he heard Norma’s voice again.

“Fire Wall!”

Magical fire erupted from the ground—the ground that was surprisingly close, now that Walter could see it. There were no distinct noises from the darkness, meaning there were at least no monsters in the vicinity. …If monsters could have survived down wherever they were, at least.

Norma let out a pleased little sound as Walter released her hand, shaking her arms kick-start her circulation and securing her bubble straw to her belt; she had grabbed it to cast the crystal eres earlier, and she hummed cheerily as she approached the burning pillars of fire.

“Okay, death trap averted! Hmm… What’s next?”

“Can we leave yet?”

“No way! The adventure’s just begun!” Norma looked over her shoulder at her reluctant apprentice, grinning. “Let’s just throw a few more eres around and light this place up!”

“…And what if we burn this entire place down?”

Norma stomped her foot a few times, and at first Walter couldn’t help but think she was throwing a tantrum. But then, “We’re standing on stone, Wally. It’ll be fine! Let those fire eres rip!”

Walter mumbled something and coughed, turning away from the dying Fire Wall to concentrate on his crystal eres. “KenOres!”

He released the Land Burner eres with a wave of his hand, the burst of flame running across the ground and illuminating anything nearby as it went. The fire immediately went out when it struck a wall, and with the Fire Wall gone, the cavern fell back into darkness.

“There’s a wall over that way,” Walter reported unhelpfully.

Geez, are you gonna make me do all the hard work?” Norma snorted in the darkness, tapping her foot as she considered her next plan of action. “You owe me gald for an orange gel later.”

“I thought that’s why we were here?”

“Nuh uh. That gald’s coming out of your apprentice pay, buster!”

“I get paid?”

“Not after this hunt, you don’t!”

While Walter tried to digest this information in his disbelieving stupor, Norma set out casting several Fire Walls to light up the area. The cavern—or room, as it really looked to be now—was higher than it was wide, and even then it looked like the distance would not have killed a person.

Just, you know, break many important bones in a person’s body.

“You see an exit anywhere?”

“Other than the one in the ceiling? No.”


“I’m surprised you’re not suggesting we blow a hole through something.”

“…Genius, Wally! Master’s taught you so well!”

The blond twitched as he watched Norma’s fingernails flare with magic again. Just a little.
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Sorry to everyone who asked questions in my last entry; since my internet time's been so sparse, I find my replying habits to be completely shot. Argh.

I'm in Iloilo City now, in a hotel called the Sarabia Manor. It's the closest to an American hotel that I've been in since arriving in the Philippines, but still very ... sparse. The lobby seems to be the nicest place -- which is where the WiFi is, so I'm downstairs and using it right now.

It rains in the Philippines a lot more than I thought it did. Or maybe we're just visiting at the wrong time. But it's been nice (and terribly humid, to a Pacific Northwest-born Filipino), even if it's hard to enjoy when my sister and I are just getting dragged around by our parents. Oh, and Leo, we were in Conception because we had relatives in Agnaga over there. We also went through my mom's hometown of Sara.

Sitting in a van, driving around an island from Caticlan to Agnaga to Iloilo City for nine hours, has led to some weeeeird ideas. I blame listening to Digimon music for several hours.

Cut for Legendia Digimon AU idea weirdness )
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Your name is…


Black wings. That’s … a little ominous, wouldn’t you think?

No one wanted to call me the wings of death. But secretly, they did. The wings that would clear the way. The killing wings.

What a heavy burden…

It isn’t. No. Not anymore.

What do you mean?

I’m dead.

No, you aren’t.

…I’m not?

No… No, you aren’t.

Then … what is this?

It might be a dream.

I don’t talk to myself in my dreams.

Silly… You aren’t. You’re talking to me.

You? Who are you?

My name is Fennes.

The one who prays. The wishing one.

I think I’ve heard … the dreaming one, too.

Are you dreaming?

Are you?

…You said I was, didn’t you?

I didn’t. You might be.

I don’t understand.

I know I’m not awake. You’re the first I’ve talked to in a long, long time.

So … we are dreaming.

We might be. …But that’s not important.

It isn’t?

You’re … going to be leaving soon.

Am I dying?

You’re going to leave me soon. It’s safer that way.

What about you, Fennes?

I’m still asleep.

How do I … wake you up?

Let me help you.

You can barely help yourself now. …Grow stronger.


I’ll be waiting for you to come back. Stronger. And then … maybe you can help me.

All right.

…You’re the last Ferines on the Legacy. Please escape, and someday, come back for me.

I will. I will.

It’s time to wake up.
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Stop trying to get up again.

Senel repeated the mantra over and over as he knocked the Ferines to the ground, avoiding a boot to the fact as he grabbed hold of one leg and swung him. His hair stood on end as he felt the far effects of a lightning eres striking the royal automaton, but he had to ignore the sensation as Walter came rushing at him again.

Damn it, I don’t have time for this!

“I have to see Shirley!” The young man didn’t realize he had said anything aloud until he saw Walter’s jaw clench tightly—then he was forced to dodge an incoming flurry of punches.

“You’ll never touch the Merines again, you filth!

The rampant hatred that Walter displayed was nothing new; Senel had been on the receiving end of these punches more than once. Only now, he was on much better grounds to fight the Ferines, the blessings of the two Nerifes clashing as iron and crystal eres clashed against each other.

How the hell is he controlling that automaton and fighting at the same time?

The automata were controlled by the crystal they had taken from the Man-Eating Ruins, and this one—large as it was—couldn’t have been much different in that respect. But Walter didn’t seem to have the crystal this time, so…

Senel managed to knock the other eren down with a Beast eres, grabbing Walter’s leg to throw him a good distance away. Actually, the blond didn’t look very good; he must not have recovered from the other beating he had taken earlier.

There was a curse-elemental eres from Norma, followed closely by another from Grune. Walter seemed to writhe even as he tried to stand up again, and Senel briefly hesitated before slamming the other back down with a Beast Impact.

Does he … have his teriques on that thing?

He didn’t know much about the Ferines’ teriques; he had barely seen the ones that Shirley and Stella could produce, and the only others were unfortunately seen in combat. But he had seen the black wings that were Walter’s teriques enough to recognize them—and he didn’t see anything like that on the automaton.

Inside it, then?

Senel stomped down his foot as Walter tried to sweep kick, stopping the kick before he could lose his balance. A punch downward was barely avoided by the blond, and Senel found himself dashing forward to try and stop him before he got back to his feet. Unlike their last battle, Senel found himself with the speed advantage, and a spin kick sent his opponent reeling backwards again.

Stop trying to get up.

If he could take care of Walter here, the automaton would stop working. Chloe, Moses, and Jay weren’t doing much damage against it, and they could barely provide cover for Grune, Norma, and Will in this situation.

Distracted by his inner thoughts, Senel barely managed to recognize the flare of a flame eres before a Flame Blade sparked around him. He dove out of the way, spinning around to see the other fighter climbing to his feet.

Senel hissed as launched into a flurry of punches, managing to slam one fist into Walter’s face to make him stagger. The Ferines man wasn’t even attacking anymore, barely able to stay standing under the barrage—and soon, simply failing to do that.

Stay down, damn it!

And amazingly, this time, he did.

In the distance, the royal automaton tipped over—much to the others’ delight, going by Norma’s loud cheering. Senel panted, slowly nearing the fallen man and nudging him with his foot.

There was a twitch, but that was it.

“Is he alive, Coolidge?” Chloe rubbed sweat from her face as she approached, looking down at him.

“…Yeah.” Senel looked uncertain about what to do about the situation; he was far too used to Walter getting up and running away. If he wasn’t even saying anything anymore… “Barely.”

“We can’t stand around, Senel.” Always the voice of reason, Will was quickly approaching to collect the two iron erens. “Let’s go.”

Senel spared another terse glance down at the unconscious blond. Trying to protect Shirley, huh? “Yeah. Let’s finish this.”

You’re a fool, Walter. You don’t even know what you’re protecting her from.
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"I told you there'd be treasure!" Norma practically sang as the stone wall slammed shut behind them.

"I don't see anything," Walter said mildly, frowning back at the door before forward. The way ahead was pitch black, and it was only the cracks in the wall behind them that provided the passageway any light at all.

"There's a secret passage, Wally -- that means there's treasure!"

Walter leveled an unimpressed look at his shorter traveling companion, who promptly ignored him in favor of taking a few steps forward. She had called upon her eres a little bit so there was a little more light. "Or there's a death trap that's waiting for us," he suggested, his own fingertips glowing as he followed after her.

"You are such a worrywa-- aaaaah--!" There was a short blur of blue as Norma suddenly disappeared into the darkness.

"Norma!" The shout came unbidden, and Walter's throat ached a little as he covered the short distance between them with a running jump. His fingers immediately found Norma's wrist, and he hissed as he crawled closer to the hole Norma had fallen into.

"Ow, ow, ow! Not so hard, Wally!"

"Not now, Norma." He growled, trying to get decent footing so he could pull the girl out of the hole. Norma had luckily grabbed the edge before she could fall into whatever oblivion the darkness covered up, but there didn’t seem to be any way she could help him with his task.

It took several tense moments in the dark before Walter’s feet found purchase on the uneven stones beneath him, and he carefully pulled Norma to safety. “Be more careful,” the Ferines wheezed, coughing onto the back of one hand as he began to stand.

“I wasn’t not being careful,” protested Norma, stumbling to her feet and staggering a few feet in the direction they had come from. “How was I supposed to know tha-- aaaaaah!”

Walter had a little more warning for this pitfall than the last; the rocks had at least scraped against each other as they fell away, and he lunged from a kneeling position towards Norma. Even in the absolute darkness, he was able to find Norma’s fingers clutching the stone, and he quickly grabbed at her wrists.

“W-- Wally--” Norma gasped, her arms already aching from the first fall.

“Not now, Norma,” Walter repeated his earlier words, flat on his stomach this time around and scrabbling for a way to pull the girl up.

For a moment, there were only sounds of rubber scraping against stone and heavy breathing.

Then, “Wally, this thing isn’t gonna hold.”

There was a tense silence.


Disbelief colored the exclamation, and Walter avoided coughing down on his friend by turning his head away. But it was quickly becoming obvious what Norma was talking about: the stones underneath him were sinking and falling away.

“Does this count as a death trap?!”

Walter would have answered with some angry words, but he was already falling by then.


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