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He had never seen so many Ferines before. Hundreds of them filled the palace. Men, women, the elderly, the young, those who had been forced to grow up too quickly. A sea of golden hair, speckled with the darker hair of the Orerines who were comfortable enough to stand among them. Or lighter -- in the distance, he could make out the stark white wisp that was Senel's hair.

And all of them were bowing to him.

As they lifted their heads, Walter could see tears streaking several of their faces. The elderly especially turned their blue eyes to him with the aching realization that--


--their savior was truly there.

"UrenUres, Merines! MenWelUres, Merines!"

It was an ancient chant, hailing back from the times of the Kingdom of Terises.

Live long, Shining One. Shine forever, Shining One.

The Merines was and had always been the spiritual leader of the Ferines; the Merines could not possibly be everywhere at once, and the leaders that had existed before their savior's coming would not simply disappear after.

Right now, the battered and decimated Radiants needed someone to unite them, to turn to when the world had changed irreversibly before them. They needed the comfort and guidance that a leader would give them.

And the Merines, long thought dead, stood in all his regal glory before them.

There were few among them that knew just what kind of lie had been woven; Stella and Maurits were the only survivors from the Merines' village, and both had agreed that it would be in the Ferines' best interests to believe that their savior had survived. His grandmother had sworn secrecy over the situation, expressing her pride at her grandson's willingness to give up so much -- his time, his past, his name -- for the Ferines. Norma, Senel, and the others who had traveled with him would always know that he had not been born with a butterfly teriques, and that the wings that had stretched across the sky had not in fact been his own. Even the Holy Sovereign of the Rexalian Empire, Lady Musette, knew of the decision, and had smiled that deceptively-calm smile of hers the entire time; as a nation's leader, she could empathize.

Musette nodded at him as he climbed up the dais, their standing basically equal in the eyes of the gathered Orerines and Ferines. She was flanked by Curtis and Isabella, while Walter was joined by Maurits and Stella.

Stella, Maurits, and he were the only ones who had heard the will of the sea. He knew he would find himself confiding in both of them long after the ceremony, long after Maurits began governing the eventual Ferines nation and Stella commited to the Rite of Feriyen with her beloved Senel.

It was Shirley's, and Nerifes', wish that her teriques continue to inspire the world. Even if she could not be there herself, Shirley wanted to see the world that Crusand had so brutally torn apart healed. It was Shirley's grace and selflessness that had led to him agreeing to his new role.

And it was Shirley's will that filled him as he faced the audience.

"It's been a long time since I've seen so many Ferines in one place. And it's been longer still since I've seen Ferines willing to stand with Orerines. I am grateful and honored to stand here with all of you, Orerines and Ferines, today." He paused, his neutral expression wavering as he saw Jay's 'brothers' waving at their race's exclusion. "It's been ... a struggle, I know, and not everyone here will understand my sincerity as I speak.

"But what we have here now is a partnership that was once thought impossible. Together, we not only managed to quash an evil none of us could settle alone, but we decided that there were greater things worth fighting for than our racial identities." Fenimore and Thyra, standing to the front of the Ferines congregation, visibly glanced over at where Senel was standing.

"It's something that we should take pride in, because we are all stronger because of the partnerships -- the friendships, the relationships -- that we form." Senel's passive stare shifted, and he smiled at Stella. "And there is no greater partnership than the one we undertook to take back the peace of this world." The many fighters that had set aside their differences, among them Chloe, Will, and Moses, nodded or smiled or loudly cheered.

Walter's gaze flitted through the crowd, trying to find his best friend. But the yellow ensemble that Norma had always favored was easily missed with so many blonds around. "I stand before you today as one of you, a human of this planet of water and land. We're not that different at all."

His teriques came unbidden -- Shirley's will still held a certain sway over it -- and formed as the transparent blue wings that the world had seen deliver them from the Nerifes Cannon's wrath. And even as the last words left his lips, an ethereal blue glow washed over the hall as the Ferines responded.

"I am the Merines, Walter Felques. I want to know each and every one of you."

The field of gold was replaced by a shining sea, and the Orerines looked from the Merines to the applauding Ferines next to them. Before long, a deafening cheer joined the applause.

But Walter wasn't paying attention to them anymore. His eyes were focused beyond the crowd to the brunette who had until then been hidden. Norma stood with her hand on one of the farthest double doors, staring right at him.

Are you leaving now? Is this goodbye? He couldn't ask that --- not now, not when there were hundreds of eyes on him. Don't leave, Norma.

She wasn't crying now. Her gaze once again had that wondrous passion he had seen over over. She had places to go, ruins to explore, foods to eat, and people to meet.

He couldn't deny her those dreams. What kind of friend would he be? How could he possibly ask her to stay?

And yet...


Norma tilted her face to the sky. It was awfully poignant amid the ovation. There was no way she could have heard his thoughts or read his face across that distance.

But she let go of the door handle and smiled heartily at him.

There was nothing that could stop him from smiling back.
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She reached out to touch the gossamer wing, watching it flicker in and out of existence before remaining solid under her fingers. It felt like reaching out and touching the surface of a tranquil pond; she half-expected her fingertips to be wet as she pulled them away.

“So what does it feel like?” she inquired, tilting her head up to look at her friend. The others were talking with the Ferines council, giving them a somewhat-rare moment alone.

“Like having a new arm attached after having one cut off… Except with both arms,” Walter replied dryly, still holding his hand aloft to show his friend the butterfly. “I’m going to have to get used to it.”

“Well, it’s yours now. And, personally, I think it looks prettier.”

“Of course you think so; my teriques was black, and you never think black is pretty.”

Norma felt better just hearing Walter being annoyed; he hadn’t been this talkative since the war had ended, and for awhile she thought something had changed irreversibly inside him—besides his teriques, of course.

“Well, now you’ve got a pretty teriques—and it’s blue. It matches your uniform, you see?”

Walter rolled his eyes, the butterfly vanishing in an azure wisp as he lowered his hand. “Black would have looked good, too.” Just a glance would have reminded Norma that his uniform had almost as much the black as blue and white.

Norma pouted, stepping back so she could get a better look at Walter in the Ferines uniform. She didn’t think she would ever get used to seeing him in the getup; it was bizarre to think of her Wally as an officer, let alone a potential leader among the Ferines.

But that was the card he’d been dealt; the role he’d been forced to undertake.

It made her sober up just thinking about it.

“It’s not a big deal, Norma.” Walter had quickly picked up on her silence and was now giving her slight frown. Whether he was reading her mind or referring to the previous subject, she didn’t know, but it was such a Wally thing to say.

“So,” she managed, trying to drag herself out of her moodiness, “they’re really gonna make you change your name? To Felques?”

“I don’t exactly have black wings anymore, so.” He shrugged and turned away, trying to downplay how important this name change was for him. “It’s also a move to comfort the Ferines that are migrating here.”

“They’re officially naming you the Merines.”

Walter visibly grimaced. “I am not the Merines. The Merines is dead.”

“They’re gonna see those wings of yours, Wally. The entire world saw them. Like it or not, they’re gonna think you’re the Merines whether you are or not.”

“Norma… What are you talking about?” Walter turned towards her now, brows knitted together in confusion. Norma was usually passionate, but not like that.

The brunette had her chin scrunched up and was biting down on her lower lip. It was obvious she was trying not to cry. “You’re going to stay here and be their leader.”

“Norma…” The confusion transformed into utter bewilderment. “Are you going to cry?”

“You jerk,” Norma muttered, stamping her foot and spinning around to face away from him. “You were my apprentice first, and now you’re going off and doing your own thing. You never even graduated.

“Graduated?” The blond blinked hard.

Norma flailed her arms emotionally, continuing to ramble. “Who’s gonna carry on all my treasure-hunting techniques? Who’s gonna carry all the treasure I’ve hunted? Who’s gonna trigger all those pitfall traps so I don’t fall in them? There’re still so many things to do, Wally, and you were supposed to be there with me!”

The dumbfounded Walter was silent, even as Norma again spun on her heels.

Her tears flowed down her flushed face as she thrust a finger in his face. “You’re not allowed to stay here, Wally! You’re gonna come with me and we’re gonna hunt treasure until there’s nothing left to hunt! That’s an order from your master!”

It would have been funny if Norma hadn’t looked so serious. So heartbroken.

Walter sighed, lifting a hand to gently push Norma’s finger away from his face. “Is that all?”

Norma flared her nostrils in an attempt to choke down a sob. It looked a little ridiculous.

…But really, what could he do?

Walter bridged the small gap between them, wrapping his arms around Norma even as she began to beat against his chest with closed fists. She all but bawled into his shoulder, her punches shifting into a clinging hold as she lost her misguided resolve. He closed his eyes and put his cheek to her hair, silent the entire time.

His uniform turned out to be a mixed blessing, accumulating her tears like dewdrops on the fabric.

Unlike Norma’s sorrows, they would be easy to brush away.
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Her apprentice wasn't saying anything.

Norma Beatty cleared her throat, striking a dramatic pose and repeating what she had just said. "Look, it's the long-lost Shrine of Dharma!"

"It's a tourist attraction," intoned Walter in that quiet voice of his. He pushed a low-hanging branch out of the way, peering over the brunette's head to get a better look at the shrine. "I'm pretty sure that's a tour guide over there."

"So? That doesn't mean there isn't treasure in there!"

"Isn't that considered stealing?"

Norma swung around, arms akimbo as she glared at her unenthused apprentice. "Hey, who's the one calling the shots around here, Wally?" Walter just raised a brow, letting go of the branch. Norma kept him from walking away completely by stepping on his foot. "It isn't stealing if it's not something on display. You get me?"

"Norma, this isn't treasure hunting." It was fairly obvious to him what was coming next.

And there it was: her infamous flailing. "Yes, it is! Are you going to deny a cute girl her fun?"

The answer was simple enough. "Yes."

"C'mon, c'mon, Wally! You know as well as I do that we're running out of gald!"

"Then we can fight some monsters. We don't need to steal."

"It's not stealing! I just said it wasn't!" Their arguments were always like this. "You're being so difficult. We're going in, and we're going to look around."

"And if there's no treasure?"

"I dunno. Maybe we'll take the full tour? It looks kinda neat." Swinging around and marching out of the brush, Norma missed the flat look her traveling companion continued to aim at her.

"Norma." The young man's brow twitched as he watched her continue towards the shrine. "Norma." Now he was looking around carefully, half-expecting to see Crusand soldiers rush out to apprehend her. "Norma." His quiet voice didn't carry far, and it was already unlikely she heard him with the sheer amount of distance she had put between them.

When it became apparent that the girl wasn't going to stop and come back, Walter hung his head and followed after her.

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His lungs burned. His eyes ached.

But he could still breathe. He could still see.

He shrank into the threadbare blanket that served as his bed, still shaking from the effects of his most recent bout of experimentation. A few months ago, he would have been huddled in a corner with his older cellmate, as he was quickly wracked by fever after coming back from the tanks.

But Dolph was gone now. So were Reese, Mary, and Terres. He was the last one in the cell. On the cell block.

He had peered up and down it uneasily for countless hours before being dragged off to the contaminant tanks. Had waited restlessly, miserably, for his turn to be shackled and led to the Legacy’s bridge—to his all but untimely demise.

Walter Delques had been living on borrowed time since he was captured by Cashel the Phantom.

His father was most certainly dead now; no Ferines could have survived the intense search of the Legacy following the awakening of the Nerifes Cannon. He himself should have died long ago.

But now he was the last. They had to be torturing him, leaving him alone in his cell while they dragged away the others and emptied the entire block around him. Over half of those that had been taken were unaware of their inevitable demise, weak and delirious from the combination of experiments and drugs.

He was awfully lucid at the moment. More than he had been in ... a long time. He had lost track of how long he had been imprisoned, but enough time had elapsed that he had grown taller than Mary and Terres.

His thoughts were dispersed by the faint sound of footsteps. He drowsily opened his eyes, pushing himself up onto one elbow as the footsteps steadily grew louder. He stared at the blurry form of a soldier standing in front of his cell, tensing at the clank and shriek as the door flew open.

Then he was being approached quickly, and knelt next to.

"Can you stand?" The soldier paused, noticing the young prisoner was noisily hyperventilating. "Calm down; I'm not going to hurt you. We need to get you out of here."

Barely more than skin and bones as he was, the teenager found himself being hauled to his feet and bodily carried out of the cell. He struggled weakly, his eyes wide even as he tried to gurgle out a protest. Instead, he coughed up blood, causing the tall soldier to slow.

Even through the gloves that were standard-issue for Crusand soldiers, the glowing fingertips were visible. The chant was quick and the effect even quicker; almost instantly, Walter found himself breathing a little better. He shakily wiped the blood from his chin, looking at the soldier in confusion.

“We need to move. Someone’s going to notice you’re gone.”

“Eren... W—who are—?”

The soldier shook his head, once again picking up the younger man and carrying him out of the prison. Walter choked on the dust that kicked into his face as they reached the surface, looking around in a panic. There had to be soldiers everywhere. Were the Terrors nearby? Was Vaclav nearby? But his unlikely savior pressed on, pushing himself into a dash through the dark field and up several flights of wooden stairs.

“Can you summon your teriques?” The sudden question made Walter look up again; the soldier, winded now, was urging him to try and stand on his own feet.

“I don’t—”

Walter snapped his mouth shut when he heard a shout and tried to look back the way they came. The soldier blocked his view, bringing his attention back to him. “Can you summon your teriques?

"I can... I can." Walter gritted his teeth, biting back a cough as he pushed himself to his feet, unsteadily stumbling to the reinforced wooden fence that surrounded the perimeter. He could barely see over it and out to an ocean -- of trees.

"I'm going to throw you over the fence. You need to get out of here. Now." And to emphasize that point, the soldier again lifted the blond, shoving him up and almost completely over the barrier.

Realizing what the tall man intended to do, Walter clutched at the wood with his shaking hands. A second later, the Crusand soldier completely pushed him over, and Walter used his arms to try and increase his forward momentum.

All the same, he found himself immediately tumbling downward, plummeting to certain death a hundred feet below. The air rushing past him made his eyes water, and it took a great deal of strength to force his arms down in and below him.

His teriques had been dormant for far too long. He shook with the effort it took to summon his inner wings, the black film flowing from his arms to form a translucent sphere around him.

And then he smashed through the treetops.

+ + + + +

He awoke to the sound of a tree branch falling nearby.

Walter groaned quietly, looking around without lifting his head. It was still dark out, and there were still leaving fluttering to the ground -- he had blacked out for only a minute or two. His entire body ached, and he hadn't been in good condition before, but he clambered to his feet and stumbled further into the forest. It was hard to draw air through his damaged lungs, to put one foot in front of the other when all he wanted to do was collapse on the forest floor.

But he couldn't get caught. Not now. He was the only survivor in a prison that had once held over 500 Ferines.

And not far behind him, he could hear the prison gates opening as dozens of guards poured out. They were fast, and they would be thorough, too. Walter grimaced in pain as he leaned against a tree further away from his crash site, again looking around.

He could hear water in the distance. Water.

His steps gained purpose. Desperate and anxious, he pushed himself towards the sound, relief filling him as he arrived before the rushing stream.

The current was strong. The river was deep. The soldiers wouldn't be able to scour it effectively, and even if they did, he would be swept away as soon as he dove in.

Walter didn't give it anymore thought. He jumped in, not even bothering to hold his breath as he went under. Before long, not even his glowing blue hair was visible.

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The pills made the pain go away.

The pain of so much hatred. The pain of despair. The damning physical pain.

They all felt a mixture of the three, wracked by various experiments as they waited for the same bitter end: the death march to the bridge.

The drugs were more than simple painkillers; no, they were there as a form of control. Even imprisoned, Ferines could potentially be dangerous; many had strong teriques that could help them escape, and quite a few were crystal erens capable of bursting the doors open. The drugs stopped them in their tracks.

The pills were addictive.

That was the ingenious aspect -- the Ferines were not only physically prisoners, but also mentally overwhelmed by this addiction. It had been easy enough for the guards to sneak the pills into the daily meals.

And then they began to openly taunt the Ferines, young and old, with the drugs.

The pills made the pain go away. Made them capable to escape from their bitter realities, even if for only a short while. Left them listless shells that would not resist being dragged away for experiments -- or to their deaths.

And then, one day, the guards said they didn't have enough pills for everyone anymore. That everyone would have to earn the euphoria that they all wanted.

There was a frenzy unlike anything Ferines had been observed to do before. The flaxen-haired Radiants turned on each other, fighting like rabid dogs. The cells would smell of blood for days.

In his insanity, Walter killed four of his own people that day.

It was the only time he wept in captivity.
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I don't think I've had a new layout for about three years now. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] nata_de_coco, I now have a lovely new layout with two different setups. I adore how the layouts ended up looking.

Now... Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] gunnhildr:

1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
2. Turn on your music player and put it on random/shuffle.
3. Write a drabble related to each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the song starts, and stop when it's over. No lingering afterwards!
4. Do ten of these, then post them~

Prompts chosen:
1.) Albert Silverberg
2.) Yuber/Reincarnated!Albert
3.) Apple & Caesar
4.) Albert & Caesar
5.) Gizel/Sialeeds
6.) Tir/Luc
7.) Troy & Kika
8.) Albert & Sasienne
9.) Shards-verse Albert & Nash
10.) The Wanderers Troupe

This will some day be a fake cut to my writing LJ. )
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I think I'm going into caffeine withdrawal. Oh boy. I've got these distracting headaches--even when I'm sitting down, damn--that are seriously going to be the end of me. Or end of me at work. Either or. (Did I forget to mention I've quit drinking soda cold turkey? That would explain it, huh?)

In other news, my Albert muse has reawakened and is in an utter throw-down with Zexion. Albert's got the height advantage, but Zexion can actually fight. Albert's got earrings and a cooler coat; Zexion has an Organization rank and coat. Both have questionably-colored hair. Albert has Yuber. Zexion has Lexaeus.

... Poor Lexaeus. Yuber could probably pwn him. Hard. Into the ground. Probably.

Get out of my head, crossover. The only crossover I did took five freakin' years to finish. I don't need you looming over my head.

I wish my Albert muse didn't have so many incarnations sometimes. They all beg to be written, but the accompanying story doesn't want to manifest itself.

Shards!Albert and Caesar, written on a whim )
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Kingdom Hearts II "drabble." Not quite 900 words, but ... yeah. Whatever. I don't feel like being coherent anymore.

Title: Untitled
Series: Kingdom Hearts II
Characters: Xigbar, Demyx (mentioning of majority of the Organization)

Drabble takes place in an AU where Organization XIII members all have Keyblades and Xemnas, while not out to take over the world, resents Sora something fierce (or tries to with his lack of heart, har har). I'd go into more detail, but there not much else to say.

In which Xigbar gripes. To Demyx, of all people. )
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I have this inexplicable desire to write a funny/parody-ish Destroyers fic that devolves into random acts of ... perverted crack. Example:

Luc: ...
Sarah: ...
Albert: ... And thus my plan is sound on all levels.
Luc: ... Albert.
Albert: Yes, Master Luc?
Luc: I cannot, for the life of me, follow a single word you're saying.
Albert: I thought I was speaking in layman's terms already--
Luc: No, that's not it. ... Nngh. Sarah, you explain. *pinches bridge of nose*
*very awkward pause*
Sarah: Well, you see, Albert, it's just--
Luc: *explodes* I can almost understand why you are holding a whip, but why is Yuber naked?!
Albert: ...
Yuber: ... You caught us at an ungodly time.
Luc: It's eleven in the morning!!

Sigh. I'd kick myself in the head if I was able to.
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Give me a fandom and I'll tell you something I hold as my personal canon for that fandom. It might be some small, insignificant detail or it might be completely off the wall. You can also tell me about your personal canon for that same fandom.

Needless to say, I highly encourage the stealing of this meme because it just sounds like so much fun.

Was thinking about writing about school and stuff, but ... uh... Yeah. School = not terribly interesting. Just presentations and a midterm and-- nngh, I've got another presentation next Thursday.

And posting this drabble snippet here because it's just been sitting in a private entry and will more likely than not not be finished. Meh.

Post-Suikoden Mathiu-Odessa convo-that-might've-been )

... And it just took me a minute to find this Laharl icon. Wow. Going sleep now.
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... Apparently I can write Suikoden while listening to country. *amused*

Title: Stalker
Fandom: Suikoden
Characters: Leon Silverberg and Yuber
Prompt: Beginnings
Word Count: 647
Rating: 12+ or so, I think.
Author's Notes: The year is IS 432.

Stalker )
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After Suikoden V -- Gizel, Sialeeds, and Hiram )
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Title: Under His Dominion
Fandom: Suikoden
Word Count: 243
Rating: 15+ for ... angst and religious connotations
Author's Notes: A Luc monologue. It's rambly and confusing, but it's a very old drabble I pulled out to finish. This isn't part of my Silverberg drabble collection.

Under His Dominion )

Title: Sinister, Conquered
Fandom: Suikoden
Characters: Albert Silverberg and Yuber (mentioning of Luc and Sarah)
Prompt: Black
Word Count: 591
Rating: 16+ for sensuous actions; implied yaoi
Author's Notes: Taking more creative liberties … but they’re based on information in the games, really! This is part of the Silverberg drabble collection.

Sinister, Conquered )
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Title: Last Breath
Fandom: Suikoden III
Characters: Leon, George, Albert, and Caesar Silverberg
Prompt: Life
Word Count: 1028
Rating: 15+ for sensitive topics (death, implied relations)
Author's Notes: These kinds of things are always difficult to write. This is also longer than my usual little ficlets. Yaaay.

Last Breath )
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This is in response to Mith's challenge to me. Yuber/Leon. Just chatting and tension, really. Can probably tie this into my Silverberg drabble collection later...

I'm tempted to write more. x__x

Title: Encounter
Fandom: Suikoden
Characters: Leon Silverberg and Yuber
Prompt: Dark
Word Count: 661
Rating: K
Author's Notes:

Encounter )
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Title: Leaving
Fandom: Suikoden
Characters: Albert Silverberg
Prompt: Home
Word Count: 274
Rating: K
Author's Notes: Not really stream of consciousness writing, but probably not much of an inner monologue. Suikoden III, Albert POV.

Leaving )
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Title: Confusion
Fandom: Suikoden
Characters: Caesar Silverberg
Prompt: Fixed
Word Count: 160
Rating: K; nothing bad here
Author's Notes:

Confusion )
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Title: Raging Nostrum
Fandom: Suikoden
Characters: Albert Silverberg
Prompt: Death
Word Count: 476
Rating: T for talking of violence, blood, and all that good stuff
Author's Notes: As the name [subtly] implies, you'll probably need a little bit of knowledge of Suikoden V to understand this one. This is an immediate follow-up to the last drabble I wrote, Masks.

Raging Nostrum )
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Title: Masks
Fandom: Suikoden III
Characters: Albert Silverberg
Prompt: Sight
Word Count: 119
Rating: 12+ for character death
Author's Notes: Suikoden V references. No spoilers concerning it, though.
Mentions an observation of Nether Gate's masks that is more than likely wrong.

Masks )
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Crossposted to [livejournal.com profile] 108_sugarcubes

Title: Losing Love
Fandom: Suikoden V
Characters: Gizel Godwin
Word Count: 548
Rating: 10+
Author's Notes: Gizel/Sialeeds. Spoilers up through ... well, endgame. Major spoilers through at least the final siege of Sol-Falena.

Losing Love )


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