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Left home just after 7 AM. Been on the road most of the day, only stopping for breakfast, lunch, and rest areas. Fiddling with an internet-capable smartphone and trying to do tags with it is ... hellish. How do people do that?

I found it more comfortable listening to my mp3 player and staring out the window as we drive. Lots of random snippets of stories come to mind as I listen to music, and I imagine opening/closing sequences for my various stories.

...I don't quite remember what song it was that made me think of it, but I ended up making a mental comparison of Suikoden III's True Rune bearers and Ronin Warriors/Samurai Troopers.

Hugo -> Wildfire/Rekka
Chris -> Torrent/Suiko
Geddoe -> Halo/Kourin
Sasarai -> Hardrock/Kongo
Luc -> Strata/Tenku

...And then there came the weird thoughts of how the other four armors would come into play. :|;

Tir -> Winter/Corruption/Darkness
Riou -> Spring/Cruelty/Ogre
Frey -> Summer/Illusion
Lazlo -> Fall/Venom/Poison

Well. The elemental armors worked, at least.
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This came to mind awhile ago now, but I decided against posting it at first. But now I'm wondering about it again...

Suikoden countries. Personified like Hetalia characters.


It's a very weird mental image.

Falena would, of course, be a girl. But I can't begin to imagine anything beyond that.
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Important Edit: So it looks like I ended up removing everyone from my Friend Of list on accident. (I had no idea what it was for some reason, and clicked it. Go me.) Please re-friend me if you would like to remain friends. If not, consider it a painless way to have de-friended me. Thanks!

---Original entry---

All right, guys. Don't panic! This is Athena under a new username. From now on, you can find me at daathic instead of zeal_goddess.

...No, there's no reason behind the rename. It was an act of extreme randomness that will probably never be seen again. I'm not making all my entries Friends Only or something.

What's the reasoning for this? No, not a revival of interest in Tales of the Abyss... It just happens to be the same name as my XBox Live username (which was named at the height of my ToA interest). I've also got a new AIM SN you can find me under: Daathic.

It was a good five years, zeal_goddess. Here's hoping for another good five years.
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I love reviews. I had forgotten what getting reviews was like. That is very, very sad.

I was amused by a review I got asking for me to write harder pron. Ohhh man, the horror stories of my "harder pron"...

The Suikoden fandom doesn't review. What gives, peeps? Are we still paranoid from the flame wars several years ago? Some people don't even need constructive reviews; I'm one of those schmucks that are appeased by an "omg so awesme <33333 plz write moar" or something even less descriptive.

I love the KH basement group. Hot damn intellectual tea parties for the win, yes? MarMar and LarLar (*shot, slice'd, and brick'd*) would almost be jealous.



With that said, night night.
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Finished Suikoden I again last night. The hydra was a pushover with Luc in the party with a Cyclone Rune. I didn't even have to use the Flowing and Thunder Runes I put on Viktor and Flik. Named the hero Mitir to get past the stupid import glitch on Suikoden II.

So I'm gonna try Trickster because it keeps popping up in my friends list. I haven't touched MMOs since RO, so it should be interesting. Furry, but interesting.

... Sigh. My hard drive is infected with something and I don't know how I can fix it. I've tried Stinger, Panda Antivirus, McAfee, and even Symantec and I still can't get it out. I really don't want to reformat my hard drive, since that requires me to backup everything onto my external HD and that takes forever. Bleh.
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I have this inexplicable desire to write a funny/parody-ish Destroyers fic that devolves into random acts of ... perverted crack. Example:

Luc: ...
Sarah: ...
Albert: ... And thus my plan is sound on all levels.
Luc: ... Albert.
Albert: Yes, Master Luc?
Luc: I cannot, for the life of me, follow a single word you're saying.
Albert: I thought I was speaking in layman's terms already--
Luc: No, that's not it. ... Nngh. Sarah, you explain. *pinches bridge of nose*
*very awkward pause*
Sarah: Well, you see, Albert, it's just--
Luc: *explodes* I can almost understand why you are holding a whip, but why is Yuber naked?!
Albert: ...
Yuber: ... You caught us at an ungodly time.
Luc: It's eleven in the morning!!

Sigh. I'd kick myself in the head if I was able to.
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Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

Man, I loved those games. And she was my hero. Eh heh.


Dec. 6th, 2006 04:24 pm
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I have found the perfect quote to describe my style of storytelling.

"It's a simple formula--the greater the tragedy, the greater the emotional effect." -- Legato Bluesummers, Trigun

Back to work now...
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The presentation went well. I went off and used some inappropriate words for the tone of the presentation, but I think I covered my points in enough detail. I wish I had timed my presentation; I would feel more comfortable if I knew I was within the 2-4 minute limit.

Bought a new alarm clock today. It's metal-and-plastic and requires batteries (instead of being a wind-up clock like my last one). The clock face has a chicken picture and the frame is yellow. When the alarm rings, you hear a chicken crowing. Hee hee. I loved it the moment I saw it; I was totally intent on getting a cat clock until I saw the chicken clock.

Gotta go to the STC get-together in an hour or so. I'm not really in the mood to anymore, but it would be a good idea. Free pizza and soda, too... Mmm...

So. Hmm...

May. 25th, 2006 07:22 am
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I got an hour of sleep last night. Yay for History papers!! Wheeeee!

But seriously. Japanese-American internment during WWII? Very nice to research on.

Not so much to pull an all-nighter with, of course.

I kept meaning to write down this dream from two nights ago, but I keep getting sidetracked.

Cut so you don't have to read about my weirdo dream )

Yep. My dreams are weird.
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What Organization XIII member are you? Find out Here!

Aw, Ienzo. Why'd you have to go and kick the bucket before KH2?
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So, that exam didn't go as well as I had hoped. But I'm gonna be optimistic and think I can still manage a 90% in that class.

And random quote, courtesy of my brother: "Frickin' wall battles."


Feb. 9th, 2006 10:15 pm
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So I've been a long-time member of PsyPets, a funny little site where you can raise a pet and not have to play incessant mini-games for money (like NeoPets). If anyone wants to start an account and make a pet, I'd just like to offer helping with money and some furniture since I am teh rich on that site and my pets are busy little guys (and oddly named, but that's just me).

Can you tell I'm in an odd mood? *laughs*
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Finally got a paid account. *laughs* Totally impulsive thing.

... My credit card bill this month is gonna explode. XD;

But look at Albert! *points* And Amber's gonna make me a new layout!

Why am I hyper? Gah, this isn't good...!


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