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Thanks to those that sympathized and wished the best for our guinea pig.

I feel bad for my little sister. She slept through the whole thing last night, and my dad woke her up this morning to tell her that Cindy'd been attacked. Apparently she jumped out of bed and over to the garage immediately. She was probably cooing at the cavies and trying to get her hands into the cage, which probably wouldn't have been very comforting for the little guys.

Cindy survived the night. There's bits of blood on their litter bedding, but nothing too alarming. She's also eating, which is definitely a good sign. She's really quiet now and not moving very much, and it looks like her ears are starting to go to that ugly purple bruising color now. Emily is giving her space, since it looks like Cindy's agitated when they're sitting next to each other.

I read up that there haven't been any reported cases of rabies in rodents and lagomorphs in Washington state yet, and that raccoons in the state have never tested positive for rabies. Very good news, I think. I'll feel better when Cindy is wheeking and popcorning again, but I guess that won't be for long awhile.

In other news... ... It looks like all of our parakeets are okay. The budgies that were nesting never came out last night, so they weren't in danger. The other budgies that were flying around last night are accounted for; I could only see three of them when I was hunting around the aviary in the dark. The white-and-blue-breasted one (I forget if he's named or not) is out, but he should be fairly easy to catch... If he doesn't get himself caught by that falcon.

Yeesh. I've never felt like I lived on the edge of the city before. Between the rats, raccoons, and falcon, it's certainly starting to feel like it.
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So Jack and Jill, our cockatiels, have had chicks again. This time, my parents are raising all three together, so they're all fairly tame. When I was talking to my mom today, apparently the eldest of the three was sitting on my dad's shoulder. *smiles*

Cut for pictures )

Last final tomorrow! Whoo!
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I don't believe I've shown any pics of our lovebirds yet. These are the little cuties that my brothers and I share our apartment with. I love them very much.

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... And now, back to work. *sighs*
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Taken from [livejournal.com profile] yubberducky. ^^;

Take the first sentence (or 2) from the first post of each month of 2005. That's your year in review.

January: You know, I thought it was bad enough that I had to reformat my C: because of a stupid trojan, but now my FF.net account's been hijacked. Whoever it is that hacked into my account deleted all my stories (and reviews), Favorite Authors, and Favorite Stories, then changed my passwords and stuff.
February: Hmm... Got my study guides for my Philosophy and Poli Sci midterms today.
March: Since this is a very uncommon thing for me, I'll be cutting this post. What the hell is up with FF.net's new editor?
April: Just sitting at work right now, waiting for class... Whee.
May: Haven't updated in a long time... Bleh.
June: Had my COM final today. Wheeeee...
July: I'm going to be going on a roadtrip with my family around the state. Whoot.
August: Once I'm satisfied with playing out Makai Kingdom, I think I'm gonna hit Disgaea next... Laharl's too cool.
September: Hmm... What's up with me? I finished Growlanser II twice over, got all the endings except for Xenos, Varner, and Sereb, and am trying to finish Growlanser III so I can replay it with all the rings and such.
October: J.J., the oldest of Jack and Jill's second clutch, was brought into the house to be fed on Friday.
November: This wasn't a bad Halloween, all things considered.
December: My Caesar muse won't leave me alone tonight.

In addition, my dad finally sent a picture of the two oldest baby lovebirds. They're gorgeous and doing much better than any of the cockatiels we've had. ^^ I think it's probably because they're Pear and Peach's first clutch together; the chicks are very strong.

My sister named them P.J. and Edelweiss. ... I think their names will change. ._. )
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Random subject. Don't mind that.

Well, just came back from a meeting with the TC undergrad advisor. I'm very happy to say that I'm well on my way to getting into the Technical Communications department next year; Karen was especially impressed that I was taking my Public Speaking class linked with an Engineering Technology and Society class taught by a TC assistant prof (yaaaay, first second impressions!). She even suggested taking some 400-level classes next quarter to make my rèsumè look good for February. She also suggested tutoring in the tech writing center, which I may just do (if I can handle that, CELT, and 15 more credits). If I can make it through math this quarter, I'll be able to handle anything! Except more math. NOOOOO...!

I'm still kinda miffed that TC has all of those math and science prereqs -- I guess it's because it's in the College of Engineering. ~_~ Speaking with an advisor just boosts my resolve to finish strong in all my classes this quarter, though. I'm glad I asked to meet with her.

Other than school, I've been doing ... not much of anything, really. -_-;; I finally visited this Filipino restaurant that Kathryn suggested (which is wonderful) and got my mom to order siopao and puto from Kathryn's mom (which is equally wonderful). I enjoy hearing my mom talk about the birds, too; apparently Duke and Gretel's chicks are tentatively named Luc and Gina and they both look like Duke (normal green) with flecks of blue on their feathers. Carni is still as intelligent as ever, but she's probably going through puberty, since she was getting aggressively maternal and keeping Duke and Gretel away from their own chicks. >_>;; Pear and Peach (the lovebirds) have eight fertile-looking eggs, but still no chicks. And J.J. and Lucky (the baby cockatiels) have their feathers and are flying! Yay! They apparently look so similar now that the only way to tell them apart is their different colored feet.

And that's it for now.
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J.J., the oldest of Jack and Jill's second clutch, was brought into the house to be fed on Friday. The other chick was left outside to be taken care of by Jack and Jill, since my parents didn't want them to feel put out about losing all of their chicks agian.

I don't know what to make of Jack and Jill's behavior. >_> Jack's as devoted as a male cockatiel can be to the chicks, but I don't know about Jill. More than once, both Jack and Jill have been outside, leaving their chicks alone inside the box. I suppose this wouldn't be a problem in the middle of the summer, but it's getting cold now.

... Anyway.

The next day, I guess my dad went outside to check on the other chick again. My dad had been looking after the chick on Friday to make sure Jack and Jill were still paying attention to it, and it would sit by the entrance waiting for its parents to come back in. On Saturday, my dad went outside to find the poor little guy cold and unmoving inside the nesting box. Of course, my dad takes the little chick inside and calls for my mom, thinking the chick might already be dead. The chick, however, had other plans -- it peeped feebly once for my mom, and they ran around the house getting things to warm the little one up. The chick survived and is now in the tub with his big brother, J.J.

And thus Lucky was brought into the house.

Jack and Jill are now inside the house, too. They're living right beside J.J. and Lucky in their cage, but they will go over and feed the chicks if given the chance. It's a pretty happy arrangement, and I don't think the chicks are in any danger anymore.

In other news, the remaining budgies (and Gretel's two chicks) have been moved into the lovebirds' old cage, and the lovebirds into the bigger cage Daddy built. Peach and Pear (the lovebirds) have also laid their first egg, which I'm sure my dad is very excited about.
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At home, Marigold and Yuki (lutino and white budgies) were killed by the rats today. Good gods, I hate this. Our neighbors apparently had a rat infestation, and the )#(%*)#($# rats came over to our house for a feast.

*screams and just punches something*

Now Nature's the only one left of our original four. I guess the reason he hasn't died yet is because he doesn't fly to the ground to eat often; he's only got one leg and finds it more comfortable to stay in one place. Duke and Carni are the smart ones of the lot, so they've been able to avoid trouble ... but I don't know how long that'll last, since the others are gone now. And Gretel is always in her birdhouse taking care of her chicks...

Stupid rats. Just die and leave my pets alone.
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Look at your LJ "interests" list. If you have fewer than 50
interests, pick every fifth one. If you have between fifty and
seventy-five interests, pick every seventh one. If you have over
seventy-five interests, pick every tenth one. If you have fewer than
ten, pick all of 'em. List them on your LJ, and tell everyone exactly
what it is about these things that interests you so much.

Auron -- Though I'm not fond of tons of angst, Auron's turmoil was a lot of fun to read into. He puts a nice, different spin on coming back for revenge, and he's cool. >_>

Fanfiction -- I love writing. I love characters that don't belong to me. Add those together, mix in some crazy ideas and inspiration, and you've got an undeniable interest in fanfiction.

Harry Potter -- ... Yeah, for some reason, no one ever pins me as a Harry Potter fan. I don't read "real books" often anymore, but the hype of Harry Potter made me jump the bandwagon back when Goblet of Fire was still new. Since then, every time I read a new book, I get interested in the world again.

Kuja -- I stick to the belief that Kuja was a better villain than Sephiroth ... flamboyant attire aside.

Nippon Ichi -- Disgaea. Makai Kingdom. Yep...

Rufus Shinra -- Once upon a time, I was called the most obsessed Rufus fan on the 'net. T_T Ah, I miss those times... The hair-flipping arrogance got me interested. The rest was 14-year-old squeeing.

Skies of Arcadia -- Ramirez!! *points wildly at icon* Poor, deluded fool...

Ten Wise Men -- Gabriel. Lucifer. Zadkiel. Raphael. Kamael. Haniel. Michael. Jophiel. Metatron. And ... Zaphikel. Wish there was more character development with 'em.

Vincent Valentine -- Back when I loved angst, I really liked Vincent. He's currently just an accessory to other pretty guys, but I'm sure Dirge of Cerberus will give him meaning again.

In other news, the flurry of people trying to download Advent Children and all that stuff is dizzying. I expect a boatload of FF7 fanfics to show up again sometime soon. I just wanna see the Turks... I can remember seeing some of the first pictures of Sephiroth in Advent Children, and all I could think was "Sheesh, he looks ugly. His bangs aren't even pronounced like in the game."

We had a stray cat roaming around the house two days ago. We brought it to the animal shelter yesterday. Hopefully it'll find a good home.

In other news, our parakeets are finding some way out of the aviary. Carni and Duke got out yesterday (and since then been caught and returned) and now Aqua's out today. Ugh.
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It's a very interesting (and hilarious) game. I love the feature where all the characters have their own daily routines. And the fact that you can recruit 170-something characters (all of whom seem to have more personality than most of the Suikoden IV cast) is awesome. I've recruited mainly human characters, since I really don't like going out of my way to recruit the elves and other creatures.

I'm amused by the little easter eggs that've been thrown into the game...

-- Vareth Magic Institute is named after Lezard Valeth (Valkyrie Profile).

-- ... Genius Weissheit is Lezard. Or some strange cousin of him. All he's missing is the disturbing fascination in necromancy and unhealthy obsession with Valkyrie.

-- The Tria Region is named after the Expellian god Tria from Star Ocean, which was named after tri-Ace. *nods*

-- One of Ganz's outfits is Claude Kenni's Star Ocean 2 outfit, right down to the red bandana.

Those are the only ones I can recall off the top of my head. It's a good game with lots of things to do. Only thing I don't like is the lack of places to save.

In other news, Jiji (the baby cockatiel) flew off this morning when Alyssa was carrying her outside. I was really worried because she still doesn't know how to land well or eat for herself, but she came back an hour later. She was understandably tired and hungry. Carni also got out of the aviary, and she hasn't come back. I'm hoping she's okay and that she'll be back tomorrow; the longer she's out, the more likely it is she'll get killed by an owl or hawk.

Edit: Suikoden IV question for anyone -- is there a name for Ramada's pet serpent-bird? Does its species have any sort of name?
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J.J. was killed by the lovebirds today. It looks like the lovebirds entered the nestbox and attacked the two chicks, and J.J. got the brunt of it all. He was always the alert one... I like to think that he was trying to protect Jiji.

Jiji's got a head wound, and I don't know how serious it is. My mom took a look at her and cleaned the wound, but I'm afraid that the wound might be deep. I've been entrusted with her for now and I'm watching her as I type. I'm going to let her rest after I set up something to keep her warm.

*sighs* Poor Jack and Jill. One unfertile egg, one trampled chick, one killed chick, and one wounded chick. I really hope she makes it. The fact that she was eating makes me hopeful.

The lovebirds have been taken out of the aviary and quarantined. My dad doesn't think he's gonna let them in the aviary anymore. I hope he doesn't. Duke and Gretel (the budgies) look ready to start nesting, and I don't want their chicks to meet a similar fate. =\
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The youngest of the cockatiel chicks died sometime today. My dad thinks that Jack accidentally trampled it when he was fending off the lovebirds yesterday (Friday). The two surviving chicks were taken in today so that we could try handfeeding them. They seemed to accept the food, but we don't have very precise instruments for feeding them, so we eventually put them back in the nesting box for Jack and Jill to take care of. I'm a little concerned that Jack and Jill might not accept the chicks back, since they're both been sitting outside tonight.

The chicks are named J.J. (Jack Jr.) and Jiji. J.J. is supposedly male, and Jiji is supposedly female.

Carni (youngest of the budgies) somehow got out of the aviary in the afternoon. She flew around and left the backyard for awhile, but she eventually came back and hung around the aviary. My dad bought a net to catch her, and now she's safely back inside. Hopefully she doesn't try to get out again; she easily shows the most personality of all the budgies, and I think everyone would miss her presence right away.
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We had another visit from a hawk today. =\ It looked like it was a bigger one this time, and I was the first one to see it. Ironically, I was in the exact same place when I saw it. The birds scattered and freaked out together, but they're all safe and accounted for. Today was the first time the lovebirds got to fly in the aviary, too. Poor little guys, getting scared by that nasty hawk.

Peach and Pear (the lovebirds) are aggressive towards the budgies. Duke, always the curious one, kept flying over to the two and hopped around them. Peach eventually calmed down a little, but Duke's too friendly and always get nipped at because he's trying to groom her. And Pear, the wilder of the lovebirds, kept incensing Jack (the male cockatiel). Jack kept charging out of the nest box (he usually feeds and lays on the chicks in the afternoons) to make sure Pear stayed away.

In other news... Yesterday, my dad took in one of the cockatiel chicks and fed it. It had only a few feathers and looked very ... alien, but it was healthy and hissing because it was scared. It sounded oddly like a power drill when it was hissing.

And I'm finally playing Suikoden IV again. I'm once again disappointed by the magic effects in the game, and the cutscenes are just so ... choppy. I swear, I listen to maybe two sentences in one cutscene, have a short loading time, and then hear another part of the conversation. And the hero seriously needed to talk in this game. You have so many unnecessary choices to make in the game that could've just been smoothed into longer cutscenes. Like the speech in Razril. I'm just thinking, "... Was that necessary?"
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List five songs that you are currently digging. It doesn't matter what genre they are from, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good. But they must be songs you're really enjoying right now. Post these instructions in your blog along with your five songs, then tag five other people to see what they're listening to...

1. "Beautiful Woman" -- Backstreet Boys
2. "Under A Violet Moon" -- Blackmore's Night
3. "Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots" -- The Flaming Lips
4. "Faint" -- Linkin Park
5. "Razorblades" -- Story of the Year

I tag no one. >_> The madness has to stop somewhere.

It's been awhile since I updated. We have two new peach-faced lovebirds, "cleverly" named Peach and Pear. They're horribly loud, but very cute in their own way. Jack and Jill, our cockatiels, are now the proud (and probably worn out) parents of three little chicks. Jack's much more willing to fly up and perch on us now, since he doesn't have protect the eggs and Jill all the time.

We had a visit from a hawk today, though. I could see it in the backyard from the living room, and I ran around the house to see if it had attacked any of the birds. x_X Thankfully, it only circled twice and flew off, but the birds were understandably freaked out and clinging to the netting.

I watched five hours of One Piece today, finally finishing up the Crocodile arc. I have a new respect for Usopp and his inventive skills, and I've decided I love Vivi. Poor girl.
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Got the eighth and ninth seasons of Friends from my brother as a sorta belated birthday gift. 'Been watching them quite a bit. Just one more season and I've got the whole set. Whoo. @_@

I'm back on a Backstreet Boys stint, listening every chance I get. I blame the song "Beautiful Woman." *plays it at least 80 times a day*

Started skimming back on old Final Fantasy favorites from FF.net. Some fanfics are just good enough to get you emotional with one chapter. Lovely, lovely.

Speaking of Final Fantasy, I'm obsessing over Shinra again with this rut in Suikoden inspiration. Rufus is back to being my muse after Albert's two-year reign. *waves byebye to Suikoden ideas* It's to the point where I'm digging up that five-year-old idea of Rufus going insane and slaughtering all the executives.

... In other news...

My mom wants me to keep a diary of our pet birds, since Jack and Jill's first egg just hatched today. The little chick is so ... ... yellow.

So... I guess I'll list the birds right off, starting with our original four budgies and moving on to the most recent additions.

Marigold -- lutino female(?) budgie
Aqua -- skyblue clearflight male budgie
Shadow -- cobalt blue clearflight male budgie; killed by predator
Nature -- dark green normal male budgie; lost right leg a few weeks ago
Duke -- dark green normal male budgie
Harmony -- albino female budgie; killed by predator
Jack -- normal (possibly pearl) male cockatiel; Jill's mate
Jill -- pearl female cockatiel; Jack's mate -- currently four fertile eggs, one hatched
Hansel -- half-lutino (had black eyes...) male budgie; Gretel's mate; killed by predator
Gretel -- yellowface blue female budgie; Hansel's mate
Carni -- mauve (or possibly dark gray) clearflight female budgie; baby of the bunch
Yuki -- beautiful white female budgie with cobalt blue and black marking along spine (recessive pied?)

Now I have to get ready for another trip to Seattle. We're gonna get a pair of lovebirds...


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