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There's just a few people who will know where this is from. To everyone else, it's definitely an unexplainable oneshot at first glance. :|b Suikoden III, Albert and Caesar, GO!


The bells attached to the handle tinkled as Albert threw the front door open. He gave a smile to the hesitant but willing boy behind him, taking his hand and leading him out into the yard.

"We're going to go play at the park today," he told his young brother, trotting out onto the cobblestone path that wound towards the gates. "There's more to play with over there."

Really, it was more along the lines of there actually being things to stimulate a child's mind out there. The manor offered nothing but the books of daily lessons and the stifling orders from adults of all shapes and sizes. Little Caesar was simply happy that his brother was accommodating him suddenly; after years of hugs not being returned and receiving strange looks when he asked to be read a story, the abrupt turnabout caught him by complete surprise.

It was like he had changed overnight.

"We might see someone walking their dog, or see other kids playing. Would you like that?" Albert said, trying to garner interest from the little boy. Caesar just clung to his hand more tightly, blinking up at him. As they reached the street, Albert turned again and gave him an encouraging smile.

He never saw the horse and rider tearing down the street they were standing on.

Caesar did not scream as the other's hand was ripped from his own. He fell on the stones and stared at the sky. All he saw was endless blue.

He doesn't remember what he heard that day.

But he developed a deep fear of horses.
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Got more Suikoden III doujinshi yesterday: Siren, Shagadelic Soul, and 本日さよなら日和. Looks like Siren is set in the Lotus world ... or maybe some sort of dream, since it's so surreal. Like teenage Albert talking to another [weaker] version of him and smiling as it is dragged into the water by a sea of hands. Then teen Albert talks to little Caesar, who is splashing around in the lotus water...

Shagadelic Soul's got cracky Destroyers stuff and some young Percival and Borus ... as well as Salome looking disturbingly like Piccolo (DBZ)... Then 本日さよなら日和 ... has Caesar finding a dead dog(?) in a bush and talking to Albert (said conversation ends up upsetting Caesar a lot), and Yuber and Albert talking as Albert bleeds to death in a battlefield.

Awesome. I love not being able to read kanji.

Other doujinshi I have. ...Mostly about the Silverberg brothers. )
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I just bought more Suikoden III doujinshi. Of course, featuring Albert and Caesar.

I got the reprint book Lotus 1+2. That means ... I've got Lotus 1-5 now. I just need Lotus 6 to finish the series. Yiiikes. Haven't looked at it yet, but I'm assuming it's gonna start out with Caesar in the Ceremonial Site then open up to the childhood flashbacks, since Caesar and Albert face off in the Ceremonial Site in Lotus 5. Pages: 128

Akage Sairoku #2's another doujinshi made by Aki, who created the Lotus series. I haven't finished browsing yet, but WHOA at the pages of how Albert's coat works. I love it already. It's hilarious thinking about just how many buttons and clasps are on that coat, and how long it must take to put it on. Pages: 72

I already browsed through THUNDER WORKS (pages: 48). Contains Caesar/Albert (yes, in that order), Caesar/Hugo, and just a little Geddoe/Hugo. I'm not big on Albert/Caesar, but BWAHAHA at the idea of Caesar putting the moves on his brother.

...Okay, just glanced further into Akage Sairoku. Bedridden Leon talking to Albert. GLEE! *runs off to browse*

Edit: Looking at Akage Sairoku reminded me that I used to RP Leon ([livejournal.com profile] nosimpleanswer). How in the world did I forget that?

Mathiu: *caught off guard but hides his shock rather well* My private business is best kept private, but I won't lie; I still have ill memories of my time with you. Children should be treated as children, not molded into some twisted family ideal that suits only the purposes of tyrants and madmen.

Leon: I would have more sympathy if you had not known about your heritage by the time you were walking and talking. When would you have learned the craft, if not as children? As adolescents? As teenagers? As adults?

Mathiu: ....if I could do it again? Probably never. There are much more important "crafts" than orchestrating wars and perverting history.

Leon: Yes, I suppose "perverting history" is a much less important and thankless job than being, say, a doctor. Would you rather have your clinic, nephew, and the hundreds of wounded that our paradigm would otherwise save?

Mathiu: I think you need to re-evaluate your decision making "paradigm"....if you are to ask me questions such as that.

Leon: You seem to forget that I have had many, many years to evaluate my methods. They are effective.

Mathiu: So you say, Uncle. But when you bring death and despair to people, do you still sleep at night? Do your "methods" bring your comfort?

Leon: Do you think I don't know the consequences? It is a war itself being a strategist, Mathiu; you know that as well as I. But, at the end of day, yes, I do sleep... Because there will always be another day with a decision harder to make than the last.

Leon smirked to himself, almost pleased his nephew had not taken the bait. "It is unfortunate that there is no such thing as a quick study to relationships."

"Are you implying something?" Mathiu asked, letting his arms drop back into the tub. "Nevermind. Of course you are, dear uncle."

"Subtlety was never a strong point of mine, I'm afraid," Leon replied with a slight incline of the head. "In any case, perhaps you should rethink how you portray people. You let your heart do the talking far too much; it is no wonder that it bleeds so much." He reached for his towel, wrapping it around his waist as he rose out of the bath.

Mathiu averted his eyes as Leon stood up. "Better to be guided by my heart than driven by emotionless power."

"Best to have your heart at the end of the day than on the floor, crushed by those whom you mistrusted it to." Leon gathered his clothes and stayed to a corner of the bath house, fixing his clothing as he dressed.

Holy crap, K. I forgot how intense those two were when we RPed them. >_>
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So I got my doujinshi from the post office today. I'm so glad I got gag comics this time around.

Rosso Strada is a Caesar & Albert doujinshi by BRAPPERS. One of the stories seems to be about Albert coming home or arriving wherever it is Apple and Caesar are at the moment.

Apple: *sees a carriage pulling up*
[Someone comes to open up the carriage and pulls out a large, long black box.]
Caesar: A-- a coffin?
Apple: *looks at the one dragging out the coffin* A-- ano...
[And while Apple talks to the person, Caesar has an internal monologue that descends into...]
Caesar: Aru-nii... *throws himself onto the coffin* Aru-nii! Ore... Ore...
Albert: *appears from the other side of the carriage* Tadaima.
Caesar: ... ...
Albert: Nan da?
Caesar: *flashes back to how he must've looked just then* ...Nandemo nai.

Too bad there's no way to get the same endearment with English.

There's also stuff with 8-year-old Albert and 1-year-old Caesar... Such as Albert teaching him "high" by lifting Caesar up, "low" by lowering him, "fast" by running (with Caesar carried like a football), and "scary" by lowering Caesar down a cliff overlooking rocks and the ocean. And Albert getting baby Caesar drunk by putting vodka in his bottle, then drinking said bottle (while Caesar cries).

Then there's Enyakura!, which is more general Suikoden III... It's primarily around Budehuc Castle, with cute moments like Connie (the dog) showing Nash that she's carrying strawberries in her pack. And then Cecile wanders over to a tree where Koroku is sitting, and she notices a tall piece of reed sticking out of the ground. She goes off and gets a shovel, then starts to dig, only to have an arm reach out of the ground and grab her. She looks down to see Watari's face staring back up at her. Of course, this leads to her running away screaming. >_>
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Albert: We are here to be experiments. Inhuman experiments; they are advanced enough to steal our humanity. And still you hound me with your snark.
Caesar: Humanity-stealing, my butt. I'm afraid it would take more than someone slapping a pair of wings on your back to make an angel out of you, Albert. ♥

Caesar: These last two years have been just unbearable without your uplifting pleasantries and general aura of good cheer. I've been doing great, thanks for asking.
Albert: Is that so? Two years? I fear knowing what exploits you could have endeavored into in that time. Nothing commendable, I'm sure.
Caesar: *scowls* Oh, the usual; extreme acts of debauchery, doing my best to destroy the precious Silverberg reputation, starting world-wide wars -- you know how it is. God, Albert you are such a prick.

Caesar: Father says hello, by the way, not that you seem to care.
Albert: You're right. I don't.

In other news, we have a little bit of snow in the trees this morning. Likely everyone's staying in when there's about an inch of snow on the ground.

Edit (2:23 PM): Huh. Now it's snowing a lot more. Wow.
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November starts in just a few more hours... Just a few more weeks before holidays and such. Wow.

I'm excited. I ordered some more Suikoden doujinshi and I should be able to pick them up tomorrow. I was debating it for awhile, but decided to order four so I'm getting my money's worth from the shipping and handling ($21 EMS from Japan, sheesh). I'm getting Brunch and Alliance, those two manga anthologies for Suikoden I and II that have been around for years. They were cheap, so I thought it couldn't hurt.

The ones I'm really excited about are the Lotus doujinshi from moenokoyashi. I've been a big fan for ages and the Albert and Caesar art is gorgeous. Under the cut is the cover illustration of one of them.

Picture cut )


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