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Soooo... I've been back since Wednesday, but I've been putting off replying. First it was because I was feeling lazy, and then I kinda forgot, and then it just started feeling overwhelming trying to write down everything that's been going on. So I'll skip the finer details and just focus on some broad summaries.

Hawaii was fantastic. Apparently we missed a heat wave in the area by going on vacation, so I think we lucked out in that sense, too. We went snorkeling at three different locations, looking down at the coral and all of the tropical fish. We also walked through a lava tube (read: lava-created cave) and did long-exposure light writing in a pitch-dark section of the tube. Very, very cool. We also ate ... expensively. Hahaha. And visited three candy factories. The big island is apparently big on chocolate and macadamia nuts. :| I'm almost out of my chocolate-dipped macadamia shortbread cookies. I'm already debating ordering more and having them shipped.

On Saturday, I attended a Lady Gaga concert with my brother and his fiancee. It's the first concert any of us have attended, and it was amazing. Bright lights, smoke, rising platforms, a burning piano, springboards, a fame monster, a disco stick, and lots of crotch-grabbing. The song "Boys, Boys, Boys" featured a lot of crotch-grabbing. :| I also found myself preferring how she sang Paparazzi live versus the album. We had good seats for paying the cheapest price for the three sections; I think it's because the seating was reserved for Citi card users.

Aaaand the Luceti events. Holy crap. So much stuff going on to get back into. And there's applications just around the corner, too. So excited about a lot of the reserves by returning players and characters.

Then over at Damned, my hiatus ends-- er, like, tomorrow. Ahahaha. I have no plans for the nightshift, so this will be interesting. Huzzah for Yukari and Mitsuru apps, though! ...Minato's going to have all the girls except Fuuka there. Oh boy.

And on top of all this... We're moving into a house soon. I need to start packing stuff. My new bedroom set will be delivered sometime in the first week or so of September. I'm so excited about that; I've never bought my own furniture set before. So much to do ... and I haven't really started at all.

Home again

Jun. 28th, 2009 12:41 am
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So my brother and I arrived back home at ... around noon on Saturday. We ate dim sum with my younger brother and his girlfriend, then unpacked a few things and ... pretty much crashed for the rest of the afternoon.

My older brother and I went to grab dinner and ice cream in the evening, and we started unpacking the rest of the crap from the car. My right knee gave out while I was getting ready to bring in a second load of gear/clothes/whatnot, and I collapsed right out there in the parking lot, dropping everything -- including my cellphone, which was still going because I was talking to my mom at the time.

Longest three minutes ever, lying there on the pavement with my brother testing my knee. I somehow managed to jam a rolled-up sleeping bag under my head so I could lie there hissing in pain. Then my brother helped me to my feet and helped me put weight on my knee again. It was kinda surreal, and I'm embarrassed/amazed at myself that one of the first things I said to my brother after "My knee hurts" and "I don't even know" was "Thank you for being here."

And then I started laughing and such as I limped into the apartment with bags, because I had thankfully not snapped something in my knee.

I guess my knee giving out like that could be a delayed reaction to our hiking on Thursday. My family has a genetic predisposition to weak legs/knees because of my mom's side, and my brother had been limping on the way down the mountains.

It's kinda funny. I had been telling my brother on the way down the mountains that, unlike him, my "bum leg" problem manifests itself in my knees, and give me no warning that my knees are about to give out other than a little bit of shaking. My knees don't even complain with the steep inclines and declines.

Ironically, my knee gives out two days after the hike. I guess I could've been unlucky and collapsed on the way down Vernal Falls. That would have been ... depressing.
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Sorry to everyone who asked questions in my last entry; since my internet time's been so sparse, I find my replying habits to be completely shot. Argh.

I'm in Iloilo City now, in a hotel called the Sarabia Manor. It's the closest to an American hotel that I've been in since arriving in the Philippines, but still very ... sparse. The lobby seems to be the nicest place -- which is where the WiFi is, so I'm downstairs and using it right now.

It rains in the Philippines a lot more than I thought it did. Or maybe we're just visiting at the wrong time. But it's been nice (and terribly humid, to a Pacific Northwest-born Filipino), even if it's hard to enjoy when my sister and I are just getting dragged around by our parents. Oh, and Leo, we were in Conception because we had relatives in Agnaga over there. We also went through my mom's hometown of Sara.

Sitting in a van, driving around an island from Caticlan to Agnaga to Iloilo City for nine hours, has led to some weeeeird ideas. I blame listening to Digimon music for several hours.

Cut for Legendia Digimon AU idea weirdness )
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In Boracay now. It's breezy and nice. First time with internet connection since Manila, three days ago. Was in Conception and Roxas City the last two days. Blah.

I miss the internet like ... like an addiction. :(
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I don't update as often as I used to anymore. I guess I don't feel like I have much to talk about.

Well ... I guess I've got something to announce now. I'll be going to the Philippines in exactly a week. Sixteen hour flight, sixteen hour time difference. That is going to be one helluva jetlag.

I've never flown internationally before. And it'll be my parents' first time back to the Philippines in three decades. I'm kinda anxious about the flight, but I'm trying not to dwell on the negatives. It's hard, because my older brother has been really negative about the planning and everyone. And he isn't even going anymore. I'm gonna try to enjoy it. My friends have been telling me to try a lot of different things once I get there. It'll keep me busy.

I'll be quitting my internship at work early to go on the trip. I've been working there for a year as of June 13, so I've been restless about being on an internship that long. But I'll probably be going back as a vendor someday, editing at a higher pay rate. That'll be nice.

And I better get ready for work.
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Spent the day in Canada. Woke up at 6 AM to get ready. Ended up waking everyone else up, since no one else was awake by 6:30. (Sheesh, when did I become the morning person in the family?) My little brother's girlfriend came along too, which was cool. I think we left around 8 AM. Not quite sure.

We drove up to Vancouver in British Columbia. We went to the Capilano Suspension Bridge and Stanley Park, just taking in the sights and walking around. Prices for food were crazy ... but that's not surprising in tourist traps. >_>; We brought up sandwiches from home for the trip, so that was nice.

Suspension bridges are awesome as long as you don't feel like you're gonna get knocked right off the bridge. Some little asshats were purposely swaying the bridge, and I was pretty much thrown against the railing. Ugh.

Vancouver's huge. And green. And windy. Pretty, though.
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It's currently 4 in the morning. Got in a little after 3 AM; we've been driving up the coast from northern CA to WA since ... oh, 10 AM on Tuesday? My dad's amazing, that's all I can say. >_> We took the scenic route US-101 until we reached Portland ... and there was a lot of road work, to say the least.

I'm stuck leeching off slow wireless until I either find a way to fix my Ethernet hub (unlikely) or connect to the family wireless, which seems to be being a jerk to me right now and not letting me connect to it. Bleh.

Currently trying to get into Suikosource to access to the Star of Destiny lists. Just got an idea for JS ... and I need the lists for other aspects that I never got around to writing down before. I'll probably forget something important at this rate.

Day 5

Aug. 21st, 2006 11:05 pm
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Went to visit relatives over in Vallejo. We went to this plaza almost completely dedicated to Filipino stores and restaurants, which is very new to me.

... What else? Just lots of driving, really. Now we're in a Days Inn in Eureka, CA after driving most of the afternoon. And ... yeah. That's it. Gonna go now.

Day 4

Aug. 20th, 2006 05:35 pm
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Just got back from boating. We left about 10 AM and got to Rollins Lake about 11 AM. Sooo ... we were on the lake, just chilling for almost five hours. It was really nice, but I get the feeling my face is going to be on fire tomorrow. Maybe.

Sounds like we're going to Reno tonight. Tch...

Don't you just love it when your parents take the fun out of going places?

Edit: Ended up not going to Reno. Just went to dinner and went back to the room, where I proceeded to have an allergic reaction to something. Lovely.

Day 3

Aug. 20th, 2006 12:27 am
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We went down to San Francisco and Fremont today. It took us three hours to fight through traffic into the city (bottlenecks to the tollbooths on the Bay Bridge and whatnot), and then we spent an hour and a half in Golden Gate Park. Weather in San Francisco is amazingly different from the area just outside; being near the water, San Francisco can have huge amounts of fog even when the sun is beating down everywhere else.

We saw the Transamerica Pyramid, Treasure Island, Golden Gate Bridge, and Alcatraz Island coming into the city, and also the Twin Peaks and Sutro Tower, though the Sutro Tower was largely covered by the fog... Mm ... what else? We went to the De Young Museum and Japanese Tea Garden over in the Park, and I took pictures of the little pagoda, bridges, and other things around. I was largely amused to just have been able to see Alcatraz Island from a distance, even if I couldn't take pictures from the car.

We went to Fremont afterwards to meet with one of my Mom's old classmates from middle school. We ate at an Asian buffet over there that was actually quite nice. They even had a chocolate fountain, which a lot of kids were abusing by sticking their ice cream into the stream.

Plan for tomorrow is to go boating with the couple that my older brother is a tenant to. Apparently he told them that we were in town for a few days and they invited us to spend a day on their boat. We went and bought a pair of life jackets to bring onto their boat prior to heading to San Francisco. If we were on some sort of schedule for this trip, I doubt we would have had this kind of opportunity. I'm glad we're just winging this entire thing.

JS stuff )

Day 2

Aug. 18th, 2006 06:09 pm
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We're now in Rocklin, CA. We got a pretty nice Howard Johnson hotel room; vanity, air con, queen-sized beds, fridge, microwave... Yeah.

Current plan is to go to Yosemite National Park tomorrow with my brother; he seems to have weekends off ... I think.

And we won't be able to make it to Las Vegas. =\ But my parents said we might go to Reno. =D

Day 1...

Aug. 18th, 2006 01:49 am
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We got into a Travelodge about 12:45 AM. We're over in Medford, Oregon, and we intend to get down to California tomorrow. My dad drove the entire way, and he's ... surprisingly awake still.

Hopefully we'll find another hotel with wireless down in CA. Or a hotel at all. It looks like hotels along the way have been largely full. We had to try three hotels before finding one. >.>


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