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Jun. 19th, 2006 01:57 am
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I wish there was a day where everyone I knew could simply be happy and content. You know, a whole day. Not just an hour in the morning while reading the paper and eating breakfast. Not that 30-minute break that ends up being 27 minutes because you have to spend the last three clocking in. Not just an evening after throwing back a few beers.

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I had a weird dream. It was a Suikoden-related one, so I really didn't want to wake up from it.

There was a tall, warrior-like man with a moustache (Barbarossa, I think), along with Gremio. What they there doing, I haven't a clue and I don't really remember the details.

What I do remember is seeing Viktor in the dream. And Sarah from Suikoden III. Viktor and Sarah at the same time. Talking.

And I'm like, "The heck?"

*thinks about it for a long, long moment*

... This better not be some divine power telling me to app Viktor. O__o I don't even fangirl over him like some people do!

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I was digging through my e-mail archives and I found these. If you've got a few minutes to kill, they'll be a fun read.

Useless tidbits for your everyday life )

Feminine Language )

For the writers out there: really bad analogies )
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Things I have to do
-- Stat 311 homework for tomorrow (13 problems)
-- Notesheet for Stat 311 test on Friday
-- Study for Stat 311 test
-- Homework for Stat 321 due on Saturday
-- Stat 321 test on Tuesday
-- 2 pages of final Envir 202 paper due Tuesday

Things I want to do
-- Write next True Runes drabble (probably Fire, Wind, or Blue Moon)
-- Write next Silverberg drabble (almost definitely Albert and Caesar now)
-- Write another Silverberg drabble (Mathiu's funeral; Leon, Tir, Sanchez, and the generals)
-- Write exchange-with-Amber drabble/fic (Luc and Leknaat)
-- Finish next chapter of Tabularasa

Things I don't want to do
-- Go to class

Edit: Jenny got into TC, too. *grins* Now I've gotta find out from Sean tomorrow.
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Forbes' 15 Richest Fictional People

I was very amused by #1 and #15. Very, very amused.
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The most awesome musical Christmas display ever. *laughs*

... So.

Oct. 27th, 2005 01:12 am
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Fire alarms went off in the building. Had to evacuate. Someone burned something on the 6th floor. Could smell the smoke and fumes while evacuating down fire escape. Am pissed that I had to evacuate at 1 AM. Am also stupidly excited and thrilled by the new experience. Am amused that I had to climb eight stories of stairs back to room at 1 AM.

To Amber: This is the universe's way of telling me that sleeping at a normal time does not work for me. HAH!
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When I get my own house in the future, I want little lawn gnomes in my garden.
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I want the entire Star Trek: The Next Generation series. All seven seasons. Over $700. But it'll be worth it to see Picard go through so many awesome things...

Tired now. Must sleep...


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