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I'm very quiet about my roleplaying, considering how long I've being RPing and how many different comms I've been a part of. It's kinda funny, thinking back on it. LJ RPing aside, I've been RPing online since I first got on the 'net; ONElist, Yahoo groups, messageboards, and so on. I've actually grown to prefer LJ RPing, since tag spamming (something I didn't do tons of until Shukusei) is so much easier to do than ... logs. I still can't believe I used to AIM RP (almost exclusively for Suikoden RPs).

I guess I'm quiet about my RPing because a lot of what comes out in RPing also shows up in my writing, and it kinda gets redundant talking about both of them. But it's not like I don't want to talk about the characters I RP.

I made [livejournal.com profile] signs_of_sanity, a musebox for all my various previous RP journals, with the intention of just using it for ... roleplaying drabbles. But, uh, after the spiel I wrote on Luceti Walter, I'm realizing I probably missed out on a lot of opportunities to pick at my characters' brains. I probably would've written pages about Suikoden Chaos!Albert or Shukusei!Tir or even Island!Sync back when I still played them. So now all I can say is damn to that.

...It's also funny to look back and notice the variety (or lack of variety) of characters I played on LJ.

TL;DR - [livejournal.com profile] signs_of_sanity
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So thanks to a person who has reinvigorated my flagging Albert-muse's otherwise peaceful existence (with a Caesar who is not just in-character but beginning to desire a sibling relationship), I've attempted to get back into Suikoden. The first step was re-picking up Ace on [livejournal.com profile] suiko_rpg. I still can't believe I've had him since 2004. D:

I've had this strong desire to play Ferid since I started contemplating Suikoden characters again. As much as I love Sialeeds and Gizel, I'm neither quick-witted enough to play Sialeeds or ... uh, deep enough to play Gizel. (So why the hell do I still have Leon Silverberg? The world may never know...)

I'm pretty sure I'd have to drop one of my other characters if I wanted to app Ferid. I don't want to drop Ace because he's actually got the majority of the SFDF to interact with. I don't want to drop Leon because I like having a Silverberg in my arsenal, and all of the others are taken in some form. I don't want to drop Edgar because I'm pretty sure no one else would play Edgar, and he was fun to play.

On the other hand, I'm pretty sure I don't do any justice to an old and withering Leon, and he didn't talk to anyone other than Apple, Mathiu, Cecile, and I think Yuber at some point... And Edgar is really just like playing a handsome Ace, except he's a bit more serious and has a hot, bitchy almost-but-not-really-because-she'll-kick-his-ass-spouse named Kika...

Damn decisions. Maybe if I wait long enough, the urge to play Ferid will die.

But in the mean time... Sad face is sad. :[


Apr. 2nd, 2007 02:53 pm
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My throat is annoying me. It's been sore and I've been coughing for about a weak (but am otherwise fine), and karaoke on Saturday didn't help the problem much. But who can resist singing when you go out to karaoke?

So our class is going to be looking at Flickr for our 407 help system. Lovely... I mixed it up with Twitter, so now I'm annoyed at myself and embarrassed for jumping to conclusions. Blah.

In muse talk, Organization XIII has moved into my head. Although my favorite is Zexion, Xigbar and Saix are the loudest in my head. And I don't understand the appeal of "Zemyx." I've decided I prefer antagonists that function as a group over individual villains. The ideas of some of the groups interacting are very interesting--the Destroyers, the God-Generals, the Oniwabanshu, Organization XIII, and on and on and on...

What else...? Oh, I finished Suikoden II with both the Rune of Beginning ending and the best ending. I totally forgot about the little scene at the end where the three go to see Jillia and Pilika and Pilika runs over to Jowy (which we don't actually see; all we see is Nanami and Riou walking and Jowy running to catch up with them). So cute.

Now I'm into Rogue Galaxy, which my brother got a long time ago and neither of us ever touched. I clocked in over 10 hours on it this weekend--it's a really good game. My brother joked that the battle system was "what Final Fantasy XII should've been." I laughed.
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This is the earliest I've been home from school in two and a half weeks. Makes me kinda sad.

Thaaank you, [livejournal.com profile] suiko_rpg, for reviving my Suikoden muses. T__T Leon is now beating me over the head to write a family tree for the Silverbergs AlbertandSanaficWHUT?

I'm so happy I've got 猫又 Master songs I wanted... Just a little annoyed my brother had the full version of "Sayonara, Heaven" and didn't tell me. *sighs*

Hmm... What else? I'll be sitting in at a WiSE conference this weekend. Guess I'll be talking to high school and community college students about TC. Sounds like it'll be fun, since Rose and Danielle (and probably Amanda) will be there.

Oh! I had to give a presentation on information visualization of a depiction. *gags* I was so stressed out about it last Friday because the grad students were presenting before the undergrads, but by Monday, all the undergrads were ... high or something. Some of us were just laughing during our presentations ... myself included.

Me: "So, why an illustration instead of a photo?"
*ten second pause*
Entire class: *bursts into laughter*

Amanda said I apparently started laughing right before everyone else started laughing. *sweatdrops* The pause was intentional, but I didn't expect it to be that long or get that much or a response from everyone.

Me: "And I'm going to stop now because I'm at a loss of words."
Entire class: *good-natured laughter*

I love ending on a good note. That was pretty cool. Not the best way to end a presentation (no conclusion and revisiting of the main points hit), but I'm glad people laughed. I'm apparently a funny presenter when I do things on the fly. >_>

Hm... Maybe I'll write up this Silverberg timeline, too. I don't have anything due in class tomorrow.
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Ral: As a turk who worked for shinra, where would you hide somebody if you wanted to get them later, but not let anyone know where they were?
Reno: My gym locker.
Ral: Someone you wanted ALIVE, Reno. ._.
Reno: ... Oh. In that case, my beer cabinet.

Ral: *sits down to think and ponder* Where would I hide a girl and man, or two girls, if I wanted nobody to know where they were, but had easy access to them? >_>
Reno: Don Corneo's Wall Market.
Luc: *slaps his forehead*
Ral: What's that? o.o
Luc: You're better off not knowing. -.-;;
Ral: Okay. Well, it sounds more likely than a beer cabinet.
Luc: It's a place where prostitutes and pimps hang out. Don't ask how I know this. ><;;
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... Wow. I just realized I've been here for two hours. Huh.

Old muses have been visiting me lately. Kaiba. Eriol. Max. Braska. Been looking at old fics to reflect.

But my mind's been on that Suikoden IV idea. I don't know why, though. I have no grasping of the Island Nations, and yet the idea kicks me when I least expect it.

And yet, all of my creative energy's been going into RPGMaker XP. I destroyed Geffen Academy and killed all the students. Eh heh heh. *amused*

Maybe I should refocus on one thing.

*realizes she's happy with her thoughts being everywhere*

Nevermind. *smiles*

-- Patriarchal Faction (Ornella, Busk, Corselia, Martin, Julius(?))
-- ..... What the heck was the other faction?? (Roget, Iskas)
-- Scarlet Moon Empire (Andarc, Seneca, Coop)
-- Island Nations (... lots of people)
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Taking a break from studying. Isn't it sad when your best time to study is the middle of the night? My body clock is not fucked up, really. Since I'm in a semi-writing mood at the moment, I think I'll muse about Albert a bit.

Analyzing Albert: The Study of My Main Muse

He's stuck around for a good ... oh, three years now? He's up to par with Ken Ichijouji from Digimon and more productive than Rufus Shinra from FF7 ever was. He's also been easier to develop, but that's only because we don't see much personality out of him to begin with.

Some random traits that have shown up in or events that have happened to different incarnations of him:

And by 'some,' I mean 'many' )

And the inevitable list of things I want to explore/do with his character:

Please bear with me and my LJ cuts ^^; )

Edit: And a Star Trek fangirly moment...

Cut for quiz results )
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Got the eighth and ninth seasons of Friends from my brother as a sorta belated birthday gift. 'Been watching them quite a bit. Just one more season and I've got the whole set. Whoo. @_@

I'm back on a Backstreet Boys stint, listening every chance I get. I blame the song "Beautiful Woman." *plays it at least 80 times a day*

Started skimming back on old Final Fantasy favorites from FF.net. Some fanfics are just good enough to get you emotional with one chapter. Lovely, lovely.

Speaking of Final Fantasy, I'm obsessing over Shinra again with this rut in Suikoden inspiration. Rufus is back to being my muse after Albert's two-year reign. *waves byebye to Suikoden ideas* It's to the point where I'm digging up that five-year-old idea of Rufus going insane and slaughtering all the executives.

... In other news...

My mom wants me to keep a diary of our pet birds, since Jack and Jill's first egg just hatched today. The little chick is so ... ... yellow.

So... I guess I'll list the birds right off, starting with our original four budgies and moving on to the most recent additions.

Marigold -- lutino female(?) budgie
Aqua -- skyblue clearflight male budgie
Shadow -- cobalt blue clearflight male budgie; killed by predator
Nature -- dark green normal male budgie; lost right leg a few weeks ago
Duke -- dark green normal male budgie
Harmony -- albino female budgie; killed by predator
Jack -- normal (possibly pearl) male cockatiel; Jill's mate
Jill -- pearl female cockatiel; Jack's mate -- currently four fertile eggs, one hatched
Hansel -- half-lutino (had black eyes...) male budgie; Gretel's mate; killed by predator
Gretel -- yellowface blue female budgie; Hansel's mate
Carni -- mauve (or possibly dark gray) clearflight female budgie; baby of the bunch
Yuki -- beautiful white female budgie with cobalt blue and black marking along spine (recessive pied?)

Now I have to get ready for another trip to Seattle. We're gonna get a pair of lovebirds...


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