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Mar. 26th, 2012 05:10 pm
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Ahab passed away today. I feel guilty that I wasn't there at his last moments, and that Cocoa was still hunched next to him even though Ahab was already long gone. I'm not surprised, but at the same time I am; Ahab was a runt, but barely over two years old, but he'd been troubled with respiratory problems (and other things) the majority of his short life.

I feel like I could have done more for the little guy, or should have for that matter. But he'd been eating and drinking even through last night, and he even took his vitamin as he usually did. I think, ultimately, it might just have been his time to go.

In addition, my vitamin D level is ridiculously low. I'm not surprised, since what is sun during the winter months, it means I'll be on prescription vitamin D to get that stuff back up to a decent level.

Also going to file a mortgage application today, once I'm finished with all of this. It's all throwing me for a loop, especially thinking about how much I'm going to have to pay per month whenever I actually get around to buying a condo/townhouse...

...Last but not least, apparently I will be getting a raise starting this next month. Another one. It ... doesn't seem all that long ago that I got a raise, but when I asked my agent, apparently the last one I had was in August. So ... wow.


Sep. 16th, 2011 01:01 pm
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The terrible thing about combining LJ RP and Plurk? All free time goes down the drain.

And when you are without RP drive for awhile? It seems like you have absolutely nothing to do. So, so terrible.

I've been wanting to color icons, write things, make little lists and such ... for a long time now. My current system with RPing has me feeling like there's always this cloud of Stuff to do that hovering over my head. I don't like that feeling; RP should be fun, not work.

I need to do something about that. Not sure what at this time.

I should do more reading, too. I can practically feel my vocabulary slipping away, and I need to sit down and just read something that'll hold my interest and still challenge my mind. I've got several books in my room, but little motivation to crack them open. Gotta work on that.

Gotta work on a lot of things. But I still want to watch things, play video games, chat... Auuuugh. :|
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Need to do:
- Pay off credit card bills
- Pay vacuum cleaner payment
- Pay off Macy's card
- Finish work/e-mails/timesheet before Monday

Should do:
- Update/post lucetlocked tables/info
- Respond to tags/CR meme

Want to do:
- Review Tierkreis notes
- Hammer out more Suikoden/Tierkreis crossover notes
- Hammer out lots of other things 8|


Jan. 24th, 2011 04:51 pm
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I've been wanting to write more Suikoden stuff lately. I have a crazy Suikoden-with-Tierkreis-elements plot developing in my head, but I'm so frustratingly busy that I haven't been able to do enough research to make the entire thing coherent. It's really weird how these plots develop, because I end up thinking about characters I usually have no interest in writing about. Like ... Sarah. I have no insight into her, but she'd be so integral to this plot that I'd have to write about her. So, so weird.

And I need to get back to work. Gotta finish at least one of these projects today.
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Ganked from K. This looks like it'd be fun to do with my RP characters, too.

Cut for results )

Things have calmed down a bit at work. The meeting tomorrow's been canceled (for some reason), so I'll be able to sleep in a little and catch up on the sleep I've been missing out on the last few days.

I try to be flexible for other people, even at serious expense of my own time. It's a trait that would be much better suited for a salary job than a contract position, which is probably the only big reason why I'd want to work on salary. I've spent some late nights working on documents because I knew that it would help the designer if I could get files back to her sooner. I've hurried through page proofs because I knew that I'd be helping a coworker start his vacation sooner rather than later.

Since things have been calming down, I've been treating myself out this week. Went shopping on Monday, bought an expensive lunch and dinner for myself yesterday. Now I'll be going to a dinner and movie tonight.

...In other news, I'm seriously thinking about getting an internet-capable phone. Someone tell me this is a bad idea.
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First off... *kicks internet* I swear, it cuts out at the weirdest times.

Let's see... Not getting as many projects at work as I would like (for the money), but it's nice to have the free time. My manager tries to keep me busy by having me do scheduling and little note-taking jobs, but it doesn't add up to an eight-hour day or anything. Ah well. As long as I have enough hours per month.

Yesterday, I went to the gym by myself for the first time in months. It was nice. I need to get back in the habit of kicking myself into going every other day or so. Wasting that gym membership needs to stop.

Also went back to the university campus for the first time in ... geez, a year or so? It's weird going back as a visitor. I think it'd be even weirder to go back to high school as a visitor, but you need to do all that stupid security (checking in with the front desk, etc.) to go onto high school campus. No thanks.

I got to see my cousin's design show while on campus, and it was nice to analyze his work and offer him compliments on a critique level. Our majors shared some visual design elements, so I enjoyed hearing him explain his typography and design formatting choices. It also gave me some affirmation that I still recall my major well enough to talk about it, which is ... well, comforting after being away from school for three years. (Geez, three years already.)

Hopefully going out to karaoke tomorrow night. Being stuck in my car on the freeway for an hour gave me a good excuse to belt out songs. ...Even if things like Simple Plan and Bowling for Soup aren't doing anything for my tone. Pfft.

On the RP front, tags have slowed down to a crawl while I've been doing other things offline. I really need to backthread some things, but my interest comes in small bursts lately. At least I have an idea of all the things I need to do with my characters.

Currently playing Disgaea Infinite, which I oddly enough found out about only yesterday (the day after it was released) while shopping for other things on Amazon. It's a nice change of pace from Record of Agarest War, which I've been taking a "forced" break from while my brother plays catch-up to me. (Record of Agarest War is super long and much more of a day-killer, just because of how long a single battle can take.) The time loop function of Disgaea Infinite was just getting to me when I finally made headway with the storyline, so I can safely say that I'm still enjoying it. And it's longer than I thought, which is a pleasant surprise.

...But that means I won't be able to finish it tonight. Which means I'll have to somehow force myself to turn it off. Dang.

edit: As suspected, I couldn't turn it off. Mild spoilers )

It's a lot of fan service, and I enjoy it greatly. The database and character profiles are neat, and it actually makes me a little interested in Disgaea 3.
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I think it's time to finally take a break.
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Thank you to everyone who offered their condolences. My older brother and I headed back to our parents' house last Tuesday evening to bury our guinea pig, then were back in our apartment by Wednesday evening since my brother started work on Thursday. I'm really grateful he drove me out at that time; I really needed the closure. Cindy was buried in the tulip patch, so hopefully the bulbs there will still grow despite being disturbed.

We've bought two new guinea pigs since then, both of which are male and not firmly named yet. The younger of the two, bought at the beginning of the week, is tentatively named Captain Ahab, since my older brother thought he looked like a pirate with one black leg and an eyepatch. The elder of the two was bought Thursday evening and was actually a cagemate to Ahab, but I was hesitant to get him at first because I wasn't sure the size of our cage was big enough for two guinea pigs. When my younger brother mentioned he was alone in the pet store now (the other guinea pig had also been bought), I caved and let him buy the other one. They're getting along for now, but I'll be keeping an eye out to see if they bite each other or anything.

My patience is still frayed from Cindy's death, and it's slow to return to normal with stress from work just getting worse. I keep saying it, but I really need a vacation -- and I should really mention it at my next one-on-one ... which has thankfully been rescheduled for tomorrow instead of Monday. The random template update requests today irritated and stressed the heck out of me, and then there's the added stress of knowing a new contractor needs to be onboarded and it'll likely be me doing the training. Ugh. Just ugh.

I need to do things on the RP front too. Luceti character relationship blurbs, informational posts, etc. I usually have fun doing those things, but work has me passing out before I ever get back to my personal laptop. Hopefully I'll be able to relax with the new event coming up.

...At least Minato has his sword now? I still need to finish that thread so I'm not wasting Leon's time. My castmates must think I'm full of fail with my slowness.

Currently playing Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride and Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. DQ5 has been interesting because of the conversational aspect, but my favorite thing so far is probably how it relates to DQ4 with the Zenithian legend. Very neat.

I still need to buy Ace Attorney Investigations and update my PSP to play Half-Minute Hero. Slowly but surely.
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Sent out my first mass e-mail at work today. I've been putting it off for weeks because I never felt I had a complete-enough list to send out a communication on template updates. Aaand sure enough, I needed to talk to an ID to have more people included on the list before I sent it out. Don't you love it when high priority projects light a fire under your ass?

I've actually been working less this week than last week, but I'm also catching up on sleep that I've been severely lacking. I think I've managed to get an average of six hours of sleep this week so far.

My older cousin's wife gave birth to twin girls last week, January 27. The aunts have been understandably excited, since they're the first twins in the family. It's funny how the girls can already be distinguished from one another; one is really fussy, while the other can sleep through anything (my cousin claimed she's totally "Daddy's girl").

Been watching a lot of TV lately -- Worst Cooks in America, Biggest Loser, The Colony, the Lost premiere, and tons of Forensic Files. I've kinda missed it; it's more stimulating than staring at my work at midnight, at least.

Slowly working on Luceti relationship posts. I don't have tables for Leon or Walter yet, so that'll be fun to figure out... I reworked Albert's ∞ numbers, so I'll need to update those when I update his list. I'm actually looking forward to that more than putting together the other two CR tables. Hahahaha. >_>

Now, I'm off. My older brother finally got offered a job, so we're off to celebrate with lunch.


Jan. 25th, 2010 05:58 am
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Ugh. Well, ending the weekend on a blah note is pretty telling for the upcoming week. I'm in charge of managerial duties while my manager is on PTO, and I received e-mails on Saturday from designers already requesting alerts when I'm finished editing files due this next Friday. Good grief. I've never flagged so many e-mails in my entire career as I have in the last two months.

Travian's s5 war wrapped up at long last. FUSE (Fully United SE quadrant, headed by the former PD meta) built their World Wonder to level 100 first. Everyone in the Outlaws started sending out their goodbyes and congratulations for making the full 300-day commitment. Thanks, Sapph, for dualing with me for the last ... how many months? Five? Nearly half the game, or maybe even longer. I ended with 20 villages, in the top 700 players on the server, and with over 57k troops left in reserve.

I was happy to get messages from other alliance-mates who knew I had been with the alliance since the beginning of the server. I'm so proud we finished third in the game, even if I was an overstressed diplomat and lousy leader.

I'm not playing Travian for a long, long time, though. Keeping up with it has burned me out continuously.

Except I can't blame it for this funk I've slipped in since Sunday. Travian goodbyes were actually the highlights of the day. The quietness led to me contemplating if I should spend less time online. Hrm...
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So remember how I mentioned awhile back that I bought the three Mario & Luigi games? I received them today.

Superstar Saga was a demo version that you would have seen in game stores. It even has the NOT FOR RESALE sticker on it.

Partners in Time was obviously a knockoff, with off-color covers and a noticeable cut on the instruction manual.

Bowser's Inside Story looks slightly off, with a wrinkled back cover. Like a game that was rejected from in-store sale.


When my dad mentioned that a lot of the scammers and whatnot had been moving from eBay to Amazon, I didn't really believe him. I sure believe him now.

I've sent messages around and am in the process of looking for another copy of Superstar Saga. In the mean time, I'm gonna go back to RPG Maker VX. I've gotta convert my RPG Maker XP data manually.

...I used to mess around with RPG Maker 2000 and RPG Maker XP awhile back. I decided to play around with the game again when I noticed there was a new version out.

Meet Factival. The inspiration for the character should be obvious.

Lots of images under the cut )

In other news, went to the office yesterday for a team meeting. Got a contractor badge, so I can get into the building whenever I need to without my manager needing to buzz me in. The team meeting was the best part about work yesterday. When I got back home and started working (heh, how many people can say that?), I was flooded with e-mails about different projects and crap. Ugh. I've thankfully been able to finish the two immediate projects, and I can sleep in a little today.

And I'm sick, to boot! What a lovely week this is turning out to be.


Jan. 7th, 2010 07:21 am
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*stares at the 7 AM reading on the clock*

...Geez, it's been months since I've had to do all-nighters this terrible. I'm glad I'll be moving on to a new project tomorrow.

I need to nap. Then pick up my package from the post office. And then go back to work. Sigh.

Weeks like this make me kinda wish I didn't work so I could indulge in all the little things I want to do, like do those voice recordings for that old meme, or work on icons or drabbles.

I'm really glad it's been awhile since I've had to do this.
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Crap, it's almost 4 AM. 8| That one project took way too long, even with changing the editing scope. It's a good thing that my sleeping schedule sucks! :)

Welcome to [ profile] herrjustice, [ profile] terra, [ profile] whiteadelphi, [ profile] manlidere, [ profile] dynast_harmonia, [ profile] ladynadiad, and [ profile] marbles_chan from the Luceti friending meme! As you can see, my LJ is very open, so ... there's little benefit in being on my flist! But I appreciate you being here all the same.

Quick intro: I'm Athena, and I'm not my characters. I say this because I have this feeling that I'm somehow intimidating, and that may be because of my characters. I mostly talk about life, RP, video game fandom, and fanfiction.

I've been horrible with my RPing lately, and I totally blame the holidays. There have also been a ton of family events (birthdays, baptism, etc.) keeping me busy, so I haven't been feeling up to RP when I do get time to sit in front of the computer. And then there's work, which I already addressed in the first paragraph of this entry. I need to reply to my logs for Damned most of all, since those have been delayed since before Christmas. Then I need to get Minato positioned so he can pick up his Evoker from Abe before running into Souji.

... ...In other news, I've finished Dragon Quest IV! I've attempted to finish the game on the original NES and at least three times as an NES ROM, but I just kept running into issues -- losing the cartridge, hard drive failure, blah blah blah... It's always been the one Dragon Warrior/Quest game I felt compelled to finish; I think the chapters really made the difference for me. And Torneko Taloon's awesome. I need to finish the extra chapter, and then I can put the game to rest.

I'm in the process of waiting for more doujinshi. EMS shipping is always crazy, but I'm hoping to get everything by ... Tuesday. Yes, that would be nice. Four Suikoden III doujinshi and two Legendia anthologies.

Back to work. Let's see how much I can do before I need sleep.
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...I am so glad they decided to put this game on the PSP. The gameplay looks awesome. Ven has some incredibly sweet-looking moves.

The close-up of Ienzo leaves no doubt in my mind that he's perfectly capable of doing what's necessary for Ansem's research. That expression is kinda scary on a kid that young. :|;

Still freaking busy. Niece's baptism on Saturday, shopping/hanging out on Sunday, and now project due dates today and tomorrow. Blah.
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No work projects today. Got some PDF stuff to do, plus some items to queue for publishing, but I'll put it off until the afternoon. After the dark project two weeks ago, I think I'm due some slow time. 8| It's not like I get any company-paid vacations or rewards as a contractor.

So I had a nice, leisurely morning. And a kickass breakfast.

Hell yeah, makeshift nabeyaki udon. Fried tofu, tempura shrimp, napa cabbage, green onions. For breakfast.

Additionally, some pics of our apartment pets )
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Gaaah, I hate these damn automatic updates on Vista. First it downloads the updates when I don't confirm the downloads, and then it restarts the damn computer when I'm asleep. I had been sitting on the fence about upgrading to Windows 7, but that ... that was the last straw. I lost all of those replies for the relationship meme. ~_~ *brb looking for checkbook*

Work has been hectic for the last week or so, and next week is gonna be equally bad because I have four projects to publish. And now I'm having trouble with FrameMaker files on SharePoint. Ugh. I've sent out an e-mail asking if others have the same issue, or however they get around it. This is why I prefer the internal content management system. That system has much better versioning control.

Hrm... Now I've forgotten why I made this entry in the first place. It had something to do with Kingdom Hearts 358/2, but ... uh. I've forgotten now. I know it had to be put under an LJ cut for spoilers, though.

...Oh. That's it.

358/2 Days -- Saix )


Aug. 31st, 2009 12:31 am
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I'm disappointed in myself. Here I am, trying to have a relaxing weekend after ... a damn load of work that has been making my weekdays stressful, and I get surly at the idea of having to spend time away from the computer. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I'm obligated to do a lot of work on the computer, and then my brothers don't understand that my idea of relaxation also involves using the computer. So they pull me away to do other things.

As well-meaning as they are, it makes me wish I had a car. I need the freedom to not be pulled around by them every time they want to do something I don't consider fun.

The battle log went up for the Luceti intruders event, and I wanted to jump all over it ... or at least stalk it while it was going on. But I could never decide what I wanted to do with my characters, and I ended up missing the whole thing when my weekend got busy. I just ended up throwing in an ooc note after the fact, since the log's closed to new threads. Meh. At least I got a ton of stuff going on for the battle preparations?

I'm not entirely sure what I want out of Luceti right now. There's potential for Walter, but it's sorta reliant on a thread that's backlogged into eternity now--and now reactions would be off and very strange. So I don't know how to salvage that idea. Albert just went and departed for the twilight zone on me during the whole adrenaline-rush-and-crash of the event, so I'm debating what to do with him.

Edit because I need to gush: Caesar and Albert's interactions are so amusing. I'm really enjoying the awkward-but-somewhat-not-dysfunctional dynamic they've got going on. Their latest interaction, with Caesar's reaction straight out of the manga ending, was enough to make me smile. Made me wish I had an icon of Albert's back-turned goodbye wave.

Nightshift started at Damned, and I still haven't posted for Minato. I ... have a beginning post half-written up, and I'm quietly proud of my creativity with getting him a 'starting weapon' (broken plastic hanger, anyone?), but I don't have any solid plans for him yet. He needs to copy stuff off of the bulletin board, try and steal a CD player from the music room, look for the others... I need to stop being a chicken and PM Yukari or Junpei.

I need to see if I can get out of the campus appearance on Thursday; I really don't want to have an on-site meeting this week, with my needing to be in a different city on Friday. Hopefully my manager will be understanding and let me phone in.

Juggling several video games at the moment. Pixeljunk Monsters on PS3, Professor Layton and the Curious Village on DS, Tales of VS on PSP, and gonna try Titan Quest on the PC for my brother's sake. Hoping to finish Professor Layton soon so I can stop staying up late trying to figure out puzzles.
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The Enneagram Test /hi5 to Kukki )

It's pretty accurate, though some of the childhood things don't quite fit. And there's nothing about how much one can angst about being too logical. 8( *ANGSTS LIKE A HALF-VULCAN*

Still very busy. My manager should be coming back soon from PTO, and then I'll hopefully be free from all this extra work. And then I'll just be "busy" instead of "very busy." :|b

I'm very happy to be RPing with Caesar again. ♥ I just hope my RP canon isn't too fml for her. There didn't seem to be any issues with it, but I worry since Albert doesn't come across as an angstbucket. And he shouldn't, other than the whole thing about already establishing Caesar is his weakness. *headdesk* It's been so long that I've forgotten these things. I really need to write them down. So I'll try to make use of that long-ignored musebox.

I've been Damned. It's been pretty cool. tl;dr.

Going to the parents' house this weekend. Older brother's gonna go fishing, and it's ... just been a long time since I've been home. I think the last time I've been there was ... July 3. Wow.
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Mr. Nightroad, you are not allowed to come out and play. I don't have the time or energy to do the proper research it would take to play you, or the icons to put in a journal for you. Akihiko, same goes for you. Except I actually have icons. Blah.

Still digging through my doujinshi to see if there are any pictures I want to use for Albert's account. 雷の音 [Sound of the Chariot] has some 17-year-old!Albert pictures, including this one where he shrieks at Yuber for slaughtering a guy out in the middle of the street. :|;; Way to be subtle and all that.

I'll probably end up going through the manga and rescanning as many images as I have the patience to do. I'm realizing the scanning process on my current laptop is different from my previous one, so half the pictures have a different ... quality from the others.

FRWL: Time traveler!Albert based on The Time Traveler's Wife? That would be bizarre. Abel would probably fit FRWL well, but I'm not playing him. I need to strike a balance with Albert so he's not boring for me to play, but not "SUPER SPECIAL." This is why Chrno Crusade-ish!Albert will never go anywhere. Ever.

Things to do:
-- Fill out the relationships lists for Albert (Raine, Genis, Sheena, Ted, Luc, Sasarai, Nina, Yuri Lowell, Vyse, Yuan, Lloyd, Estelle, Usagi, Cloud, Sigmund, Taichi?, Roxas, Atoli, Jacob, etc...) and Walter (Leon, Ruto, Haruki, Stella, Shirley, Senel, Norma, Musette, Guy, Aegis, Eiko, Calypso)
-- Dig up their past ooc meme responses and post them in either my RP musebox thing or on their journals
-- Update Albert's abduction details with his fourth abduction (I am so hilariously happy that the self-plotting of the Malnosso's interest in the Pale Gate Rune worked so well with the developing plot. Of course they could show interest in a rune that opens gates to other worlds.)
-- Post with Walter? (probably delay until his birthday)
-- Threads with Ruto, Luc, and Haruki
-- More RP essays for the musebox ("state of the headspace," missed opportunity w/ Luceti!Albert and Cyril?, the evolution of Rune the fairy/elf owl)

I like how I'm making all these RP tasks for myself when I'm going to have a fairly busy two weeks. I'm taking on content management duties for my manager and being her main POC while she's out, keeping track of the hour tracking system we've just been introduced to, and doing my own work on top of that. Fuuun.

And I FINALLY found the song that I had been using for The Edge of Sanity years ago... Bard Dance by Enya. Hurrah!
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Going river rafting today. Cursing at myself because I can't find one of my pairs of windbreakers. Where the hell could I have put them?

River rafting today, no rest tonight, little sister's ballet performance on Sunday. I always hate weekdays that devolve into going to work and then going to sleep; I hate weekends that follow that pattern even more.

Work contract extended into Q3. Don't want to review proofs on Tuesday, but will have to anyway. Ugh.


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