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Title: Last Breath
Fandom: Suikoden III
Characters: Leon, George, Albert, and Caesar Silverberg
Prompt: Life
Word Count: 1028
Rating: 15+ for sensitive topics (death, implied relations)
Author's Notes: These kinds of things are always difficult to write. This is also longer than my usual little ficlets. Yaaay.

Last Breath )
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At work again. Waiting for another audio file to finish uploading so I can do the work at home. Not that I'll be doing that today; I have Statistics homework to do.

Hmm... Still at 57%. Guess I'll ramble. Or write something...

Title: Swimming
Fandom: Suikoden III
Characters: Caesar, Albert, George Silverberg
Prompt: Why?
Word Count: 868
Rating: 10+ for moody teenager-ness?
Author's Notes: I wrote this at work and didn't actually write this in a word processor; I wrote it directly into LJ. I'm still amazed that this didn't take days to write. ... Maybe I should just write at work more often. XD

Swimming )

Edit (10:51 PM): I've come to the revelation that my favorite relationships to write and read about are brotherly. Not in an incestual way, but in that familial way seems so rarely written about. There's so much romantic love written out there, and yet there seems to be a lack of family stories. And you normally don't even have to make stretches with family stories. *laughs*

I wonder why I adore brotherly relationships... Maybe it's a mixture of my attachment to male characters and my personal observations of my brothers. There's something simple, and yet complexed, about it all.

Brothers I've grown particularly attached to: Albert & Caesar Silverberg (Suikoden), Osamu & Ken Ichijouji (Digimon 02), Seto & Mokuba Kaiba (YGO), Kuja & Zidane (FF9)
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Title: Before Sleep
Fandom: Suikoden III
Characters: Albert, George, Elisa Silverberg
Prompt: He/His/Him
Word Count: 310
Rating: No warnings
Author's Notes: Haven’t finished Suikoden Tactics yet, so if Graska and/or Kooluk somehow doesn’t exist by the end of the game, I don’t know about it yet. ^^;; Another mindless [and short] moment in time, this time during the family's time in the Island Nations. Following the points made in "Those That Were Deserted," George takes his family to the Island Nations and Kooluk and stays there until the Toran Liberation War is over.

Before Sleep )
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Nothing much to say, life-wise. I've got crap to do before finals, and I have some pretty crappy group members that I have to do a poster and presentation with. -_- Dammit, you two, CARE ABOUT THE BLOODY PROJECT OR I WILL ASK THE PROF TO KICK YOU OFF MY GROUP. >_<

... Okay, I'm calm now.

Wrote this in a flurry of ... dialogue-y inspiration. Suikoden world, of course. Pre-Toran Liberation War.

Title: Those That Were Deserted
Fandom: Suikoden
Characters: Odessa and George Silverberg
Prompt: Family
Word Count: 647
Rating: Nothing particularly violent, so 12+?
Author's Notes: I’m starting to like my George personality. I’m glad he’s shaping up the way he is. Um, what else? I’ve never written Odessa before, so I’m unsure of her characterization. And this is the fastest ficlet I’ve written in a long, long time.

Those That Were Deserted )
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Another Suikoden-related drabble involving Silverbergs. These prompts help me keep focus, which is a good thing.

Title: Blue
Fandom: Suikoden
Characters: Albert, George
Prompt: Blue
Word Count: 475
Rating: Safe for all ages, methinks.
Author's Notes: Very scattered drabble. Just wanted to finish it tonight.

Blue )
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(='.'=) This is Bunny. Copy and paste bunny into your
(")_(") LJ to help him gain world domination.

Edit: Just adding a Suikoden ficlet that I finished yesterday. It's light and cute and a quick read (I suppose). This is about two particular Silverbergs that, to my knowledge, have never been written about at length. And a little baby. Can't forget the baby. *nods*

Title: From The Very Beginning
Fandom: Suikoden
Characters: Silverbergs
Prompt: Birth
Word Count: 539
Rating: Nothing explicit or weird; 10+
Author's Note: Kudos to Amber, because she'll know exactly who these two sound like. Milky Ways to everyone who realizes which character has an original name here.

From The Very Beginning )


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