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NC-17. Shirley. Walter. ...Martelim.

You do the math.

Train wreck, much?

Nightmare )
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Title: Be Happy For Me
Fandom: Tales of Dressing - Tales of Legendia
Characters: AU!Norma & Sven (brief mention of AU!Walter and Musette)
Summary: Norma asks Sven the impossible.
Notes: I can't write Sven. :| I can barely write Norma. But I got this idea off a kink meme prompt (the one where AU Walter and Norma get married) and, even though it doesn't fulfill it, I needed to write this anyway. It sounded a lot better in my head. :(

Be Happy For Me )
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Well, as of today, I can work from home. I had my VPN access approved and was given access to my e-mail account again, so everything's shaping up to get this deadline done from home. I just need to wait for the files I need to edit.

ToDR kink meme is going hilariously. Tinyma and Youngdyle's wedding night. The tragedy of Vaclav/tree. The many requests for porn. Yikes.

Prompts requested: 2
Amount of requested prompts fulfilled: 2/2 (huzzah!)
Prompts fulfilled for others: 2
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Guess who just stayed up working on Walter's profile?

Clearly, I am absolutely insane for being up at this hour. I even have work tomorrow today. Whoops!

Oh well. My sleeping habits have been messed up since I got sick two weeks ago, anyway. I'll fall back into some semblance of normalcy now that I'm working again. Speaking of work, my old coworkers were really happy to see me when I came in today. I even got hugs from my senior manager and another teammate. Haha, even the director of the department stopped to talk to me. It was really cool. It didn't even feel like I'd been gone for a month.

Sucks that they're not looking to hire another technical editor. I think I'd really love to work there, after being there for a year before. Maybe next year? Hopefully.

Finished another Legendia AU drabble. Whoo hoo!

Tales of Legendia AU - The First Night )

And welcome to my LJ, ToDR peeps. ♥ I rarely make f-locked posts, so ... this is all a formality. But great to have you here!
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So, sorta getting on the bandwagon here...

Just some things that can apparently happen in the game. Pretty cool. I'll have to give it another go.

Oh, my party was made up of... Norma, the driver. Walter, riding shotgun. And Chloe, Normouse, and Little C in the backseat.

Yeah, ToDR owns my soul.

Some screens from an Oregon Trail game with a modern twist )


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