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It's not even Christmas yet and I have something to add to my resolutions for 2010:

Revise and finish that Silverberg drabble collection.

It was initially going to be 100 drabbles, but I think things fell through the longer I worked on it and realized I was having trouble fitting in themes with the overall story.

I was looking over the old tags for it last night and I realized it's been over a year since I wrote a new drabble. :( I found things that need to be fixed, like references to Kooluk in the present tense and uses of the Conqueror Rune, as well as ... well, bad grammar on my part.

Some things would need to be rearranged... Others completely removed. I'd also need two lists for it -- one with the preferred reading order, and the other with the chronological order.

I was kinda amused with how coherent the story is when it's read in the preferred order. Things have a very neat impact when a character's death is referenced before you actually read about it happening. (The same goes with reading about those final coherent thoughts, then another drabble where the final damage of Raging Nostrum is shown.)

All the foreshadowing surprised me too, since I really don't remember having planned out the series in the first dozen drabbles or so. Leon showing interest in Albert after the war, the nature of Yuber's interest in Albert... Yeah. Surprising.

I never got into the really weird/damning parts of the series, either. Albert learning about his and Caesar's maternal grandparents. Tir and Gremio interacting with Caesar's kids. Albert and Caesar growing apart as teenagers. The brothers' relationships with their parents. Leon's last encounter with Yuber. Not to mention what happens to Albert and Caesar's kids in the long run.

Blah blah blah blah. This isn't even a fraction of the stuff I've apparently jotted about the drabbles over the years. I need to finish it. I know how it's supposed to end, dang it. Then maybe I can finish those Legendia drabbles, too.


Apr. 22nd, 2009 06:41 pm
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Seeing Mith's entry about one of her fics being translated into another language made me remember something from a few years ago.

Leon -Victim of Fate-, a Tales of Destiny fic I wrote several years ago, translated in another language by a fan (who never spoke to me about getting it translated, so it's astounding I found the fic to begin with).

...Does anyone know what language that is? >_>;;
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Travian stress. Will not go into it. Hopefully the intervention from my other server leader will help me stop stressing over the damn game. If not? Maybe I'll just freaking delete and leave the group to wallow except I'd feel pretty guilty about it.

Fanfiction archiving. I've made a community, [livejournal.com profile] edges_of_sanity, for the slow archiving of all my fanfics. I've got several oneshots uploaded now. The multichapter fics are going to be the ones that make me want to kick things. Donkey Madness and Darkness Bloom skdflsdkfjsldf

Because I don't want to do my work right now, I'm going to make a list of all the fandom characters I've ever RPed -- through LJ, e-mail, or IM. I've probably done this before, but meh. Updating it.

RPed Characters )
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I like what they've done with the DS remake. The bosses are fairly difficult, but I still haven't had to level grind, really. I've only been fighting around Agart to get ready for the Tower of Zot, since I remember Zot and Babel being huge headaches in the SNES version. I wouldn't mind at all if they remade FF6 with this graphics engine.

Playing the game's making me remember why I liked Edward and Tellah as much as I did when I was ... what, 15 years younger? (Good grief, FF4 in 1992. Wow.) I'm tempted to write something with Walter and Tellah about "that special place in hell you go to when you throw your life away."

...Man, it's tempting. The idea of Walter trying to take on a mindflayer cracks me up.
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Legendia has brought back a creative spark. It makes me very happy. Never mind the fact that I haven't written a single canon story and already have sprawling ideas for an AU world.

Hey Griff! A picture for reference!

I'm working from home today, which has its upsides and downsides. Yay internet with not corporate blocks! Boo internet distractions! Oh well. I'll enjoy it anyway. ^^

My brothers have their graduation ceremony today -- older brother with master's and younger with bachelor's. And my brother presented his thesis on Tuesday, so I treated him out when we went to Cheesecake Factory. I think the plan is to go back there again tonight, after the ceremony, and then head back to our parents' house for the graduation party / housewarming. Fun fun.
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Damn it, Walter, give Albert some breathing room. He's more important than you. No one wants to hear you whine except for Ahiru. There's a dozen Shirleys out there too, and none of them want to be with you. Get a clue.


Clearly I need to get online more and actually post. And use AIM. When the heck was the last time I used it?

My laptop is going back to HP so the wireless driver can be fixed. I'm annoyed, but it's better than shelling out $70+ to get a new card. I'm using my little brother's laptop in the mean time. Hope he doesn't mind my smut on it.

Not that I write anymore. Tch.

A fan e-mailed me asking if I could direct them to somewhere where I have all of my Digimon fanfiction. It sucks that all traces of my work, except for Donkey Madness, are gone. So I told them I'd upload them on LJ.

Whenever, I guess. Ick.
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At my parents' house cleaning my room today. So many memories in these old papers, and over 10 years of old writing... Geez, I was so obsessed with FF7 that I printed out stat sheets, wrote all over my notebooks, and printed out my own fanfiction. Yikes.

I also dropped out of [livejournal.com profile] suiko_rpg last night. It was a long time coming... I think Vortexx is looking to be the next casualty (probably gonna drop Luxord, at least). That or Discedo. >__>

So many songs inspiring me right now.

"Queen of the Night" - Yuber & Red; drabble aftermath
"Wake Up Call" - Yuber & Red
"Voodoo" - Albert & Yuber maybe?

Will keep adding to list as I keep clean.
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I think I'm going into caffeine withdrawal. Oh boy. I've got these distracting headaches--even when I'm sitting down, damn--that are seriously going to be the end of me. Or end of me at work. Either or. (Did I forget to mention I've quit drinking soda cold turkey? That would explain it, huh?)

In other news, my Albert muse has reawakened and is in an utter throw-down with Zexion. Albert's got the height advantage, but Zexion can actually fight. Albert's got earrings and a cooler coat; Zexion has an Organization rank and coat. Both have questionably-colored hair. Albert has Yuber. Zexion has Lexaeus.

... Poor Lexaeus. Yuber could probably pwn him. Hard. Into the ground. Probably.

Get out of my head, crossover. The only crossover I did took five freakin' years to finish. I don't need you looming over my head.

I wish my Albert muse didn't have so many incarnations sometimes. They all beg to be written, but the accompanying story doesn't want to manifest itself.

Shards!Albert and Caesar, written on a whim )
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Young Albert and Futch playing tiddlywinks. Or pogs. Or something. Futch was winning. Why I dreamed of Futch I will never know. But I want more Suikoden dreams. They're randomly nifty.

While playing Suikoden II, a lot of Albert and Leon-centric drabbles came to mind. I also really want to explore the idea of nine-year-old Albert being up in Highland with Leon, but I'm confined to just thinking about it because my writing has been ... terribly lacking lately. But it's an appealing idea. Lots of room for interesting encounters and conversations.

-- Albert and Pilika talk; Pilika wants to play with someone her own age.
-- Leon and Albert talk about Yuber. Or Luca Blight. Or maybe both.
-- Luca Blight scares the crap outta Albert.
-- Leon takes on the Knightdom of Matilda. He is SO DAMN COOL.
-- Leon and Jowy talk about his collapse before the L'Renouille campaign. Leon promises to take care of the Beast Rune for Jowy.
-- Tabularasa
-- Yuber and Leon talk about Luca Blight. Yuber shows creepy interest in him.
-- Jowy and Albert talk about children during war. Or maybe about family names.
-- Culgan and/or Seed talk to Albert about loyalty.
-- Albert meets Bishop Sasarai.

... I just realized that I didn't see the Luc and Sasarai thing during my playthrough of Suikoden II. Either that or I don't remember seeing it this time at all. Strange.
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I wrote a very short Kingdom Hearts thing. Yaoi porn, for that matter.

What is the world coming to? How did I end up visiting that fandom?

*eyes the Cloaked Schemer* ... Oh yeah.
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So, I'm done with classes for the quarter. I intend to use the time replaying Suikoden and Suikoden II, RPing, writing, and chatting. And that's when I'm not off maybe-learning-to-drive and working. I really want to know if our abstract was accepted into the symposium, and I've forgotten when to expect an acceptance/rejection e-mail.

In other news, I finally updated my AIM on my profile page and added a link to my entry tags. I personally like going through my old entry tags dear god they need to be updated and reorganized, and I thought I'd make them available for people that might want to hunt down my drabbles and fics.

Fics that are pecking at my brain (all Suikoden unless noted):
Move Along
Healing ~ False Dawn
Half a dozen drabble/ficlet/vignette things for my Silverberg collection (Sana-Albert fic, Yuber-Leon, Yuber-Albert, young Albert-Caesar, AlbertII-Tir-Gremio, spirit talk)
Guide My Hand
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Give me a fandom and I'll tell you something I hold as my personal canon for that fandom. It might be some small, insignificant detail or it might be completely off the wall. You can also tell me about your personal canon for that same fandom.

Needless to say, I highly encourage the stealing of this meme because it just sounds like so much fun.

Was thinking about writing about school and stuff, but ... uh... Yeah. School = not terribly interesting. Just presentations and a midterm and-- nngh, I've got another presentation next Thursday.

And posting this drabble snippet here because it's just been sitting in a private entry and will more likely than not not be finished. Meh.

Post-Suikoden Mathiu-Odessa convo-that-might've-been )

... And it just took me a minute to find this Laharl icon. Wow. Going sleep now.


Jan. 31st, 2007 02:59 am
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Yay, I'm so glad this came out all right... This wasn't really what I learned Visio for, but ... who cares? I enjoyed every moment of making this. It'll also help me for future ficlets.

Fictional Silverberg family tree--cut for huge image size )
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This is the earliest I've been home from school in two and a half weeks. Makes me kinda sad.

Thaaank you, [livejournal.com profile] suiko_rpg, for reviving my Suikoden muses. T__T Leon is now beating me over the head to write a family tree for the Silverbergs AlbertandSanaficWHUT?

I'm so happy I've got 猫又 Master songs I wanted... Just a little annoyed my brother had the full version of "Sayonara, Heaven" and didn't tell me. *sighs*

Hmm... What else? I'll be sitting in at a WiSE conference this weekend. Guess I'll be talking to high school and community college students about TC. Sounds like it'll be fun, since Rose and Danielle (and probably Amanda) will be there.

Oh! I had to give a presentation on information visualization of a depiction. *gags* I was so stressed out about it last Friday because the grad students were presenting before the undergrads, but by Monday, all the undergrads were ... high or something. Some of us were just laughing during our presentations ... myself included.

Me: "So, why an illustration instead of a photo?"
*ten second pause*
Entire class: *bursts into laughter*

Amanda said I apparently started laughing right before everyone else started laughing. *sweatdrops* The pause was intentional, but I didn't expect it to be that long or get that much or a response from everyone.

Me: "And I'm going to stop now because I'm at a loss of words."
Entire class: *good-natured laughter*

I love ending on a good note. That was pretty cool. Not the best way to end a presentation (no conclusion and revisiting of the main points hit), but I'm glad people laughed. I'm apparently a funny presenter when I do things on the fly. >_>

Hm... Maybe I'll write up this Silverberg timeline, too. I don't have anything due in class tomorrow.
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Is it disturbing that Yuber/Leon has invaded and almost taken over my mind?

Someday, I will get around to finishing all of those drabbles. Chronicles, really. Yuber/Leon really makes sense in the context of the chronicles ... because Yuber is utterly infatuated. And Leon never marries. And because I have been inspired by fanart to think that Albert looks a lot like his grandfather.

I really want to just write everything down because I may never write/finish the storyline. I'm sure other writers on my list can relate...

Ugh. Screw this.

Leon stuff )

... And now I'm tired. *goes off to doze*
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Fun times, fun times. Got out of my first class early, so I've got ... oh, three hours before my next one. So I'll be here awhile. Yay, but not really.

Hm... What to write...? I've been spending my time the last few days wallowing in writer's block and near-isolation. It's nice and detached and quiet.

I guess I won't have to carry my books back and forth to classes except for studying purposes. I hope the reading's light, considering how many projects (and another portfolio) I've got for just my first class. I always hate that feeling where it seems like I can handle the workload after one class, and then start feeling anxious and stressed after getting the full picture for the quarter. Funny thing is, I can't even begin to imagine what the other two classes are going to be based on -- projects or exams. Hopefully not projects, simply because then I'd be tearing my hair out each week.

Textbooks are looking to be less than $200 this quarter. This is a good thing.

Since beating Xenosaga III, I haven't gone back to playing Disgaea 2 yet. I've detoured over to Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town and, more recently, More Friends of Mineral Town for GBA. I'll be taking a break from that, though, to see if I can beat Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria before school starts getting hectic. I figure I've got about a week, maybe a little less. Silmeria looks gorgeous, from the little I've seen and spoiled for myself. Having loved VP: Lenneth for years, I can't wait to start in on the game... Mm, necromancer.

What else...? ... Nothing's coming to mind. I've got a meeting for STC tomorrow and then a work meeting on Friday. *winces* I'm not looking forward to telling Jason I haven't finished arbitrating yet.

I think we're still on to go to Sushiland tonight. Huzzah, huzzah.

Fanfic contemplations; JS plot-twist spoilers )

Day 3

Aug. 20th, 2006 12:27 am
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We went down to San Francisco and Fremont today. It took us three hours to fight through traffic into the city (bottlenecks to the tollbooths on the Bay Bridge and whatnot), and then we spent an hour and a half in Golden Gate Park. Weather in San Francisco is amazingly different from the area just outside; being near the water, San Francisco can have huge amounts of fog even when the sun is beating down everywhere else.

We saw the Transamerica Pyramid, Treasure Island, Golden Gate Bridge, and Alcatraz Island coming into the city, and also the Twin Peaks and Sutro Tower, though the Sutro Tower was largely covered by the fog... Mm ... what else? We went to the De Young Museum and Japanese Tea Garden over in the Park, and I took pictures of the little pagoda, bridges, and other things around. I was largely amused to just have been able to see Alcatraz Island from a distance, even if I couldn't take pictures from the car.

We went to Fremont afterwards to meet with one of my Mom's old classmates from middle school. We ate at an Asian buffet over there that was actually quite nice. They even had a chocolate fountain, which a lot of kids were abusing by sticking their ice cream into the stream.

Plan for tomorrow is to go boating with the couple that my older brother is a tenant to. Apparently he told them that we were in town for a few days and they invited us to spend a day on their boat. We went and bought a pair of life jackets to bring onto their boat prior to heading to San Francisco. If we were on some sort of schedule for this trip, I doubt we would have had this kind of opportunity. I'm glad we're just winging this entire thing.

JS stuff )
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Waiting for my parents to come up now. Final went well; I was out about 20 minutes before the testing time was over. I'm a little uncomfortable about being so general with the copyright section, but I'm hoping to make up for it with the lists in the essay.

Decided to go back through my Silverberg drabble collection to begin reasoning out why things happen as they do.

Spoilers for the 20 or so Silverberg short stories thus far... )
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Started getting caught up with Ouran. Hee hee, Kyouya's not a morning person. I'm still not fond of Haruhi, though I don't hate her by any means.

My brother finally managed to fix his PS2. First thing I immediately played was Pop'n Music 12, since I've been having this mad urge to listen to the music in recent weeks. I'd still like to get my hands on the Contemporary Nation music, but I get the feeling the Pop'n Music soundtrack won't have full versions of the songs (which I want). I can't even look up the artist because I don't understand the kanji. Bleh.

Started making a list of ages and occupations for the Suiko modern fic. With so many different years and majors for college, it's hard to keep track mentally. Some things are still tentative, but ... well, everything's tentative until I write it into the story.

-- Albert Silverberg, age 20, senior, business administration major (marketing); undergrad research assistant (Fragmentation of Public Trust in Organized Agencies [FPTOA project])
-- Lilly Pendragon, age 20, sophomore, communications major (journalism/broadcasting); undergrad research assistant (FPTOA project)
-- Apple Goulden, age 22, graduate, psychology major (behavorial sciences); graduate research assistant (FPTOA project)
-- Shu Miyazaki, age 26, postdoctoral (Ph.D) candidate, political science/economics double major; research scientist (FPTOA project)
-- Mathiu Silverberg, age 33, assistant professor of psychology (social psychology/personality focus); FPTOA head investigator

-- Meg [no last name yet], age 18, freshman, electrical engineering major
-- Juppo [no last name yet], age ??, assistant professor of electrical engineering (not in Crystal Valley)
-- Sarah Bach, age 18, freshman, undecided

Need suggestions for tackling Odessa, Chris Lightfellow, and possibly some of the other Zexen Knights. Debating whether or not to have Sierra be a modern vampire.

Edit: Thanks for the lovely suggestions so far. ... I just had the totally random image of Chris being a police officer. *blinks* And I can't honestly say it wouldn't be fitting. Maybe I'll have Wyatt be a police officer or detective.

More characters:
-- Viktor "The Bear" [insert last name here], age 26, professional football player
-- Graham Cray, age 35, former industrial inspector (currently on welfare, possibly)
-- Alexander Cray, age 11, fifth-grade student (Caesar's classmate, Graham's son)

Another edit: Masa, you just killed me with awesome. XD

And now I'm imagining Chris smack dab in the middle of ... Phoenix Wright. "Objection!!" *falls over*

... And Gizel would be the prosecuting attorney with the over-the-top wardrobe... And Leon would be the always-frowning judge... *runs away before these weird ideas consume her*
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The first is ... well, I talked about a Suikoden IV idea awhile ago. *shrugs* Just something about it.

Spoilers for Suikoden IV and Tactics )

Just a bit of the modern fic ... Sarah angst! )


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