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Mar. 26th, 2012 05:10 pm
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Ahab passed away today. I feel guilty that I wasn't there at his last moments, and that Cocoa was still hunched next to him even though Ahab was already long gone. I'm not surprised, but at the same time I am; Ahab was a runt, but barely over two years old, but he'd been troubled with respiratory problems (and other things) the majority of his short life.

I feel like I could have done more for the little guy, or should have for that matter. But he'd been eating and drinking even through last night, and he even took his vitamin as he usually did. I think, ultimately, it might just have been his time to go.

In addition, my vitamin D level is ridiculously low. I'm not surprised, since what is sun during the winter months, it means I'll be on prescription vitamin D to get that stuff back up to a decent level.

Also going to file a mortgage application today, once I'm finished with all of this. It's all throwing me for a loop, especially thinking about how much I'm going to have to pay per month whenever I actually get around to buying a condo/townhouse...

...Last but not least, apparently I will be getting a raise starting this next month. Another one. It ... doesn't seem all that long ago that I got a raise, but when I asked my agent, apparently the last one I had was in August. So ... wow.
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I need to sort through my icons here and replace them with ones that better fit different moods. I've just got a lot of ... blah icons now.

On Luceti: The AU event is awesome. I'm looking forward to the plotty stuff going on with Leon, now that the details have been fleshed out a little better. Also looking forward to things with Albert. Terra's kinda floating around right now, doing his own thing, but I'm hoping to get him out and interacting once the festival log comes out. ...Maybe I should toss him at Gold's poker game. It's an intriguing post.

The dreams/revelations will be fun. I've been focusing on Albert (of course), so I have a few ideas there. I'm enjoying this completely dramatic/hilarious what-if scenario in which Buffy and Albert completely misinterpret their dreams and try to break up Jack and Raine. It would be some kinda of dramatic hell once the experiment ended and they had to talk about everything afterward.

Of course, Leon will likely have his own dramatic hell, too. ...And I think Terra will too, since Aqua will be disappearing. Geez, my boys.

In other news, my guinea pig Ahab is sick. His right eye looked really red last Friday, so I took him to the vet on Saturday. The vet said he had a URI and an ulcer in his eye, so he's got antibiotics and eyedrops. ...I'm mostly annoyed that the vet spent all of five minutes looking at Ahab and wouldn't even properly examine his eye because she said it was unlikely he would make it (because Ahab was wheezing hard). My brother said that the vet was just covering her ass in case Ahab did die, but it doesn't piss me off any less since she was pretty darn dismissive.

For the record, he's sniffly but never showed any disinterest in eating or drinking, and he's back to making noises after being miserably over needing eyedrops so often. And his eye is no longer red, so that's good.

...And I'm still using Plurk. Argh. I still need to collect good Plurk memes and post them to my musebox.
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Big ol' cat scratches on the palm of my hand. My cat wasn't in a good mood yesterday or something and she got spooked while I was picking her up, so she sprang out of my hands and got her back claws pretty deep into my hand. It's already healing nicely, but... Yeesh. Haven't had cat scratches in a long time.

Luceti event's off to a start. A good start? I'm not sure; people aren't flooding flists right after midnight, which had been the trend not all that long ago. Got plans for Walter and Leon, and wondering what I'll do with Albert. I was surprised to hear someone had thought there was going to be Albert/Yuber going on. Stabbing would probably have been involved by the end of the experiment -- and not any sexy stabbing.

Speaking of Albert, Yuber, and stabbing... A Silverberg drabble. Hopefully I won't feel like tearing up this drabble when I go through it later on.

Title: Stick and Stones
Fandom: Suikoden III
Characters: Yuber and Albert
Word Count: 690
Rating: 14+ for blood and war?
Author's Notes: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. The year is approximately IS 500.

Sticks and Stones )
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Thank you to everyone who offered their condolences. My older brother and I headed back to our parents' house last Tuesday evening to bury our guinea pig, then were back in our apartment by Wednesday evening since my brother started work on Thursday. I'm really grateful he drove me out at that time; I really needed the closure. Cindy was buried in the tulip patch, so hopefully the bulbs there will still grow despite being disturbed.

We've bought two new guinea pigs since then, both of which are male and not firmly named yet. The younger of the two, bought at the beginning of the week, is tentatively named Captain Ahab, since my older brother thought he looked like a pirate with one black leg and an eyepatch. The elder of the two was bought Thursday evening and was actually a cagemate to Ahab, but I was hesitant to get him at first because I wasn't sure the size of our cage was big enough for two guinea pigs. When my younger brother mentioned he was alone in the pet store now (the other guinea pig had also been bought), I caved and let him buy the other one. They're getting along for now, but I'll be keeping an eye out to see if they bite each other or anything.

My patience is still frayed from Cindy's death, and it's slow to return to normal with stress from work just getting worse. I keep saying it, but I really need a vacation -- and I should really mention it at my next one-on-one ... which has thankfully been rescheduled for tomorrow instead of Monday. The random template update requests today irritated and stressed the heck out of me, and then there's the added stress of knowing a new contractor needs to be onboarded and it'll likely be me doing the training. Ugh. Just ugh.

I need to do things on the RP front too. Luceti character relationship blurbs, informational posts, etc. I usually have fun doing those things, but work has me passing out before I ever get back to my personal laptop. Hopefully I'll be able to relax with the new event coming up.

...At least Minato has his sword now? I still need to finish that thread so I'm not wasting Leon's time. My castmates must think I'm full of fail with my slowness.

Currently playing Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride and Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. DQ5 has been interesting because of the conversational aspect, but my favorite thing so far is probably how it relates to DQ4 with the Zenithian legend. Very neat.

I still need to buy Ace Attorney Investigations and update my PSP to play Half-Minute Hero. Slowly but surely.
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No work projects today. Got some PDF stuff to do, plus some items to queue for publishing, but I'll put it off until the afternoon. After the dark project two weeks ago, I think I'm due some slow time. 8| It's not like I get any company-paid vacations or rewards as a contractor.

So I had a nice, leisurely morning. And a kickass breakfast.

Hell yeah, makeshift nabeyaki udon. Fried tofu, tempura shrimp, napa cabbage, green onions. For breakfast.

Additionally, some pics of our apartment pets )
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So. How does one get rid of the uncomfortable feeling that a member of the department staff does not like you? Especially when said staff has quite a bit of sway in the department and you have to deal with them on a regular basis? Friends are surprised to hear me voice this ("Why would you think that?"), so I really wonder if I'm just paranoid. I'm just getting this stony vibe overall.

In other news ... uh... We have two more baby lovebirds at home. They haven't been named yet, but they're old enough to poke their heads out of the nestbox now. I'm hoping my sister doesn't play with them the same way she played with Sweetie; Sweetie's idea of playing now is biting really, really hard and not stepping up. Ugh.


Nov. 9th, 2006 01:36 am
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My little brother's dwarf hamster, Ellorie (Elly), died just a short while ago. It's really a shame since she was birthday present from his girlfriend. We were all with her when she died--it was pretty sudden.

We think she died because an ant bit her. There have been ants getting into her cage recently, and my brother found ants in her lettuce and food bowl shortly after she passed away. She was just running and climbing around yesterday, too. So strange.

Time together: July 8, 2006 - November 9, 2006

My brother already asked his girlfriend if they could get another hamster. I told them to clean out Elly's cage and put it elsewhere so that, if the ants are the problem, they won't be attracted to the cage right away.

Elly was a cute hamster. They really adored her. I can't help but wonder where they intend to bury her. We live in an apartment and it's gonna be hard to find a place that's fairly memorable, but I also know they won't just throw her body out. She was a shared pet, after all.

Edit (5 AM): Throwing this onto here so I can have access to it later during school...

The Queen's Knights fanlyrics )
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Thanks to those that sympathized and wished the best for our guinea pig.

I feel bad for my little sister. She slept through the whole thing last night, and my dad woke her up this morning to tell her that Cindy'd been attacked. Apparently she jumped out of bed and over to the garage immediately. She was probably cooing at the cavies and trying to get her hands into the cage, which probably wouldn't have been very comforting for the little guys.

Cindy survived the night. There's bits of blood on their litter bedding, but nothing too alarming. She's also eating, which is definitely a good sign. She's really quiet now and not moving very much, and it looks like her ears are starting to go to that ugly purple bruising color now. Emily is giving her space, since it looks like Cindy's agitated when they're sitting next to each other.

I read up that there haven't been any reported cases of rabies in rodents and lagomorphs in Washington state yet, and that raccoons in the state have never tested positive for rabies. Very good news, I think. I'll feel better when Cindy is wheeking and popcorning again, but I guess that won't be for long awhile.

In other news... ... It looks like all of our parakeets are okay. The budgies that were nesting never came out last night, so they weren't in danger. The other budgies that were flying around last night are accounted for; I could only see three of them when I was hunting around the aviary in the dark. The white-and-blue-breasted one (I forget if he's named or not) is out, but he should be fairly easy to catch... If he doesn't get himself caught by that falcon.

Yeesh. I've never felt like I lived on the edge of the city before. Between the rats, raccoons, and falcon, it's certainly starting to feel like it.
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We had a visit from two raccoons tonight.

They tried to kill our pets.

Long rambling ahead. Cursing, rambling, whatever. I can't think straight...

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I don't believe I've shown any pics of our lovebirds yet. These are the little cuties that my brothers and I share our apartment with. I love them very much.

Cuts for pictures )

... And now, back to work. *sighs*
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Got the eighth and ninth seasons of Friends from my brother as a sorta belated birthday gift. 'Been watching them quite a bit. Just one more season and I've got the whole set. Whoo. @_@

I'm back on a Backstreet Boys stint, listening every chance I get. I blame the song "Beautiful Woman." *plays it at least 80 times a day*

Started skimming back on old Final Fantasy favorites from Some fanfics are just good enough to get you emotional with one chapter. Lovely, lovely.

Speaking of Final Fantasy, I'm obsessing over Shinra again with this rut in Suikoden inspiration. Rufus is back to being my muse after Albert's two-year reign. *waves byebye to Suikoden ideas* It's to the point where I'm digging up that five-year-old idea of Rufus going insane and slaughtering all the executives.

... In other news...

My mom wants me to keep a diary of our pet birds, since Jack and Jill's first egg just hatched today. The little chick is so ... ... yellow.

So... I guess I'll list the birds right off, starting with our original four budgies and moving on to the most recent additions.

Marigold -- lutino female(?) budgie
Aqua -- skyblue clearflight male budgie
Shadow -- cobalt blue clearflight male budgie; killed by predator
Nature -- dark green normal male budgie; lost right leg a few weeks ago
Duke -- dark green normal male budgie
Harmony -- albino female budgie; killed by predator
Jack -- normal (possibly pearl) male cockatiel; Jill's mate
Jill -- pearl female cockatiel; Jack's mate -- currently four fertile eggs, one hatched
Hansel -- half-lutino (had black eyes...) male budgie; Gretel's mate; killed by predator
Gretel -- yellowface blue female budgie; Hansel's mate
Carni -- mauve (or possibly dark gray) clearflight female budgie; baby of the bunch
Yuki -- beautiful white female budgie with cobalt blue and black marking along spine (recessive pied?)

Now I have to get ready for another trip to Seattle. We're gonna get a pair of lovebirds...


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