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So. Months upon months ago, I was obsessing over Fire Emblem 10 and Suikoden. And one day, I got bored and started imagining a storyline where people ended up in the Fire Emblem 9/10 world of Tellius and inexplicably became Laguz.

...Yeah, that's right. Some Suikoden people would have the ability to transform into birds, dragons, or beasts. It was a weird train of thought. :|;

I dug up a pair of dice and set up a random system to figure out who would become what tribe and race. And then I took my favorite characters and rolled the dice. >_>

Laguz Breakdown

Two dice: Tribe, Race
Tribe: 1 & 4 = Beast, 2 & 5 = Bird, 3 & 6 = Dragon

Race: Beast 1 & 4 = Cat, 2 & 5 = Tiger, 3 & 6 = Lion
Bird 1 & 4 = Hawk, 2 & 5 = Heron, 3 & 6 = Crow
Dragon 1 & 4 = Red Dragon, 2 & 5 = White Dragon, 3 & 6 = Black Dragon

Chris: (2,5) Bird, Heron )

...Yes, I am weird. And totally going to sleep now.
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Locura Island )

Locura Island, in a nutshell, is an IJ RPG that I would have access to at work. :| It's like a dressing room in the fact that you can bring AU characters and have an unlimited amount, and you don't need to app to play here.

I intend to bring Luceti Albert here. There's going to be canon Albert, Sasarai, Luc, Sierra Mikain, Percival, Chris, and Meg running around... I'm looking forward to the "omg you have wings?" remarks, especially from Sasarai and Luc. :|b

...And I don't know who else I'll bring. We'll see.

There's also going to be a decent-sized Fire Emblem cast there. Should be nice for those that are in to FE.
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ad;faldkfa;f @ FE: Radiant Dawn second playthrough. Just ... oawilfkaldfadf. Pelleas. Soren. The tower. The dragons. Yaaay A-support for Naesala and Leanne. And I totally saw the Pelleas revelations coming. Totally.

Now I'm thinking of events hundreds dozens of years after the game. Need to beat down those thoughts...

Keep thinking about a Suikoden story centered around Yuber inspired by "The One." Yuber's rune is shattered and scattered throughout alternate universes, and he goes on a killing spree to reclaim all of the broken pieces. Oh what fun it is to mow through the dimensions, killing your alternate selves and effectively destroying worlds in the process...

Ugh. Sleep time.
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I'm staying home because of icy weather conditions. I got ready for work and stepped outside, then went "Holy shit" because it looked like it had snowed more last night. I rushed back inside to get my gloves, scarf, and hat, then went to wait for the bus per usual.

...Thirty-five minutes later than usual, the bus finally snails its way up to the bus stop, and I get on.

I was listening to my old iPod because I had forgotten to charge the batteries on my newer MP3 player, and I had estimated that it'd last long enough for me to get to work.

...And then, 20 minutes down the icy road, the bus gets stuck at the bottom of a hill. Behind two cars and two buses that had gotten stuck as well.

So here I am, forced off the bus along with everyone else. Some people decide to go on up the hill to look for a bus that can take them to the park & ride. Some other people stand there dumbfounded (like me) and start talking to each other. I called work as I stood out there, but couldn't get in touch with my "supervisor" (she's the actual editor/DTPer, but she kinda manages the interns). I try to reason to myself "Okay, it's only two miles back -- I can walk that."

Maybe three or four minutes later, I call up my little brother in quiet hope that he can pick me up. He informs me that he's already on his way to UW and he can't make it back, and that it's about five miles from where I am to home.


I repeated that a few more times as I walked back home as falling snow and ice smacked me in the shoulders and head, several more cars that had gotten stuck in the ice, as well as a downed power line. ...Actually, I think I said "Shit" there. Hrm. Lots of cursing. I was not a happy camper, especially since my iPod gave out maybe a third of the way home.

Stupid iPod. I hate you.

Anyway, now I'm back home after my hour-long walk back home. I think I'll play more Radiant Dawn; I'm on chapter 13 of Part 3 now and I got that beautiful third option "Refuse his command."
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So what have I been up to...? I was sick through Monday and left work early on Tuesday, but I'm feeling much better now. Thanks to everyone who wished me well. ♥

There was a department dinner on Thursday, and I sat with the other interns -- and the director. I was quietly thrilled that the Chief People Officer also recognized me... Not every night month I have a five-course meal for free, either.

My Albert muse has been utterly revived by the most kickass Caesar ever. He's kicking me into making Factival a notably different character from him, so I'm revising Fact's dialogue in my RPG Maker XP game, now. I've also bought the last three books in the Suikoden III manga, and I'm unhappy with how Albert's portrayed at the end of everything. Sure, he's got redeeming qualities, but suddenly he's totally reversing his beliefs to help Luc. Whuuuuut?

I'm also not seeing Albert perpetually naked in my brain anymore. Do you know how glorious that fact is? I see him as a character again and not just porn fodder! Yaaaay!!

Also, to the player who caused a stink over Albert in suiko_rpg: I am somehow embarrassed that you are using my icons for your Albert. And I somehow hope you aren't trying to use me as a gauge for how you're playing your character.

I've replayed Radiant Dawn up into Part 3. Part 1 and Part 2 were much easier this time around since I didn't rely on Nailah and the Black Knight in that final battle, and I maxed out Micaiah before her promotion. I'm not doing as well with Ike's team as I did the first time through, but that might be because I didn't use Ilyana to freight money and supplies from Micaiah to Ike. Hm.

Oh well. Shinon, Oscar, and Soren still kick ass.

I also lost my save on Etrian Odyssey. I think this is a sign to play more Shining Force.

Tir: I've appointed Luc to command our magic troops.
Viktor: ...You're serious, Tir?
Luc: *kicks Viktor in the shin* He's serious. Anyone else want to question him?
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Happy New Year, everyone. Get ready to write 2008 on everything now.

Am currently sick. Have been since before snowboarding, but I'm feeling it more now than before. Bleh.

Beat Radiant Dawn right before coming home for New Year's. I have no coherent thoughts on the game ending ... other than Ike's main support was Soren and yaaaay @ that ending. Soren with blessed!Blizzard was quite possibly the coolest thing ever -- next to Shinon kicking total ass with the SS Double Bow.

5th Soren
4th Naesala
3rd Shinon
2nd Harr
1st Tibarn

Not surprised with Tibarn, Naesala, or Harr; I relied on flying units once I recruited Harr. Shinon had the Daunt ability and Nephenee as a support -- that worked out surprisingly well, even though Nephenee wasn't much help for the last few stages. Volke was ranked pretty high considering I had him for only half a dozen sallies or so...

And now I'm getting called away. Ugh.
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My parents are here for the Christmas weekend. It's nice to have everyone under one roof, even if it feels a little cramped at times. They'll get to see the fellowship my brothers and I have been attending. It makes me glad to know that my mom is just happy we're attending church instead of, you know, griping about it not being Roman Catholic (like I've heard some Filipinos gripe about with kin/children). Eh, whatever, right?

Paid for another year on LJ. I've gotten used to having several icons to choose from, and I might actually use polls and voice posts next year. Maybe. ... Yeah. I think I'll let my Ion account run out; I've totally lost my Ion muse since I quit Avoria like ... May? March?

I'm playing as Micaiah again on Fire Emblem. Good grief I'd forgotten how low in level her team was... And I'm supposed to kill 48 laguz?? MADNESS. ... But, unlike some of the reviewers of the game, I actually like the ungodly difficult battles. I played through Path of Radiance on Hard mode for that exact reason...

Custom weapons:
* Tourniquet (axe, Nolan)
* Seraph Arte (tome, Micaiah)
* Breathlanzer (sword, Zihark)
* Clandestine (bow, Shinon; better than his 8000 gold Silencer because of the Coin I used on it, HAH)

... Needless to say, I can't make as many custom weapons. As Ike constantly says, his group's broke. *sadness*
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Soren: *closes eyes* What I do now is for the good of the company.

Soren, you lady-killer.
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Bought Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn last night after bible study. You know, despite not owning a Wii. But my brother was gracious enough to put his Wii out in the living room so I would have access to it.

But I'm gonna play the last few acts of Path of Radiance again before jumping in. [livejournal.com profile] nata_de_coco, I'll be sure to keep you updated. :P
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More or less saving you from the fangirling )

Follow-up to get contact lenses tomorrow. Need to go sleep soon so I'm able to wake up in time.


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