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Guess what came in today? One word, four syllables, ends with "ga." :P Tokunaga's smaller than I thought, but it's really cute (in that creepy stitchy kind of way). My additional headpiece was the Prince from Katamari Damacy.

I hope I can get some decent sleep the rest of the week. My body clock's been waking me up at 9 every day no matter what time I go to sleep (yeah, three hours of sleep is really wonderful).

Finished the first draft for the abstract today.
Settled on the five points I'm gonna use for the presentation on Thursday. Still need to make PowerPoint slides.
Argh. I hope I can finish the object coding before arbitrating tomorrow.


Feb. 12th, 2007 05:09 am
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So ... I've got a lot of crap to do this week. Interview to do and paper to finish today, abstract to write for Tuesday, arbitration to do with Alice on Wednesday (maybe??), group presentation to give on designing for foreign countries on Thursday... Add to that homework, work, meetings, and writing articles and transcripts for the newsletter before I start letting people down. (whyamIsomuchmorescaredoftheViceChairthantheDepartmentChair?? ~_~)

Tried Ar Tonelico. Now, I've played Atelier Iris 1 and 2, but ... Ar Tonelico rubbed me wrong in so many ways that I wasn't interested in playing 14 minutes in. Maybe it's because it reminded me so much of Atelier Iris that I wasn't impressed. Or maybe it's because I had ToA on the brain. I'll give it another try somewhere down the line.

Went to dinner with Jen and Rose at the Department Chair's house on Friday. It was lovely; I enjoyed just listening to all of the talk about the department and the field in general. And a three-course homecooked meal after college garbage was wonderful. Never having merlot again, though. Or maybe just wine in general. Bleh.

Joined a Tales forum a little while ago and submitted some clips for a ToA voice theater. Voice acting's always fun when it works out ... so I'm hoping it does.

... I really should write more to this information graphic analysis. But it's so ... boring. Sigh.


Dec. 7th, 2006 03:30 pm
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Almost all done with schoolwork for this quarter... Just have the presentation tomorrow and the portfolio and coding next week...

Then there will be sweet, sweet normal-sleeping-hours again.

Can't wait for the get-together after 310 tomorrow. Sounds like a lot of us are going to The Ram and drinking the past week away. I'll probably be sitting there with Rukaya and Danielle, putting away sodas. I can save the beer experimenting for poker night...

The winter party was a nice success. We had 40 to 50 people come in, and we had just the right amount of food for everyone. We had a lot of beer and wine leftover, but we can use those for other events like poker night and the spring picnic. All the officers are still getting compliments for putting together a party that "blasted last year's out of the water." Heh.

Rose and I spent the last three hours putting finishing touches on the proposal report. She did most of the typing, but I guess a second set of eyes really helped with the formatting issues. I still have to ask her what she used to make the diagram of the business site... Visio, maybe?

The 401 "quiz" (still 25% "quiz" WTF?!-ness in my head) wasn't that bad. I'm always unsure of the revision section, and I know I left the last sentence in passive form, but I think I did well. I amused myself by doing the form of "to be" question last.

Linking verb: I become stressed easily.
Helping verb w/ active voice: I will be very angry soon.
Passive form construct: I have been upset for awhile.

I'm trying to decide whether or not to nap. I want to reorganize my writing LJ and actually use it for fanfics and get this drabble idea out of my head, though. Gah.
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I have to say it. I'm very proud of my little professional portfolio. It's not fancy, but I think it's really elegant in its own way. *smiles*

This week's gonna be busy, but I'm feeling really good about it because I've got the portfolio out of the way. Tomorrow's gonna be hellish because of all of the running around for the party, but the party itself should be survivable.

And I won an auction for Tales of Symphonia. And bought a bigger memory card. I feel slightly hypocritical because I've told myself I'll never play ToS ... but whatever. I'll get to judge it a little more fairly now, I guess.

I named my rooster on Harvest Moon Jade. And the first hen? Saphir--who is happily laying golden eggs now. *snerk*
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By Sunday (12/3):
-- Finish 401 "Short Assignment 4" and "Chapter 9 exercises"
-- Write-ups for winter party?
-- Finish 310 "Professional Portfolio" (due 12/4)

By Monday (12/4):
-- Turn in 401 "Short Assignment 4" and "Chapter 9 exercises"
-- Submit "Professional Portfolio"
-- Study for 401 "quiz" (cumulative--study concision, cohension, ethics, tone, usage, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, modifiers, pronoun reference/agreement, tenses, voice, nominalizations/adjectivilizations)

By Tuesday (12/5):
-- ?? Proposal stuff? (due 12/7)
-- Attend 521 seminar (3:30-4:30)
-- TC winter party setup and breakdown (5:30-9:30)
-- Practice professional portfolio & proposal presentations

By Wednesday (12/6):
-- Take 401 "quiz"
-- Finish 400 proposal report

By Thursday (12/7):
-- Present proposal (unless I can convince Rose/Jen/Sean to do it w/o me)
-- Finish 310 professional portfolio

By Friday (12/8):
-- Present professional portfolio
-- Start learning portfolio (due 12/15)
-- Start Sr02? step coding (arbitrate Thursday 12/14)
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Hooray for Seattle shutting down with 1-3 inches of snowfall! That is currently melting!

Actually, it kinda sucks. I just spent ~40 minutes talking to my president about things that need to be done before the winter party, so tomorrow sounds like it's gonna be crappy. I already sent out half a dozen e-mails in the last hour just to hammer out the next assignment for class and plans to pick up food and wine from Costco.

And still no word from our webmaster and ex-treasurer. Nngh.

And I still have that Visio project that I haven't thought about much. Stupid stuff, really. ... I should send an e-mail to Cy about the splash page. Great.

At least the presentation grades from 400 were good. I was surprised to find out my group did excellently in comparison to some other groups. Guess I should delegate more often... Stuff actually got done in a reasonable amount of time.

Heck no I'm not gonna be STC president next year
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I don't even know how much this homework will affect my overall grade. I'm getting a B+ or something as it is. And the only thing that'll really bump that up is the last "quiz" (WTF 25% "quiz!?"). I suspect the ethics reading will be more important overall, so ... yeah. Ngh.
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So my younger brother was one of those people that camped out waiting for the Wii. He stayed out there with his girlfriend for 12 hours. Ugh. They bought three Wiis and promptly sold one on eBay. He's waiting to sell the other one that he's not already playing. Basically, the system and games he bought are gonna pay for themselves. I've watched him play Trauma Center: Second Opinion (very sleek in comparison to the DS Trauma Center), and I played Wii Sports and Twilight Princess myself.

I'm more into my older brother's XBox 360, though. He brought home Call of Duty 3 from CA and I've been playing it rapidly whenever I'm not doing work. I saw him playing DoA Extreme Volleyball 2 last night, so I'll give that a spin when I have a chance, too.

I've also played FF12 and FF3 DS. FF3 is fun and cute... Kinda like Children of Mana, but missing the immersive music. And I'm amused that I was thinking "Balthier =/= Mustadio" when I saw him.

It seems like Yuri Lowenthal is everything I've been playing, though. He VAed Reks (FF12), Luke and Asch (ToA), Kevin Winnicot (Xenosaga III), and Derek Stiles (Trauma Center). Must be pretty popular lately.

School-wise, things are looking to get hectic once Thanksgiving Break is over with. I've got 401 homework due on Monday, Definitions & Descriptions revision due Tuesday, Visio assignment due Wednesday, a professional portfolio website due the following Monday... Bleh.

And what am I doing right now? ... Playing around with Sync and Ion pictures while waiting for a lunch meeting with fellow STC officers.

Priorities straight? Nope.

So. Hmm...

May. 25th, 2006 07:22 am
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I got an hour of sleep last night. Yay for History papers!! Wheeeee!

But seriously. Japanese-American internment during WWII? Very nice to research on.

Not so much to pull an all-nighter with, of course.

I kept meaning to write down this dream from two nights ago, but I keep getting sidetracked.

Cut so you don't have to read about my weirdo dream )

Yep. My dreams are weird.
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Hee hee. I love this article: Study shows majority of parents oversee game purchases.

So, for all of those people whining about video games ruining kids: You have no one to blame but yourself. ^__^

In other news, I have Stat homework due tomorrow. Yay. And I'm gonna go home for Mother's Day weekend, so I have to find another time to do all of my work that's due next week.

Things to do:
-- Stat homework due Friday
-- Magazine articles (write them and send to Kirsten by Monday?)
-- Arbitrate transcripts with Adrienne
-- Find bivariate data for QMeth report
-- Do QMeth homework due next Tuesday
-- Start collecting articles for History paper (paper due 5/25)
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Whee... Only six hours on this week's Stat homework... *looks at time* Well, six and a half hours.


Yeah, I'm gonna go pass out now before class. And then lab. And then I need to finish segmenting that transcript for work.

On four hours of sleep.



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