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A few days ago I finally stopped playing Dragon Quest IX continuously; I'd played it several hours a day for ... god knows how long. I finished DQ9 near the end of the Hawaii trip, so ... that's a lot of time spent on the post-story stuff. I racked up 150+ hours into it before I finally found something else to play.

...FF4: The After Years. Ahahaha, I think I've clocked in 25+ hours going through the first few chapters. Rydia and Luca hit the level 40 cap, Yang and Ursula are two levels away, died in my first playthrough of Palom's challenge dungeon, aaaand I've gone through Ceodore's CD at least 12 times. I'm about four levels away from the level 50 cap for Ceodore. I wish Rydia's CD was as easy as Ceodore's has become, but all those Trap Doors and Demon Walls kill my will to go through the dungeons.

The story itself is ... bad. But enjoyably bad, bizarrely enough, with the rampant repeated scenarios and such. I'd already made the mental comparison that the sprites looked like FF6 recolors (Kain = Edgar whut) when my brother walked by, looking at Rydia, and commented that her bodysuit made her look like Terra. So I'm not the only one seeing these things. My brothers were both similarly amused that Edward grew a pair of balls in the last 17 years.

I have no idea why I'm going through these games right now. I should probably be playing P3P, but I've already made tentative plans to play Golden Sun after finishing FF4: TAY. What the heck, me. I still haven't made plans to buy KH: Birth by Sleep, despite initially being interested in it.

Also scouring for more Suikoden doujinshi. Been awhile since I've done that.

Slowly packing boxes of stuff to be moved to the new house. Can't put them in my new room yet, since the carpet was just cleaned this weekend, and we're trying not to leave any valuables in the boxes we store in the basement. I need to do some loads of laundry so I can fold these extra blankets I have. ...Not that I have any room for storing them.
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Oh man... I just might have to go back on my vow to not play FF13 at all. And it's totally because of the black dude with the chicobo.

Thanks for reviving my interest, Nomura. Pffft.
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I like what they've done with the DS remake. The bosses are fairly difficult, but I still haven't had to level grind, really. I've only been fighting around Agart to get ready for the Tower of Zot, since I remember Zot and Babel being huge headaches in the SNES version. I wouldn't mind at all if they remade FF6 with this graphics engine.

Playing the game's making me remember why I liked Edward and Tellah as much as I did when I was ... what, 15 years younger? (Good grief, FF4 in 1992. Wow.) I'm tempted to write something with Walter and Tellah about "that special place in hell you go to when you throw your life away."

...Man, it's tempting. The idea of Walter trying to take on a mindflayer cracks me up.
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So my younger brother was one of those people that camped out waiting for the Wii. He stayed out there with his girlfriend for 12 hours. Ugh. They bought three Wiis and promptly sold one on eBay. He's waiting to sell the other one that he's not already playing. Basically, the system and games he bought are gonna pay for themselves. I've watched him play Trauma Center: Second Opinion (very sleek in comparison to the DS Trauma Center), and I played Wii Sports and Twilight Princess myself.

I'm more into my older brother's XBox 360, though. He brought home Call of Duty 3 from CA and I've been playing it rapidly whenever I'm not doing work. I saw him playing DoA Extreme Volleyball 2 last night, so I'll give that a spin when I have a chance, too.

I've also played FF12 and FF3 DS. FF3 is fun and cute... Kinda like Children of Mana, but missing the immersive music. And I'm amused that I was thinking "Balthier =/= Mustadio" when I saw him.

It seems like Yuri Lowenthal is everything I've been playing, though. He VAed Reks (FF12), Luke and Asch (ToA), Kevin Winnicot (Xenosaga III), and Derek Stiles (Trauma Center). Must be pretty popular lately.

School-wise, things are looking to get hectic once Thanksgiving Break is over with. I've got 401 homework due on Monday, Definitions & Descriptions revision due Tuesday, Visio assignment due Wednesday, a professional portfolio website due the following Monday... Bleh.

And what am I doing right now? ... Playing around with Sync and Ion pictures while waiting for a lunch meeting with fellow STC officers.

Priorities straight? Nope.
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Look at your LJ "interests" list. If you have fewer than 50
interests, pick every fifth one. If you have between fifty and
seventy-five interests, pick every seventh one. If you have over
seventy-five interests, pick every tenth one. If you have fewer than
ten, pick all of 'em. List them on your LJ, and tell everyone exactly
what it is about these things that interests you so much.

Auron -- Though I'm not fond of tons of angst, Auron's turmoil was a lot of fun to read into. He puts a nice, different spin on coming back for revenge, and he's cool. >_>

Fanfiction -- I love writing. I love characters that don't belong to me. Add those together, mix in some crazy ideas and inspiration, and you've got an undeniable interest in fanfiction.

Harry Potter -- ... Yeah, for some reason, no one ever pins me as a Harry Potter fan. I don't read "real books" often anymore, but the hype of Harry Potter made me jump the bandwagon back when Goblet of Fire was still new. Since then, every time I read a new book, I get interested in the world again.

Kuja -- I stick to the belief that Kuja was a better villain than Sephiroth ... flamboyant attire aside.

Nippon Ichi -- Disgaea. Makai Kingdom. Yep...

Rufus Shinra -- Once upon a time, I was called the most obsessed Rufus fan on the 'net. T_T Ah, I miss those times... The hair-flipping arrogance got me interested. The rest was 14-year-old squeeing.

Skies of Arcadia -- Ramirez!! *points wildly at icon* Poor, deluded fool...

Ten Wise Men -- Gabriel. Lucifer. Zadkiel. Raphael. Kamael. Haniel. Michael. Jophiel. Metatron. And ... Zaphikel. Wish there was more character development with 'em.

Vincent Valentine -- Back when I loved angst, I really liked Vincent. He's currently just an accessory to other pretty guys, but I'm sure Dirge of Cerberus will give him meaning again.

In other news, the flurry of people trying to download Advent Children and all that stuff is dizzying. I expect a boatload of FF7 fanfics to show up again sometime soon. I just wanna see the Turks... I can remember seeing some of the first pictures of Sephiroth in Advent Children, and all I could think was "Sheesh, he looks ugly. His bangs aren't even pronounced like in the game."

We had a stray cat roaming around the house two days ago. We brought it to the animal shelter yesterday. Hopefully it'll find a good home.

In other news, our parakeets are finding some way out of the aviary. Carni and Duke got out yesterday (and since then been caught and returned) and now Aqua's out today. Ugh.


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