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29-30 Trinity Blood
31-36 Suikoden V
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my thread

A Few Moments in the Life of Koroku -- A Suikoden III story featuring none other than everyone's favorite basket dog.

Work is already crazy and it isn't even halfway through the week yet. 8| Ugh. I'd go into detail, but I already said everything to my mom and promptly did not feel that frustrated anymore. :| We'll see how tomorrow goes, though.
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Left home just after 7 AM. Been on the road most of the day, only stopping for breakfast, lunch, and rest areas. Fiddling with an internet-capable smartphone and trying to do tags with it is ... hellish. How do people do that?

I found it more comfortable listening to my mp3 player and staring out the window as we drive. Lots of random snippets of stories come to mind as I listen to music, and I imagine opening/closing sequences for my various stories.

...I don't quite remember what song it was that made me think of it, but I ended up making a mental comparison of Suikoden III's True Rune bearers and Ronin Warriors/Samurai Troopers.

Hugo -> Wildfire/Rekka
Chris -> Torrent/Suiko
Geddoe -> Halo/Kourin
Sasarai -> Hardrock/Kongo
Luc -> Strata/Tenku

...And then there came the weird thoughts of how the other four armors would come into play. :|;

Tir -> Winter/Corruption/Darkness
Riou -> Spring/Cruelty/Ogre
Frey -> Summer/Illusion
Lazlo -> Fall/Venom/Poison

Well. The elemental armors worked, at least.


Jan. 24th, 2011 04:51 pm
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I've been wanting to write more Suikoden stuff lately. I have a crazy Suikoden-with-Tierkreis-elements plot developing in my head, but I'm so frustratingly busy that I haven't been able to do enough research to make the entire thing coherent. It's really weird how these plots develop, because I end up thinking about characters I usually have no interest in writing about. Like ... Sarah. I have no insight into her, but she'd be so integral to this plot that I'd have to write about her. So, so weird.

And I need to get back to work. Gotta finish at least one of these projects today.
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NaNoWriMo's over. I managed a little over 6700 words. Pfft. But that's still more than I've written for one story in over a year, so I'm still proud of what little I did. I'll work on improving my writing habits so I can do better next year.

Under the cut is the first section of the story (Suikoden fanfic) I wrote for NaNo -- tentatively called "Shards" or "Chaotic Shards" for now. No editing, no revising; I just let the writing take me where it wanted to. It's interesting how the story became divided by perspectives along the way; it had happened before I realized it. I still need to decide if I'll post this thing once it's completed or in finished Revolutions.

‘Plotting’ has such negative connotations. )

Finished Final Fantasy XIII a few days ago. I can't muster up the desire to go back and play out the missions I didn't finish, now that I've finished the game. Oh well.

Video game lists for my records )

Also blazed through re-watching The Colony and all of my Mythbusters DVDs. I need something else to play in the background while I'm working. Hrm...
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This came to mind awhile ago now, but I decided against posting it at first. But now I'm wondering about it again...

Suikoden countries. Personified like Hetalia characters.


It's a very weird mental image.

Falena would, of course, be a girl. But I can't begin to imagine anything beyond that.
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▮ Anyone who looks at this entry has to post this meme and their current wallpaper on their LiveJournal.
▮ Explain in five sentences why you're using that wallpaper!
▮ Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on!

Cut for pic )

And for the Suikoden buffs, a ridiculously detailed idea of how the Scarlet Moon Empire was formed and how Julian Silverberg managed to handle a bloodless coup. It also goes on about Scarlet Moon politics up until IS 299 (Elenor's exile).

Most of this isn't official. It's mostly for reference for my drabbles.

Cut for length. Yeesh. :| )

And more "blah blah blah" Silverberg stuff, this time about the Silverberg estate and the patriarch of the family. There's some references to the Scarlet Moon historical stuff from the above cut, too.

Why do I write all of this again? )

The How's My Driving? Meme


Apr. 21st, 2010 05:11 am
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...Yeah, don't look at the timestamp. My sleeping schedule is messed up and I know it.

Anyway, I was looking at old Word docs while I was sorting through transferred files from my old hard drive, and I found an unfinished "100 questions" list for Yuber and Albert that I had been translating from Japanese. It was fan-made and had references to Yuber/Albert, of course, but I thought it was funny and neat to read over.

So I decided to share some of the answers )

Yeah, I'll leave it on that note. *snerk*

Added more of the questions )
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It's not even Christmas yet and I have something to add to my resolutions for 2010:

Revise and finish that Silverberg drabble collection.

It was initially going to be 100 drabbles, but I think things fell through the longer I worked on it and realized I was having trouble fitting in themes with the overall story.

I was looking over the old tags for it last night and I realized it's been over a year since I wrote a new drabble. :( I found things that need to be fixed, like references to Kooluk in the present tense and uses of the Conqueror Rune, as well as ... well, bad grammar on my part.

Some things would need to be rearranged... Others completely removed. I'd also need two lists for it -- one with the preferred reading order, and the other with the chronological order.

I was kinda amused with how coherent the story is when it's read in the preferred order. Things have a very neat impact when a character's death is referenced before you actually read about it happening. (The same goes with reading about those final coherent thoughts, then another drabble where the final damage of Raging Nostrum is shown.)

All the foreshadowing surprised me too, since I really don't remember having planned out the series in the first dozen drabbles or so. Leon showing interest in Albert after the war, the nature of Yuber's interest in Albert... Yeah. Surprising.

I never got into the really weird/damning parts of the series, either. Albert learning about his and Caesar's maternal grandparents. Tir and Gremio interacting with Caesar's kids. Albert and Caesar growing apart as teenagers. The brothers' relationships with their parents. Leon's last encounter with Yuber. Not to mention what happens to Albert and Caesar's kids in the long run.

Blah blah blah blah. This isn't even a fraction of the stuff I've apparently jotted about the drabbles over the years. I need to finish it. I know how it's supposed to end, dang it. Then maybe I can finish those Legendia drabbles, too.
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So I decided to just go ahead and by that SmartDraw program. It seemed to have a lot of applications for what it is. And if it isn't too useful, it was only $200, right?

...Yeah. I'll be missing that $200.

I've been thinking about this for a long, long while, but I've been wanting to write more Suikoden stuff. I have another epic idea about the original Suikoden world and how it ties into the Suikoden Tierkreis mechanics, but ... bah. I haven't finished a story since The Insane.

Maybe I should actually focus on writing something that's already partly written. Like EHW or Tabularasa. EHW was heading into darker territory with Pesmerga in the picture and I ran into a mental block trying to figure out Caesar and Apple's dialogue with an amnesiac Albert.

Since I would have to scrap the current story if I ever decided to go back to the idea, here's part of a chapter that never got finished. I like to think my writing's gotten better since I gave up on this fic.

Tabularasa ~ The Pieces of You, Chapter 7: The World Freezes )

Off to bed now.

Edit: Why is it that I'm hearing Sasarai referred to as a Bishop General in RP nowadays? Was something retconned? Because I'm pretty sure they consistently called him a Bishop (or sometimes Priest in Suikoden II's garbled translations). Priests and High Priest Hikusaak in Japanese, and Bishops and Chief Bishop Hikusaak in English.

Oh wait. I'm not taking the manga into account, am I? It just seems redundant, considering what a Bishop is in Harmonia -- a political official and general. It'd be like calling Albert a strategist-tactician.
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No work projects today. Got some PDF stuff to do, plus some items to queue for publishing, but I'll put it off until the afternoon. After the dark project two weeks ago, I think I'm due some slow time. 8| It's not like I get any company-paid vacations or rewards as a contractor.

So I had a nice, leisurely morning. And a kickass breakfast.

Hell yeah, makeshift nabeyaki udon. Fried tofu, tempura shrimp, napa cabbage, green onions. For breakfast.

Additionally, some pics of our apartment pets )
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Comment and I'll give you a person (indicate a preferred fandom if you want). Find a picture of that person for each category. Post the results in your journal.

Another picture meme, this time from Khi. Khi requested Georg Prime ... but I don't have enough pics of him. :(

But here's the few that I do have: 1, 2, 3, 4

As a backup choice, she chose Albert. I was more than happy to provide. 8)

Several pictures. Some yaoi. Click click click~ )

...My Albert / Yuber / Caesar fanart collection is huge. :|; Huge, I say.
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Use any variety of pictures that are already on your hard drive to answer the criteria. They can be drawings, photographs, screen caps, anything you want.

Image heavy. Some yaoi within. Clicky clicky? )

Preeeetty obvious what my favorite fandom is. And who my favorite characters are. Pfft.
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Mr. Nightroad, you are not allowed to come out and play. I don't have the time or energy to do the proper research it would take to play you, or the icons to put in a journal for you. Akihiko, same goes for you. Except I actually have icons. Blah.

Still digging through my doujinshi to see if there are any pictures I want to use for Albert's account. 雷の音 [Sound of the Chariot] has some 17-year-old!Albert pictures, including this one where he shrieks at Yuber for slaughtering a guy out in the middle of the street. :|;; Way to be subtle and all that.

I'll probably end up going through the manga and rescanning as many images as I have the patience to do. I'm realizing the scanning process on my current laptop is different from my previous one, so half the pictures have a different ... quality from the others.

FRWL: Time traveler!Albert based on The Time Traveler's Wife? That would be bizarre. Abel would probably fit FRWL well, but I'm not playing him. I need to strike a balance with Albert so he's not boring for me to play, but not "SUPER SPECIAL." This is why Chrno Crusade-ish!Albert will never go anywhere. Ever.

Things to do:
-- Fill out the relationships lists for Albert (Raine, Genis, Sheena, Ted, Luc, Sasarai, Nina, Yuri Lowell, Vyse, Yuan, Lloyd, Estelle, Usagi, Cloud, Sigmund, Taichi?, Roxas, Atoli, Jacob, etc...) and Walter (Leon, Ruto, Haruki, Stella, Shirley, Senel, Norma, Musette, Guy, Aegis, Eiko, Calypso)
-- Dig up their past ooc meme responses and post them in either my RP musebox thing or on their journals
-- Update Albert's abduction details with his fourth abduction (I am so hilariously happy that the self-plotting of the Malnosso's interest in the Pale Gate Rune worked so well with the developing plot. Of course they could show interest in a rune that opens gates to other worlds.)
-- Post with Walter? (probably delay until his birthday)
-- Threads with Ruto, Luc, and Haruki
-- More RP essays for the musebox ("state of the headspace," missed opportunity w/ Luceti!Albert and Cyril?, the evolution of Rune the fairy/elf owl)

I like how I'm making all these RP tasks for myself when I'm going to have a fairly busy two weeks. I'm taking on content management duties for my manager and being her main POC while she's out, keeping track of the hour tracking system we've just been introduced to, and doing my own work on top of that. Fuuun.

And I FINALLY found the song that I had been using for The Edge of Sanity years ago... Bard Dance by Enya. Hurrah!
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*mind explodes with possibilities of Yuber and Pesmerga's existences*


Of course, I'm probably wrong, considering I've barely started the game. And with the nature of the game throwing so much of the series out the window, I probably shouldn't be getting wild AU ideas.

Oh wait. The Million Worlds/Infinity always gave me wild AU ideas.

Also, yay for making my long-lived fanfic idea of a Suikoden-inspired The One plot plausible, Tierkreis.

But gods, get off the crack, nameless hero. You're talking faster than the text appears on the screen.

Randomly, the names I gave of each of my Suikoden heroes during my initial playthroughs:
Suikoden: Silas McDohl
Suikoden II: Kotaro, son of Genkaku
Suikoden III: Ayuta, the Flame Champion
Suikoden IV: Roan
Suikoden V: Osiris Falenas
Suikoden Tierkreis: Daze
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So. Months upon months ago, I was obsessing over Fire Emblem 10 and Suikoden. And one day, I got bored and started imagining a storyline where people ended up in the Fire Emblem 9/10 world of Tellius and inexplicably became Laguz.

...Yeah, that's right. Some Suikoden people would have the ability to transform into birds, dragons, or beasts. It was a weird train of thought. :|;

I dug up a pair of dice and set up a random system to figure out who would become what tribe and race. And then I took my favorite characters and rolled the dice. >_>

Laguz Breakdown

Two dice: Tribe, Race
Tribe: 1 & 4 = Beast, 2 & 5 = Bird, 3 & 6 = Dragon

Race: Beast 1 & 4 = Cat, 2 & 5 = Tiger, 3 & 6 = Lion
Bird 1 & 4 = Hawk, 2 & 5 = Heron, 3 & 6 = Crow
Dragon 1 & 4 = Red Dragon, 2 & 5 = White Dragon, 3 & 6 = Black Dragon

Chris: (2,5) Bird, Heron )

...Yes, I am weird. And totally going to sleep now.

La la la...

Jan. 8th, 2009 11:26 pm
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I'm having a ridiculous amount of fun just making icons of Yuber even if they're simple as heck. And I get to traumatize Albert at the same time. Whoo hoo!
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My first attempts at making icons using Griff's tips. I still couldn't figure out what you were talking about with the grouping, Griff, but thank you for the other tips. I was in awe when I finished my first icon there (far left).

...Yeah, this is what I was trying to figure out last all night long.

When I'm more sane, I'll probably actually consider correct angles when applying shading. *slinks off in embarrassment*
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...Instead, I'll post this meme ganked from [livejournal.com profile] gamera.

The Hypothetical AU Meme: Take any one of the fandoms you know I write in (or think I should), and give me a type of AU (space opera AU, pirate AU, superhero AU, Ancient Rome, cop AU, etc). I will then explain what story from your chosen fandom I would write for your chosen type of AU.

Repeats of fandoms are fine. Maybe this'll help me finish writing another drabble.

In other news... I bought more Suikoden III doujinshi. Yes, I'm stupid and still grabbing any and all doujinshi (with good art) I can find starring Albert and Caesar. One of these days, I may even scan that stuff. I think I've only given (traded, really) a story or two to Miri.

My little brother's leaving for a month starting Monday; has training for his job in Oklahoma. It's kinda surreal to think about, considering he's always been around. The only significant time apart we've had was when I went to college and he was still in high school (and then community college -- he got into UW with us for the last two years). It's strange to think we're all basically professionals now, and his job's requiring 60-70% travel out of the year.

Meanwhile, I telecommute on a contractual basis. The two extremes of the working life!
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Locura Island )

Locura Island, in a nutshell, is an IJ RPG that I would have access to at work. :| It's like a dressing room in the fact that you can bring AU characters and have an unlimited amount, and you don't need to app to play here.

I intend to bring Luceti Albert here. There's going to be canon Albert, Sasarai, Luc, Sierra Mikain, Percival, Chris, and Meg running around... I'm looking forward to the "omg you have wings?" remarks, especially from Sasarai and Luc. :|b

...And I don't know who else I'll bring. We'll see.

There's also going to be a decent-sized Fire Emblem cast there. Should be nice for those that are in to FE.


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