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Finally got those tulip festival pictures I took last month. Posting a few of them since someone mentioned she'd never really seen tulips.

Tulips ... and kites. )

In other news... Slow as molasses with RP tags right now. Backthreading into forever at both Luceti and Damned. But at least I'm tagging with all my characters. That hasn't happened for awhile. Looking forward to the plots in both games.
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No work projects today. Got some PDF stuff to do, plus some items to queue for publishing, but I'll put it off until the afternoon. After the dark project two weeks ago, I think I'm due some slow time. 8| It's not like I get any company-paid vacations or rewards as a contractor.

So I had a nice, leisurely morning. And a kickass breakfast.

Hell yeah, makeshift nabeyaki udon. Fried tofu, tempura shrimp, napa cabbage, green onions. For breakfast.

Additionally, some pics of our apartment pets )
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So Jack and Jill, our cockatiels, have had chicks again. This time, my parents are raising all three together, so they're all fairly tame. When I was talking to my mom today, apparently the eldest of the three was sitting on my dad's shoulder. *smiles*

Cut for pictures )

Last final tomorrow! Whoo!
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I don't believe I've shown any pics of our lovebirds yet. These are the little cuties that my brothers and I share our apartment with. I love them very much.

Cuts for pictures )

... And now, back to work. *sighs*
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I was bored. Very, very bored. )

*toddles off to collapse somewhere*


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