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Oh hell yeah. That was the most satisfying defense I've ever done in Travian. Never mind I had to dodge the final attack because my hero was reduced to 1% health, but that was still awesome. ^^

Been playing a lot of Dynasty Warriors lately, when I'm not over at my parents' house. Kinda want to play the PS2 Dynasty Warriors 6, if simply because I want to play Cao Pi in Musou Mode. I need to buy Dynasty Warriors 5 also. In the mean time, I need to finish the Wei campaign in Warriors Orochi 2 and level Zhang Liao on DW6. I hate how almost everyone looks in DW6. :\ Especially Liu Bei.

And I've been playing RO on a pserver. I like how I always create Albert, Shin, and Lucifer as my first three characters, even if I ... haven't touched Albert or Lucifer yet. I'm using my archers first even though I like magic users more.
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The Gamblers (Litany)
Gibraltar, Thiris, Velitei, Karsh, Jeramago, Exia

The Created
Corian, Amon, Rekha, Lore

The Wanderers
Rune Saladin, Cillian Asbel, Julanar Cela, Shin Keter, Canthus Alaron, Lucifer Cyril, Albert Silverberg, Kin Lesard

Ethrosel Varner (Wanderers of Midgard, The Vanguard of Time)
Lathil Rosso (WoM, Mercernary Work)
Zain Lariat (WoM)
Castor Delphi (WoM, TVoT)
Eleni Verdane (WoM, MW)
Arcana Dashir (TVoT, The Gamblers)
Soren Garris (TVoT)
Lesera Calero (TVoT)
Keisuke Miyata (Sirocco)
Shiro Setsuna (Sirocco, The Creator)
Arcadia Dashir (The Gamblers)
Liam Calhoun (The Gamblers, Core of the Immortal)
Sasienne (The Gamblers, CotI, The Creator)
Tria Rudiman (The Gamblers, CotI?, The Creator)
Yae Sanada (The Creator)
Malus Rhomael (The Creator)
Kamui (The Creator)
Cressida Atalaw (The Creator)

Earring - Dark Lord, Dark Illusion
Glove - Doppelganger, Baphomet
Brooch - GTB, Moonlight Flower
Holy Symbol - Ghostring, ?? (Lord of the Dead? Osiris? Thanatos?)

RO updates

Feb. 1st, 2006 02:54 pm
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Yawn. At work right now, but I'm bored of segmenting already. So let's talk about RO.

Character updates )

Five Statistics problems waiting for me when I get home. Gonna get about $200 back on my W2. Damn 3-paged Riis paper (THAT IS WORTH MAYBE 15 $)(#% POINTS OUT OF 400) due on Friday. Need to research stupid EPA website for possible contaminants/disease in New Orleans water following Hurricane Katrina.

... Yeah. At least my midterms and my TC application are done.

Oh... And Edgar rocks my socks. That is all.
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School-wise, I finished my first impromptu speech last Wednesday; I have my second one this Wednesday, and I'm nervous. I'm not good at speeches, and I stuttered like hell last time. Surprisingly, I still got a good grade, but blah... ~_~

I'm a blog leader for my Technologies and Societies class. I think it's just an honorary title right now, since there's absolutely no responsibilities attached to it right now.

Work-wise, I've got to create a website for an engineering survey. I'll try to get to that after my speech on Wednesday. It shouldn't be too hard -- "shouldn't" being the keyword.

I'm playing a little eiRO now; it's a nice mindless thing to do when I'm drained and don't want to work on homework on anything else. There aren't many people on the server yet though, so it's very ... empty.

I posted two excerpts from Suikoden: Journeyman's Survival on [livejournal.com profile] 108_sugarcubes. Together, they're a little over 1400 words, which is quite amazing for me, since I don't write at length anymore. (Join the community! We promote openmindedness! :P)
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I was bored. Very, very bored. )

*toddles off to collapse somewhere*


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