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Left home just after 7 AM. Been on the road most of the day, only stopping for breakfast, lunch, and rest areas. Fiddling with an internet-capable smartphone and trying to do tags with it is ... hellish. How do people do that?

I found it more comfortable listening to my mp3 player and staring out the window as we drive. Lots of random snippets of stories come to mind as I listen to music, and I imagine opening/closing sequences for my various stories.

...I don't quite remember what song it was that made me think of it, but I ended up making a mental comparison of Suikoden III's True Rune bearers and Ronin Warriors/Samurai Troopers.

Hugo -> Wildfire/Rekka
Chris -> Torrent/Suiko
Geddoe -> Halo/Kourin
Sasarai -> Hardrock/Kongo
Luc -> Strata/Tenku

...And then there came the weird thoughts of how the other four armors would come into play. :|;

Tir -> Winter/Corruption/Darkness
Riou -> Spring/Cruelty/Ogre
Frey -> Summer/Illusion
Lazlo -> Fall/Venom/Poison

Well. The elemental armors worked, at least.
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Hm hm hm... I've only met Nikolai in Luminous Arc, and I'm already getting lots of ... lech vibes. He's easily the fastest character to have established his personality so far. *snerk*

I'm pleasantly surprised with the game. The beginning was beating me over the head with cliches, but now that the plot's moving along, it's more interesting. The battles play similarly to FFT, but are shorter and easier to handle. And the relationship system is cool; I already maxed out Cecille and Theo.

... Oh, I guess I should mention something about where I went for the weekend. I went on a little bit of a road trip with my brothers down to Oregon; we checked out Proxy Falls and sat under this gorgeous waterfall for several hours. (We're all RPG nerds and were making video game references to everything from Final Fantasy to Lagoon to Vay to Ys. Ahahaha...) We also went camping and then sat out on one of the beaches of the Oregon Dunes for an entire afternoon. It was a really great trip. I'll have to show pictures once my brother uploads them.


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