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Mar. 26th, 2012 05:10 pm
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Ahab passed away today. I feel guilty that I wasn't there at his last moments, and that Cocoa was still hunched next to him even though Ahab was already long gone. I'm not surprised, but at the same time I am; Ahab was a runt, but barely over two years old, but he'd been troubled with respiratory problems (and other things) the majority of his short life.

I feel like I could have done more for the little guy, or should have for that matter. But he'd been eating and drinking even through last night, and he even took his vitamin as he usually did. I think, ultimately, it might just have been his time to go.

In addition, my vitamin D level is ridiculously low. I'm not surprised, since what is sun during the winter months, it means I'll be on prescription vitamin D to get that stuff back up to a decent level.

Also going to file a mortgage application today, once I'm finished with all of this. It's all throwing me for a loop, especially thinking about how much I'm going to have to pay per month whenever I actually get around to buying a condo/townhouse...

...Last but not least, apparently I will be getting a raise starting this next month. Another one. It ... doesn't seem all that long ago that I got a raise, but when I asked my agent, apparently the last one I had was in August. So ... wow.
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Thanks to those that sympathized and wished the best for our guinea pig.

I feel bad for my little sister. She slept through the whole thing last night, and my dad woke her up this morning to tell her that Cindy'd been attacked. Apparently she jumped out of bed and over to the garage immediately. She was probably cooing at the cavies and trying to get her hands into the cage, which probably wouldn't have been very comforting for the little guys.

Cindy survived the night. There's bits of blood on their litter bedding, but nothing too alarming. She's also eating, which is definitely a good sign. She's really quiet now and not moving very much, and it looks like her ears are starting to go to that ugly purple bruising color now. Emily is giving her space, since it looks like Cindy's agitated when they're sitting next to each other.

I read up that there haven't been any reported cases of rabies in rodents and lagomorphs in Washington state yet, and that raccoons in the state have never tested positive for rabies. Very good news, I think. I'll feel better when Cindy is wheeking and popcorning again, but I guess that won't be for long awhile.

In other news... ... It looks like all of our parakeets are okay. The budgies that were nesting never came out last night, so they weren't in danger. The other budgies that were flying around last night are accounted for; I could only see three of them when I was hunting around the aviary in the dark. The white-and-blue-breasted one (I forget if he's named or not) is out, but he should be fairly easy to catch... If he doesn't get himself caught by that falcon.

Yeesh. I've never felt like I lived on the edge of the city before. Between the rats, raccoons, and falcon, it's certainly starting to feel like it.
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We had a visit from two raccoons tonight.

They tried to kill our pets.

Long rambling ahead. Cursing, rambling, whatever. I can't think straight...

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