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Total Icon Count: 38

1-28 Fate/ series
29-30 Trinity Blood
31-36 Suikoden V
37-38 Persona 3


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Mr. Nightroad, you are not allowed to come out and play. I don't have the time or energy to do the proper research it would take to play you, or the icons to put in a journal for you. Akihiko, same goes for you. Except I actually have icons. Blah.

Still digging through my doujinshi to see if there are any pictures I want to use for Albert's account. 雷の音 [Sound of the Chariot] has some 17-year-old!Albert pictures, including this one where he shrieks at Yuber for slaughtering a guy out in the middle of the street. :|;; Way to be subtle and all that.

I'll probably end up going through the manga and rescanning as many images as I have the patience to do. I'm realizing the scanning process on my current laptop is different from my previous one, so half the pictures have a different ... quality from the others.

FRWL: Time traveler!Albert based on The Time Traveler's Wife? That would be bizarre. Abel would probably fit FRWL well, but I'm not playing him. I need to strike a balance with Albert so he's not boring for me to play, but not "SUPER SPECIAL." This is why Chrno Crusade-ish!Albert will never go anywhere. Ever.

Things to do:
-- Fill out the relationships lists for Albert (Raine, Genis, Sheena, Ted, Luc, Sasarai, Nina, Yuri Lowell, Vyse, Yuan, Lloyd, Estelle, Usagi, Cloud, Sigmund, Taichi?, Roxas, Atoli, Jacob, etc...) and Walter (Leon, Ruto, Haruki, Stella, Shirley, Senel, Norma, Musette, Guy, Aegis, Eiko, Calypso)
-- Dig up their past ooc meme responses and post them in either my RP musebox thing or on their journals
-- Update Albert's abduction details with his fourth abduction (I am so hilariously happy that the self-plotting of the Malnosso's interest in the Pale Gate Rune worked so well with the developing plot. Of course they could show interest in a rune that opens gates to other worlds.)
-- Post with Walter? (probably delay until his birthday)
-- Threads with Ruto, Luc, and Haruki
-- More RP essays for the musebox ("state of the headspace," missed opportunity w/ Luceti!Albert and Cyril?, the evolution of Rune the fairy/elf owl)

I like how I'm making all these RP tasks for myself when I'm going to have a fairly busy two weeks. I'm taking on content management duties for my manager and being her main POC while she's out, keeping track of the hour tracking system we've just been introduced to, and doing my own work on top of that. Fuuun.

And I FINALLY found the song that I had been using for The Edge of Sanity years ago... Bard Dance by Enya. Hurrah!
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Just a quote resulting from digging around other comms that I'm not even a member of. :|;

Arisato, I cannot allow you to stay in Yukari's body any longer. This is against S.E.E.S. policy.


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