Jan. 24th, 2011 04:51 pm
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I've been wanting to write more Suikoden stuff lately. I have a crazy Suikoden-with-Tierkreis-elements plot developing in my head, but I'm so frustratingly busy that I haven't been able to do enough research to make the entire thing coherent. It's really weird how these plots develop, because I end up thinking about characters I usually have no interest in writing about. Like ... Sarah. I have no insight into her, but she'd be so integral to this plot that I'd have to write about her. So, so weird.

And I need to get back to work. Gotta finish at least one of these projects today.
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-- Suikoden III. After a summoning spell gone awry, an incubus causes hell in Harmonia. Stupid Albert. Amber, you'll remember that one.
-- Suikoden IV/Tactics AU in which several people who died against Steele survive. Edgar becomes the bearer of the Rune of Punishment.
-- Suikoden V AU in which Gizel married into the royal family. Where would his loyalties lie?
-- Suikoden V. Michafute. Nether Gate. Drugs. You do the math.
-- Suikoden something. George Silverberg. Stressed strategist. Single dad.

And now my meeting. Whee.
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Stuck at work again, waiting for this stupid audio file to download. Stupid 200+ MB audio files. Craziness. Then again, it's wav and three hours long. ... Yeah.

... 62% now... C'mon...

Judas (ToD2) is pounding on my brain now. Maybe I should listen to a different playlist on my iPod. I have specially-made playlists with songs that represent themes in my different stories/ideas. So far that post-ToD2 idea, a Suiko!modern (Withered Earth) fic, Journeymen's Survival, Tabularasa, a Ragnarok Online (The Gamblers) idea, a Digimon/Breath of Fire (Destiny's Aegis) idea, The Insane II, and Flashpoint have playlists.

... And now the file is done. Time to walk home. In the rain. Whee!
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It's been awhile since I've written something ... um, pertaining to "life" as opposed to "entertainment" here. Oh well. *shrugs*

I totally aced my Stat 311 test today. I have a really good feeling about it. I finished all the problems, only got iffy on one section of the first problem because of the use of sigma to describe the squared mean, and answered the bonus question. So even if I get that one problem incorrect, I get the bonus to make up for it. Booya!

I've been doing well in my Stat classes. It's really uplifting to get back homework with 36/40 instead of 10/25 from Calc. My lab advisor in Stat 321 likes me; we're not even halfway through the quarter and she recognizes me and knows me by name. My Stat 311 TA is really cool and I was able to turn in my homework late this week since class was really short on Thursday.

Now I'm wondering why the heck I listened to my dad so early on and didn't look into Statistics earlier. Damn Calculus. I can actually USE Statistics for my research and major.

Lovely RPing with the ladies this evening. I hate my internet connection, though. -_-;

Now... Things that have to be done this weekend:

-- Finish TC personal statement (turn in to Kyle on MONDAY, dammit)
-- Finish step coding Fr 02-0502
-- Study for Envir 202 midterm (read Riis paper, Environmental Health textbook chapters 1-7 & 11, Water Management paper)
-- Do homework for Stat 321

Things to do next week:
-- Envir 202 midterm (Monday, William H. Gates Hall/Law Building, 12:30 PM)
-- Submit College of Engineering online application (DUE DATE WEDNESDAY, FEB 1, 5 PM)
-- Go to work and segment Fr 05-0505 (after step coding)
-- Turn in Homework #4 for Stat 311 (Thursday morning)

Other things to do once time permits:
-- Next Silverberg drabble --> Albert and Caesar-centric, probably?
-- First of 27 True Runes drabbles --> Possibly Sovereign Rune first?


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